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Moover Toys for Kids

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Moover toys

Here at Kids-world we keep a lovely assortment of toys from Moover. Check out our collection from Moover today.

Moover is a Danish toy company, which was founded by Jeppe Krog and Kåre Tofte back in 2003. Together they wanted to develop products in Scandinavian design - characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. They both had the same vision - to create new ways to play, for kids around the world! 

From the beginning, they wanted to create toys that will make kids happy, motivated and adventurous. Parents can also rest assured that Moover's wooden toys are made from the very best, high-quality materials, not harmful to the environment. 

All Moover products are designed with pride and love! Moover's wooden toys help kids in their development - their mobility and creativity. The products will last for many years and can easily be passed on to younger siblings.

We provide a fine collection of Moover toys. Browse through our option of Moover toys and pick up a couple of items you need.

Moover toy cars

We provide you with a lovely range of toy cars from Moover and lots of other brands as well.

We stock lots of toy car brands - including Moover. Toy cars from Moover is a good pick.

Feel free to use the filter system if you are looking for specific toy car from Moover and many other things for your girl or boy. You will find basically all the things you are searching for, for kids at Kids-world.

Purchase Moover toy cars here

If you decide to buy your toddler's next Moover toy car at Kids-world we will be extremely happy and ensure that you won't regret it.

We provide outstanding toy cars from Moover. That's why, we trust you spot just what you are wishing for.

Shape sorters by Moover

At Kids-world we present you with a gorgeous selection of Moover shape sorters and other brands as well.

We have many of shape sorter brands - including Moover. Shape sorters from Moover are an outstanding pick.

Do not hesitate to use the filter system if you are looking for specific Moover shape sorter and others things for your boy or girl. We stock practically all the stuff you need for boys and girls at Kids-world.

We have Moover shape sorters

If you choose to buy your kid's next shape sorter from Moover at Kids-world we will be pretty happy and guarantee that you won't regret it.

We provide gorgeous shape sorters from Moover. That is why, we trust you will find exactly what you are seeking for.

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