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Colourful polymer clay from Cernit for creative kids

Cernit is probably one of the most famous brands when it comes to polymer clay. The company was founded in the 1960s in Prague, Czech Republic and the company is named after the woman who developed the clay, Cerna. 

The company moved to Frankfurt where they introduced many more colours. In 2008, the Belgian company Darwi took over the company and they continued to expand the range with new colours and accessories. 

The polymer clay from Cernit is popular in kids

Polymer clay is extremely popular when it comes to making jewelry, as well as many other creative creations that kids love to make. The clay does not dry out but is soft until dried in the oven. You can use a regular kitchen oven to harden the clay. 

Thanks to the wide range of colours and the soft texture, you can do almost anything with polymer clay. The colours do not smudge and the clay is easy to get off little hands. 

The polymer clay from Cernit is a fantastic inventive activity for kids regardless of if they want to create jewelry, figurines or maybe small things for a dollhouse. There are endless possibilities and the clay is extremely easy to shape with your hands and with small tools. 

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