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Novoform wooden figures and wooden birds

Novoform is a Danish brand that offers Danish design originals for your interior design. Since the company is Danish, the aesthetics are based on Scandinavian design traditions. To that extent, emphasis is placed on natural materials and soft colours, function and solid craftsmanship.

Novoform's wooden figures and wooden birds are inspired by everyday life and the beauty of nature. Novoform's products are simple in their designs but also very beautiful. They will beautify your home for many years to come.

Novoform sparrows

Novoform's sparrows are probably Novoform's most well-known and loved wooden figure. They are available in several different sizes and finishes, and you get the opportunity to collect a whole family of sparrows. There is a father sparrow, which is the largest, the mother sparrow, which is slightly smaller, the baby sparrow and the mini sparrow, which are the two smallest sizes.

The glorious sparrows come in three different finishes: untreated eg, black eg and smoke-stained eg. You can of course also buy several in different finishes and create a unique sparrow family that way.

If you love the beautiful tree birds and are looking for a Novoform sparrow on offer, you can easily find it at Kids-world. You can click on ' Sale' at the top of the bar on the right, after which you will be forwarded to our sale section. Here you can use the search function or our filter to find the well-known Novoform sparrows on offer - easy and simple.

Smart Novoform elephants

Elephants are iconic DYR that are loved around the world. They are caring and empathetic, and form strong bonds with each other. Novoform has produced beautiful elephants in various colours. You can get them in solid ash wood, made with skilled craftsmen. The elephants from Novoform are available in natural, untreated ash wood, black stained ash wood, smoke stained ash wood or gray ash wood. Then it's just a matter of choosing your favorite!

Nice Novoform guards

The Royal Royal life guards in Denmark was founded way back in 1658 by King Frederik III. The lifeguards wearing the red/black uniforms and black bearskin hats are a unique Danish symbol.

Novoform has made their own version of the beautiful in wood guards. They are created from solid beech and oak wood, hand painted and carry an M/50 rifle and Dannebrog in cotton.

Novoform penguins in several sizes

The beautiful penguins from Novoform are available in several sizes. You can choose a penguin in size L (115 x ø62mm) or size S (85 x ø47 mm).

They are made of solid ash wood and handcrafted by skilled wood turners who really have a sense and eye for detail.

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