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HABA Toys, Interioer & Accessories for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
HABA Toys - Seal HABA Toys - Seal  18,80 € 
HABA Medical Kit HABA Medical Kit  28,10 € 

HABA Toys, Interioer & Accessories for Kids

HABA - Sustainable toys for many hours of play

HABA makes a wide range of toys for kids, including the most amazing play food ever for kids of all ages. HABA toys are known for their sustainability and good quality, beautiful colours and recognizable designs.

This fun play food produced in wood and fabric provides ample opportunities for many hours of playful activity. Your kids can cut a loaf of bread, bake cakes or be invited to tea. At Kids-world we have a wide selection of HABA toys in wood and fabric, ranging from exciting activity toys, baby toys and rattles to dolls and play food for slightly older kids.

HABA also makes pacifier chains in wood, along with an approved safety length of 22 cm. The materials used for HABA toys are new, organic materials from sustainable resources, as well as wood from sustainable forestry.

Wooden toy from HABA

HABA wooden toy are fantastic toys for kids of many ages. It is first and foremost a natural product. Wooden toy draw deep tracks back to an uncomplicated time. The HABA wooden toy is extremely durable and can be used by several generations.

Wooden toy from HABA in very good quality

Common to the wooden toy is that they are designed in some good materials in an excellent quality.

The selection is large, so we hope you find some cool HABA wooden toy or wooden toy from one of the others delicious brands here at Kids-world.com.

HABA is a PEFC-labeled wooden toy

Textiles, plastics and cardboard come from renewable energy sources, and together with short transport routes, modern production methods and innovative materials, HABA takes co-responsibility for the environment and the world our kids grow up in. For this reason, all HABA wooden toys are marked with PEFC.

HABA complies with all European rules on toy safety, the requirements of the EU directive on product safety in general, as well as the European standard for toy safety requirements (EN 71). With these things in mind, you can safely, and with a clear conscience, give your kid HABA toys.

HABA is designed and manufactured in Germany

Since 1938, HABA has continued to design and produce toys in Germany. HABA's philosophy is that kids are the most important thing in life. We teach them basic values and help them become independent so they can develop into creative and imaginative people. They grow up in a complex world with many possibilities and relationships, where many people and things provide influence.

With HABA toys, kids develop their skills because they are stimulated, and experience the joy of a fun and imaginative world. The baby toys and the remainder of HABA's product range are all designed with inspiration from the designers' own kids and everyday life, along with their experiences in nature and travel.

Your family will cherish the fun memories your kids create while playing, laughing, and learning with HABA toys for years to come.

HABA play food 

Most kids love to play with play food because they can use their imagination and create wonderful dishes - all their favourites - and serve them to friends and family. HABA creates excellent play food and thus ignites many hours of fun for your kids. HABA play food consists of delicious foods such as bread, cakes, vegetables and so much more. Have fun!

HABA baby toys

If you try to find baby toys for you boy or girl by HABA, you have browsed your way to the perfect webshop.

In the first year of a kid's life, he og she go through a lot in motor and sensory development.

Shop baby toys by HABA right here

At Kids-world we want to offer baby toys for babies that are inspiring and are safe for the babies. Therefore, we constantly have a great collection of baby toys by HABA.

We stock several baby toys in different colours, components and prices. We believe you will find the perfect HABA baby toy for your little one.

HABA teethers for babies

Do your boy or girl's gums itch? If the answer is yes, it might be a great idea to buy a HABA teether or two for your baby. It can be a challenging period once the gums start itching and the baby wants something to scratch them with and bite into.

On this page, you will discover our entire gorgeous selection of HABA teethers for boys and girls. We have something for every boy and/or girl.

Nice HABA teethers

HABA teethers and teethers from other brands available on our page are designed in simple yet sweet shapes.

HABA rattles for kids

Rattles from HABA are great toys for little ones. HABA makes the most gorgeous rattles made of fine and solid materials.

Rattles from HABA and motor skills exercise

Rattles from HABA and other brands available here on our page are characterized by their nice designs and shapes such as llamas, bears, flamingos, swans, giraffes, cats, you name it.

Buy rattles from HABA in beautiful designs

HABA and other brands from our assortment design various rattles in cheerful colours made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

HABA clutching toys 

On this page, you will discover all HABA clutching toys for girls and boys. Regardless of your girl or boy's age, Kids-world is the place to find exactly what you're looking for.

We offer a fine selection of clutching toys from various brands - including HABA. Clutching toys from HABA make an ideal choice.

We are sure that our filter search will help you while searching for the perfect HABA clutching toy.

We hope you will find the ideal clutching toy from HABA for your girl or boy right here at Kids-world.

We offer some fine HABA clutching toys. Therefore, we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

HABA books

On this page you will find our large selection of bath toy from HABA and a number of others for the kids's room. Books from HABA are nothing short of amazing. It is not at all a stupid idea to let your boy or girl open his eyes to the world of books as early as possible. He or she will love it. See our HABA sale for HABA products with reduced prices.

Many different books from HABA and others

If you are looking for HABA wooden colouring bookssoft books books, picture books or bath books for your baby or child, this is the category you should look in.

The kids's books from HABA in our range are made especially for kids, and are thus of a durable and good quality. Girls and boys, especially the little ones, want to put things in their mouths and bite into them, which the books from HABA of course do.

Haba bath toys for girls and boys

Haba provides bath toys for boys and girls of all ages. We sell several various bath toys, including beach balls, bath toy animals and bath rings, which means that the boys and girls will have lots of toys to play with for several hours.

We think you will find some really fun bath toys from Haba to accompany in the shower , on the boat ride or to the beach.

Make sure you filter by style, colour and type by using our useful search feature if you search for a certain bath toy from Haba.

Dolls from HABA

Many kids love to play with dolls HABA. If you need a doll from HABA for your child, you have come to the right place.

Only the imagination sets limits with a HABA doll

Only your child's fantasy sets the limits of what personal HABA doll to possess when your kid plays with the doll from HABA.

Do not forget to explore our others categories of accessories such as clothes and doll beds for the doll.

HABA Play tents

At Kids-world we trade a vast range of Play tents by brands such as HABA and many others.

We have lots of Play tent brands - including HABA. Play tents from HABA are a perfect pick.

Do not hesitate to use the filter system if you are looking for specific Play tent from HABA and many other products for your girl or boy. We stock basically all the things you need for kids at Kids-world.

We stock Play tents by HABA

We hope you can find the perfect Play tent by HABA for your girl or boy at Kids-world.

We offer good Play tents by HABA. That is why, we trust you will spot just what you are looking for.

Haba toy cars

This page presents you with all the toy cars by Haba for girls and boys. Regardless of your girl or boy's age, Kids-world is the place to search for the perfect toy car by Haba for your girl or boy.

We have many of toy car brands - including Haba. Toy cars from Haba are a fine pick.

Do not hesitate to use our filter if you are browsing for specific Haba toy car and many other products for your girl or boy. We offer practically all the stuff you are searching for, for kids at Kids-world.

Find toy cars by Haba here

We hope you can find the perfect toy car from Haba for your girl or boy at Kids-world.

We stock outstanding Haba toy cars. Therefore, we hope you'll find specifically what you are searching for.

HABA balls

HABA balls is a toy that both boys and girls of all ages can have a lot of fun with. Even adults enjoy playing with a ball, you can never get too old to play with a ball.

Here with us you will find a great range of balls from HABA.

Fine balls from HABA

We sell balls from HABA as well as balls from other brands that are made in different materials, sizes and colours.

If you don't find the right ball among the HABA balls, you should look around in to see if your kid's next ball is here.

HABA comfort blankets

HABA designe nice cuddle cloths and comfort blankets your girl or boy will certainly enjoy snuggling in. Whether you are looking for a comfort blanket or a cuddle cloth for your little boy or girl from HABA or some other brand, you will find it right here in our range where we have a varying selection from several gorgeous brands.

HABA comfort blankets and cuddle cloths for small babies

A number of comfort blankets or cuddle cloths from HABA are perfect for the youngest ones, as they do not contain any small or loose parts and they also come with embroidered eyes.

HABA baby mobile

Your boy or girl will probably love to ro with a nice HABA baby mobile. Let HABA baby mobile hang over the bed, changing table, playpen or or maybe his or her room.

Mobiles from HABA can be used to create something dynamic and moving in the nursery - but typically works baby mobile from HABA soothing when it's time for a diaper change, or when he or she should be in bed.

Large selection of disturbances from i.a. HABA

Here at Kids-world, we are pleased to present one of Denmark's largest assortments of agitators from HABA and a number of others beautiful brands.

If you did not succeed in finding the HABA baby mobile that is to hang in your home, you are more than welcome to look at the turmoil from the others brands.

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