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Interactive ballway sets from GraviTrax

GraviTrax from Ravensburger are creative orbits that use gravity. With the different set and systems, kids can make fun paths where metal balls move using magnetism.

GraviTrax can always be extended and will give rise to countless hours of play. The starter kit provides a basis for kids to build their first orbits. The various expansion sets offer many others exciting opportunities to take the tracks to completely new heights.

GraviTrax starter kit

How to get started building a GraviTrax? Most kids start with a GraviTrax starter kit. Once you have it, you can easily build on your GraviTrax tracks with a GraviTrax expansion.

A GraviTrax starter set usually contains a number of base plates, some transparent levels, balls, blocks, height blocks in different sizes, curves, tracks, intersections and track changes. With a GraviTrax starter set, you thus sheep the foundation for building a GraviTrax cableway.

If you want to expand your GraviTrax, you can take advantage of the many GraviTrax expansion options. Among other things, you can expand your track with a GraviTrax tunnel.

GraviTrax expansion and GraviTrax accessories

GraviTrax expansion is the name of the expansion options you have for your GraviTrax. Among other things, you can get a GraviTrax tunnel or a GraviTrax loop for your balacing ball track track, which means that you can easily start tailoring your track and the way in which the ball should run.

Among the most popular GraviTrax accessories are a GraviTrax tunnel, a GraviTrax jumper and GraviTrax flip. With a GraviTrax extension, you can start adding more things to your GraviTrax balacing ball track track, so that the track stays the way you want it when you sheep more options than the classic GraviTrax starter set gives you.

GraviTrax Pro - Challenge yourself with GraviTrax extensions

GraviTrax comes in several different versions. One of them is GraviTrax Pro, which is for? GraviTraxers?, who want to build more challenging orbits.

GraviTrax Pro is the obvious choice to move on with when you have added more GraviTrax extensions via GraviTrax expansion. GraviTrax Pro is compatible with the standard GraviTrax set, so you can easily expand your GraviTrax with a GraviTrax Pro extension.

What is GraviTrax vertical?

GraviTrax Vertical is an exciting extension to the popular GraviTrax ball track. It adds a new, vertical dimension, allowing kids and adults to experiment with gravity in a whole new way.

Starts with a GraviTrax starter kit, you can easily incorporate the GraviTrax Vertical and other GraviTrax accessories to create even more complex and fascinating courses. It's not just a game, it's also a great way for your child to learn about physics and mechanics.

Regardless of whether your child is already a fan of the GraviTrax universe or is a beginner, GraviTrax Vertical will give him or her the opportunity to explore new heights. Challenge creativity and let the adventure begin in the vertical space.

GraviTrax expansion - The GraviTrax expansion packs

Take your child's GraviTrax ball track experience to new heights with the GraviTrax expansion. With these GraviTrax expansion packs, you can transform your basic ball track into an incredible bead maze of twisty paths and surprising turns.

Each GraviTrax expansion pack contains unique components that provide new challenges and opportunities for creativity. Whether you want to increase the complexity, add exciting features or simply expand your track, there is a GraviTrax expansion to suit every need.

Keep the excitement going and challenge yourself with new designs and combinations. With a GraviTrax expansion pack, the only limit is your imagination.

GraviTrax expansion - Get the many parts here

Dive into the fascinating world of GraviTrax. With our GraviTrax extensions, you can add exciting components such as GraviTrax jumper, which lets the ball jump over obstacles, or GraviTrax flip, which turns it upside down.

Also experience the mysterious world with the GraviTrax expansion tunnel, where the sphere disappears and reappears from nothingness. Need speed across the field? Try GraviTrax lifters that take the ball to new heights.

And for the ultimate action, you can choose the GraviTrax catapult, which slider the ball off with power and precision. The GraviTrax catapult gives the course an extra boost. Explore the countless combinations and closet your own unique ball track with these exciting expansions from GraviTrax.

How to use the different GraviTrax tracks

The GraviTrax Starts set is the foundation for the entire GraviTrax experience. It contains base plates, track parts, height modules, balls and many others exciting parts. To use it, lay a base plate and decide on a start and end point.

Use the height modules to give GraviTrax courses different levels. Then add rails and others elements to direct the ball's path. Your child can follow the instructions for some suggested track designs or create sine very own.

GraviTrax Advanced set contains several advanced track parts such as jumper, flip and lifter. After building a basic track with the starts set, you can integrate advanced parts such as the jumper to make the ball jump from one track to another or the pinball to make the ball do somersaults.

In addition, there are GraviTrax Expansion set with various parts such as tunnel, catapult, and many others. These parts can be integrated into any track to add more excitement. For example, with the tunnel extension, you can let the ball disappear into a tunnel and doll in a surprising place.

Unleash your creativity with the different GraviTrax tracks. GraviTrax is designed to let your child's imagination - and maybe even your own - run wild. There is no right or wrong design. The most important thing is to have fun.

GraviTrax offers

GraviTrax is not surprisingly a popular toys for kids, where the orbits teach the kids about gravity and how to use it.

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