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Colorful folding boxes for the children's room from Aykasa

The beautiful folding boxes from Aykasa can be used to easily and decoratively collect the children's toys, books and possibly personal care products in their rooms, so that things get in order. Of course, they can also be used others else in the home, to storage what you just need.

Aykasa folding boxes can be easily folded when not in use, so they do not require much space. They are made with PP plastic, which is good for storage food, is easy to recycle and therefore does not harm the environment. This type of plastic is also very robust and can be used for many years.

Aykasa boxes come in countless colours, which are always modern and stylish. They are also available in several sizes so they can fit anywhere.

Aykasa boxes sizes

You can get the popular Aykasa boxes in three different sizes. The largest Aykasa foldable box is the Aykasa maxi. The middle size is the Aykasa midi, while the smallest of the three folding boxes is the Aykasa mini.

The three different folding boxes from Aykasa allow you to easily use them for different things, so you can get the perfect organization of your large and small things in the home.

Each of the three Aykasa boxes is each best suited for different things. Below you can see how to sheep the most out of your Aykasa foldable box, as well as see which folding boxes from Aykasa are best suited to your specific needs.

Aykasa Maxi

Aykasa maxi is the largest foldable box from Aykasa. With Aykasa boxes maxi, sheep a large foldable box, which is 40 cm wide, 60 cm high and has a height of 22 cm, so there is plenty of space for both shopping and storage in an Aykasa maxi.

The large Aykasa box is equipped with handles at both ends and is assembled by clicking the corners together. This is also where you separate it again so that it can be folded.

You do not need to have shelves for your Aykasa maxi boxes, because they can be stacked, so you can easily have several boxes standing on top of each other. This makes the Aykasa maxi folding boxes optimal for, among other things, storage toys.

On this page you can find a long number of Aykasa maxi offers and see what different colours you can get your Aykasa boxes in.

Aykasa Midi

While the Aykasa maxi is the largest of the three Aykasa boxes, the Aykasa midi is the middle size. Aykasa boxes midi comes with a width of 30 cm, length of 40 cm and a height of 17 cm, so where it really differs from Aykasa maxi is the length.

Aykasa midi is ideal for storage in the children's room if you need to easily collect, for example, smaller books, leaves or toys that are not too high.

Like the large Aykasa boxes, the Aykasa midi can also be stacked. It will therefore be easy to store many things in, for example, a closet if you use Aykasa midi boxes.

If you are looking for Aykasa folding boxes, you can find a long number of Aykasa midi offers on this page, so you can easily find exactly the Aykasa boxes that best suit your needs.

Aykasa Mini

If you are looking for a solution to gather several little things in one place, while at the same time making it easy to organize the various things, then the Aykasa mini is an ingenious solution.

Aykasa boxes mini have a size so you can have more of them in an Aykasa maxi foldable box. This way, with the Aykasa mini, you can easily sort and organize several small things in smaller boxes, which can then be collected in larger boxes so that it does not take up so much space in the home.

Like the two larger Aykasa boxes, the mini boxes can also be folded so that they do not take up much space when you are not using them. They can also be stacked so you can also easily store more of them without having to have an Aykasa maxi to carry them in.

Aykasa colours

A world of almost endless possibilities. You can get Aykasa boxes in a large selection of colours, so you can easily find the Aykasa boxes that best fit the style of your home.

You can get Aykasa colours in both neutral and stylish colours like black, grey or white, or you can add color to life with Aykasa colours like yellow, green, blue or one of the many different variants of the most popular colours on the color card.

With the many Aykasa colours, you can easily use them to both divide and organize your boxes according to color codes, so it is easy to find exactly the things that you have in the individual Aykasa foldable box.

How to use an Aykasa foldable box

No matter which Aykasa boxes you choose, it is easy to use the various Aykasa folding boxes - both when you need to look them up or clap them up.

The popular folding boxes are assembled by pulling the ends up, after which you fold the end pieces down so that they say click. Then your Aykasa foldable box is assembled. It's the same procedure, whether you have an Aykasa foldable box maxi or whether you have an Aykasa mini.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about having to handle the different folding boxes differently when you look at Aykasa foldable box offers here at Kids-world.

If you are in doubt about how to use your Aykasa foldable box, you are always welcome to contact our customer service, who are clear to help you with it.

Aykasa offers and sale

You have a long range of storage options when you buy Aykasa boxes. This is exactly what makes the Aykasa folding boxes so popular. They are both easy to use and use.

If you are looking for an Aykasa sale, then you can always find our current Aykasa offers in our sale category. Here you can also find others discounted items.

Otherwise, you can always stay updated on our current Aykasa offers on this page. If you do not want to miss our Aykasa sale, you can always sign up for our newsletter, and you sheep be notified directly in your inbox when we have an Aykasa sale, present new products or have sale on others brands.

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