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Based in Denmark, Crateit brings magic and imagination to children's playtime through their unique wooden toy. Crateit invites kids to explore a world without rules, where the grass can be blue and the cow can be red - everything is up to the kid's own imagination.

Crateit wooden toy open up a world of creativity where kids can colour, build and create their own fairy tale and stories. Each toys serves as a tom template, ready to be explored and transformed by your child's unique vision.

Crateit are proud of their local roots and production. Each toys is handmade in traditional workshops on Funen, where Danish design tradition and craftsmanship are paramount. Crateit is not only dedicated to providing quality toys, but also to supporting their local community and environment.

The value of responsible production also lies deep in Crateit's DNA. Their toys are not only produced with consideration for the environment, but also with consideration for people. All Crateit products are made by people with special needs, which makes each toys even more special and unique.

Crateit is more than just a brand - it is an invitation to play, imagination and exploration, all wrapped up in beautiful and responsibly produced locally Danish wooden toy.

Crateit - Wooden game and wooden toy for kids

Let Crateit be the springboard for your child's creativity and imagination. The brand gives kids the opportunity to travel back to the time of the dinosaurs, experience colorful rainbows with their adventurous unicorn friends, or become the busy farmer looking after and caring for the farm's animals.

Crateit's exciting partnership with HC Andersen's House has resulted in a unique wooden toy that invites kids into the "Emperor's New Clothes", a magical travel through the world of fairy tales. And the best part of it all? All Crateit toys are produced in wood and are waiting to be colored by your child, with any kind of markers, paints or colouring pencils.

With Crateit, your child doesn't just get wooden toy, but a world of fairy tale that helps them express their creativity, learn and grow. So why wait? Let the adventure begin with Crateit today.

Fun Creation Set from Crateit

Discover a world of creative play with Crateit's Creation Set. Crateit bridges the gap between play and learning by offering kids a unique opportunity to express their creativity.

Each set comes in a natural wood color, giving your child free rein to create their own unique toys. They can use markers, paint, colouring pencils - the possibilities are endless.

This aspect of the Crateit set is of large importance for children's development. When kids personalize their toys, they strengthen their creative thinking, fine motor skills and problem solving skills. It also promotes a sense of ownership and pride, which in turn can boost their courage to make their personal mark on the world.

The process of coloring their own toys can also be therapeutic, as this form of immersion gives kids a chance to focus and de-stress in a world full of external stimuli.

So dive into Crateit world of creativity and give your child a fun, educational and immersive toys that he or she will love.

No hidden costs, no worries - just great, fun and educational toys delivered straight to your door. With Crateit and Kids-world, your child gets access to endless hours of creative play and learning, without having to think about extra shipping costs.

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