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Rainbocorns - surprise toys for kids

Rainbocorns from Zuru have been making kids extremely excited and happy since 2018. The Rainbocorns packaging is shaped like an egg and each Rainbocorn has an exciting toys hidden inside.

The Rainbocorns eggs include many magical animals with large eyes, smiling faces and glitter. There are countless different surprises hidden in the eggs. Every Rainbocorn has a little friend - Boo-Boocorn. These are hidden in a silicone egg, which is included in the set. Kids will want to collect the entire collection of Rainbocorns toys because they are so cute.

Rainbocorn includes many different types of animals. You will find puppies, rabbits, pandas, kittens, unicorns, birds etc.

The Rainbocorns collection consists of cute soft toys that kids will love to cuddle with. The Rainbocorns animals are made with incredibly soft material, which is really nice to touch. Rainbocorns eggs are designed for kids aged 3 and up. Kids love toys with elements of surprise. It is a wonderful experience for them to obtain the egg and find a toys that they have wanted for a long time.

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