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Fila Clothing & Footwear for Kids

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Fila Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Fila - Trendy sportswear for kids and teenagers

Fila is a well-known brand in sports fashion and has in recent years become exceptionally good at designing trendy and stylish clothes for all ages. Since 2017, their collections have been featured on various catwalks around the world.

Especially popular are their Fila Disruptor kids´ shoes that have a retro look while being incredibly comfortable and perfect for streetwear.

We sell both Fila shoes, bags, socks and caps for babies, kids, and teenagers in Fila´s classic colours as well as colourful and fun styles. 

Fila's history - Timeless Italian quality

In a small Italian village near the Alps, four brothers began experimenting with designing clothes for the city's residents. 

The brothers began designing clothes in 1911 and already from the start, they had a clear vision of the design being a combination of practical products in a classical style, as well as being made from materials of the highest quality. 

Fila was officially founded in 1923 but the big breakthrough came in 1974 thanks to their revolutionary collection of tennis clothes. The collection stood out from the traditional white tennis clothes as Fila dared to use colours beyond just white. 

Fila focuses on flexibility, durability and comfortability in sportswear and streetwear for kids and adults. They also dare to stand out and have the desire to design unique clothes. 

Fila is still a major player in tennis

Fila is the main sponsor of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix in Stuttgart, Germany, as well as the official partner of tennis stars Marin Čilić and Karolína Plí?ková. Fila is also sponsoring all clothing for the Dutch Olympic tennis team. 

In addition to these stars, Björn Borg and Reinhold Messner are also fans of Fila's philosophy and their clothes. Fila's clothes have been around for more than 100 years, and they are more popular today than they have ever before. 

From the world of sport to the catwalk

Fila's unique story of their development from being a designer offering only practical sportswear to now offering trendy streetwear, can now be seen on various famous catwalks and during fashion week.

When you buy garments and products from Fila, you get sustainable and flexible clothes and accessories for your kid that are also trendy and popular. 

The design of the clothes is timeless while still being trendy. They are also sporty and have a sense of retro design. Fila has something for every kid. 

Fila shoes and sneakers for kids and young people

Is it that time to start looking for some summer shoes in the form of a pair of Fila shoes or sneakers? Here at Kids-world, you will find a really good selection of sneakers from Fila for kids and young people, which they will always be happy to wear.

There's just something nice about being able to walk around in a pair of smart Fila sneakers, so why not buy them a pair to put on? Sneakers are lightweight, which makes them ideal for playful kids, who should never be burdened with heavy shoes.

Shoes and Sneakers by Fila for any occasion

Fila shoes and sneakers are suited for lots of occasion. You will have lots and lots to choose between when exploring our selection of Fila sneakers and shoes. For girls and boys alike.

Many kids enjoy wearing Fila sneakers or shoes while staying outside. They are great footwear for climbing trees or playing trees.

Sneakers are airy and spacious and your kid is going to love wearing them. Shoes and sneakers by Fila are simply a perfect choice of footwear for energetic and active kids.

Fila shoes and sneakers can be worn most of the year

Kids can wear their new shoes from Fila in all possible situations. Our fine selection of sneakers from Fila should give you some really nice choices, which your boy or girl will be very happy to wear.

Most kids love to run around in a pair of fabulous Fila sneakers or shoes, which in addition to being comfortable, also look quite cool, and can be combined with many different types of clothing from your kid's wardrobe.

Sneakers usually also have a really good fit, so that your kid never experiences heel, toe or side chafing.

Kids are masters at wearing out their shoes

Girls and boys of all ages are masters at wearing out their shoes, which you may have already noticed. It's certainly not much different than how we adults wear our footwear.

How fast it happens varies greatly, but often kids wear their sneakers from Fila so much that they are worn out after 5-6 months.

Therefore, keep an eye on the appearance of your kid's sneakers, so that you can purchase a new pair before they are completely worn out.

Keep warm with a pair of Fila shoes

Shoes and sneakers are usually closed pieces of footwear, which makes them suitable for a large part of the year, as they keep feet warm.

It's interesting to know that we sweat from our feet about 200 ml a day. Therefore, it might be a good idea to invest in two pairs so you have the flexibility of switching between the two.

Nice selection of sneakers from Fila

If you don't find the right pair of sneakers from Fila on this page, you should definitely take a look at our main category of shoes and sneakers for kids, as we are certain you will find just the right item you are looking for. Have a look at our Fila sale as well to see Fila sneakers at reduced prices.

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