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Scoot and Ride


Scoot and Ride

Scoot and Ride - cool and amazing scooters and helmets for kids

Scoot and Ride is perhaps one of the most innovative brands in the world, when it comes to scooters. The group that founded the brand consists of Austrians, Christian, Wolfgang, Stefan, Ive, Viktoria and Robert and they have realised their dream of designing products for kids since 2010.

Today the products are sold in more than 40 countries and to kids between 1 and 12 years old. The products are so popular that they are often copied. However, the copies are not nearly as good as the originals from Scoot and Ride.

Quality and production

The products from Scoot and Ride are tested in accordance with all regulations and they meet the requirements. There is no PVC in the products and the company tries to use only materials from certified suppliers.

Scoot and Ride have been producing scooters in southern China for 9 years and since 2018 they have also produced helmets in China. In the future, they will also produce products in Vietnam. Quality checks are carried out in China before the products are shipped. All parties in the production process comply with international laws.


Scoot and Ride are aware that the best quality products are less harmful to the environment than cheaply made products. Therefore, only the best materials are used. The design is also adapted so that the products can be repaired. Whenever possible they use materials that have been recycled.

In addition, they have an optimized supply chain where they ship 4 products instead of just 2. This makes the packages as large as possible to minimize the release of carbon dioxide. Scoot and Ride will continue to work to reduce the transportation of their products in the future.

The story behind Scoot and Ride

Scoot and Ride - a sand pioneer in innovative children's transport. The story of Scoot and Ride starts in Austria, where the brand's founders set out to create the ultimate vehicle for little explorers.

With a passion for design and safety, they set out to make a scooter that was both fun, safe and practical. The result was the Scoot and Ride scooter, which combines the best of a scooter and a balance bike.

With its unique 2-in-1 design, the Scoot and Ride scooter can be transformed between two settings - depending on the kid's age, skills or mood. It's no surprise that Scoot and Ride has quickly become a favorite among kids and their parents alike.

With Scoot and Ride in the garage, there are no limits to where the adventure can take the little adventurers. Ready for a drive?

Large selection of Scoot and Ride scooter

At Kids-world, we are proud to have a wide selection of Scoot and Ride scooter that can suit any child, regardless of age or skill level. The Scooters from Scoot and Ride are designed with the kid's development in mind, so there is a model for every step of the way - from the first attempts to move independently to the more experienced kids who love to whiz around.

The Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 1 is perfect for the little ones who are just starting to explore the world on their own. The Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 2 is ideal for the slightly older kids who want more freedom and mobility, while the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 3 and 5 are fantastic for the more experienced kids who are looking for more speed and flexibility.

With a Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 3 or a Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 5, even the oldest kids can explore the world with a renewed sense of independence and adventure.

Regardless of your children's age and skills, a Scoot and Ride scooter will provide them with hours of play, fun and development. So take a look at this page and find the perfect Scoot and Ride scooter for your child's next fairy tale. Let's set the wheels in motion.

Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 1

Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 1 is the ideal introduction to the joy of mobility for the little ones. This smart model is designed to give the youngest kids the safety and stability they need when they start exploring the world on wheels.

Highwaykick 1 has a low sitting height and a wide seat, which makes it easy for little ones to get up and down, and the stable construction helps them find their balance.

As your child gets older and more confident, this Scoot and Ride scooter can easily be converted into a stand-up scooter without the need for tool. This makes the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 1 a lasting investment in your child's play and development. So let the adventure begin at Kids-world with a Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 1.

Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 2

If you are looking for the perfect scooter for your child that can grow with him or her and support him or her on his or her travel, then the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 2 is the solution. Designed for kids from around 3 to 5 years of age, this model is as unique and flexible as its predecessor, the Highwaykick 1.

The Highwaykick 2 has adjustable handles, which means your child can grow with it. This Scoot and Ride scooter is thus an investment that will bring joy for many years. The stable construction of the Highwaykick 2 provides safety and support while your child explores the world on wheels.

A special feature of the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 2 is the smart little storage box at the front of the scooter. This allows your child to take their favorite toy with them on a trip or perhaps save a little snack for later.

The wheels on the Highwaykick 2 are noiseless and do not leave brands on the floor, which makes this scooter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. With the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 2, your child is ready to experience the joy of movement here at Kids-world.

Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 3

Kids love to explore the world, and with the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 3, they can do it with style and confidence. Tailored for kids aged 3 to 6, this scooter is designed with children's growing physical abilities in mind.

The adjustable handle provides an optimal fit that can be adjusted as your child grows, and this Scoot and Ride Scooter is also equipped with the coolest LED wheels that light up your child's rolling world.

The freedom and joy of riding around on their own scooter will undoubtedly make the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 3 your child's favorite toys.

Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 5

Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 5 is tailored for the older, adventurous kids. Designed for the age group 5 to 12 years, this scooter is more than just a means of transport - it is a tool for freedom, independence and fun fairy tale.

The robust, wide wheels ensure a smooth and safe ride on all types of surfaces, while the adjustable handlebars mean that this Scoot and Ride scooter, like the others models in the series, can grow with your child.

It offers a perfect balance between safety and excitement, and with a wide range of vibrant colours to choose from, your child will be able to make their Highwaykick 5 truly unique.

Let your child experience the freedom and joy that comes with exploring the world on their own terms with the Scoot and Ride Highwaykick 5.

Scoot and Ride My First

Scoot and Ride My First is the epitome of a fun and safe introduction to the world of Scoot and Ride scooter for the youngest adventurers. Designed specifically for kids aged 1 to 3 years, this scooter is the perfect vehicle for little ones to take their first steps into the world of independent mobility.

With its robust design and wide wheels, Scoot and Ride My First offers stability that builds confidence and encourages physical activity. With its ergonomic design, light weight and smooth transitions between scooter and ride-on function, it is both easy and fun for toddlers to use.

Scoot and Ride 3 in 1

Also called Scoot and Ride 3 in 1, My First is, like the first Scoot and Ride scooter, a sand celebration of the kid's play and development, as the smart design allows three separate functions that can be adapted to your child's growing skills.

Firstly, it works as a baby walker, helping the youngest kids to take their first steps into the world of mobility, while developing balance and coordination.

When your child is ready, the Scoot and Ride 3 in 1 can easily be transformed into a scooter. This feature strengthens your child's motor skills and confidence while he or she has a party. The final feature is the balance board, which can be used separately for even more fun and challenge.

Scoot and Ride 3 in 1 offers fantastic flexibility, where the kid's play and learning are at the center. It grows with your child and his or her development, so the adventure can continue for many years.

Choose from Scoot and Ride scooter in many different colours

At Kids-world, we believe that there is a colour for every taste and every temperament. That is why we are proud to offer a wide selection of Scoot and Ride scooter in different colours. You can choose from everything from the cool Scoot and Ride blue colour to the quietly elegant Scoot and Ride ash grey, which is both stylish and versatile.

But that's not all. For those who love warmth in their color palette, Scoot and Ride peach and Scoot and Ride rose are perfect choices. These vibrant and happy colours bring a fun, summery feel to any fairy tale. And if you're looking for something a little more modern, Scoot and Ride steel is the colour for you, offering a smart, contemporary twist.

Last but not least, we have Scoot and Ride blueberry. This delicious blue purple colour is a unique and exciting addition to our color range. Regardless of your child's style and preference, you will find the perfect colour to suit his or her personality in our Scoot and Ride selection.

So dive into our colorful world and find the perfect Scoot and Ride scooter today.

Scoot and Ride helmet size

Safety is just as important as fun when it comes to riding a Scoot and Ride scooter, which is why having a well-fitting helmet is essential. But how do you find the right size? It's actually quite simple.

We have Scoot and Ride bicycle helmet sizes for both small and larger heads to ensure that all kids can get the optimal fit. To find the right Scoot and Ride helmet size, simply measure the circumference of your child's head, just above the eyebrows, and choose a helmet with the appropriate measurement.

In this way, you are sure to get a helmet that is both comfortable and safe, and that your child will be happy to wear. So jump on your Scoot and Ride scooter and ride safely towards new fairy tale.

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