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Forlaget Fritid

Forlaget Fritid Book - 3D Venner - Danish Forlaget Fritid Book - 3D Venner - Danish 12,06 €
Originally:  26,80 €  

Fun creativity books for kids from Forlaget Fritid

Forlaget Fritid manufactures hobby books under the publisher Dreamlitt. They publish books of pearls, colouring books and much more that kids love to play with and they are sure to have fun when they use the books. 

The books are perfect for kids who want to develop their creative sides by making pearl plates, crocheting something nice, knitting something practical like a hat or learning more about the art of origami. 

Behind DreamLitt

DreamLitt was founded in 2013 with a desire for openness and a pleasant reading experience. DreamLitt has so far eight different imprints (publishing labels) which are Forlaget Fritid, Vilhelm, Kandor, Pil, Tværveje, Leatherbound, Tænksom and Montagne. DreamLitt mainly publishes crime fiction, fantasy, and other fiction. 

DreamLitt was founded by Rikki Tholstrup Jørgensen in collaboration with authors Jacob Hedegaard Pedersen and Lene Rikke Bresson. In 2014 Lene Rikke Bresson left the publisher and Thomas Vilhelm was registered as a new partner.

Good books from Forlaget Fritid

Here at Kids-world we can offer a varied assortment of Forlaget Fritid soft books colouring books, picture books, wooden books or bath books for small and large kids.

The Forlaget Fritid børnebøgerne in our range is made especially for kids, and is thus of a durable and good quality. Boy and girls, especially the little ones, want to put things in their mouths and bite into them, which is of course what the Forlaget Fritid books do.

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