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KongWalther Pram Fur Edge - Grey KongWalther Pram Fur Edge - Grey 21,15 €
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Stroller gloves from KongWalther

For all parents who are tired of freezing hands when going for a walk with their kid, here is the perfect solution. KongWalther was founded in 2020 by Line Land, who got the idea for the gloves when she went for a walk with her baby in Østerbro and got very cold hands. This is how the very popular Østerbro glove was made, and since then, more products have quickly been added to the range. The Østerbro glove from KongWalther makes cold winters a little more bearable for new parents. 

Østerbro gloves are good for quickly getting the warmth back in your hands after you have put a lost dummy back in your baby's mouth. The gloves are one size and can be worn when pushing all kinds of prams and strollers. Østerbro gloves are made of polyester, are wind and water repellent, and have a zipper on both sides for mounting onto prams and strollers.

KongWalther gloves

Discover our selection of KongWalther gloves, known for their quality and style. KongWalther gloves offer both functionality and a modern design, perfect for the style-conscious consumer. With a range of designs and materials, KongWalther gloves are an ideal choice for both everyday use and special occasions.

KongWalther gloves shine thanks to their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Each KongWalther glove is carefully designed with attention to detail, ensuring a perfect combination of comfort and style.

The materials are carefully selected to offer warmth, durability and a soft feel, making them ideal for both cold winter days and milder autumn weather. In addition, unique design elements such as fine stitching and elegant finishes add a touch of luxury that makes the KongWalther gloves a must-have accessory.

Size guide for KongWalther gloves

Finding the right size is crucial for the comfort and functionality of your gloves. We recommend that you carefully review the size guide in the product text for each individual model of KongWalther gloves. Here you can find detailed information about the fit and measurements to help you choose the perfect size for you. Remember that the fit can vary between different models, so it is important to check for each individual product.

Washing guide for KongWalther gloves

To ensure longer life and preservation of quality, it is important to follow the washing instructions that come with your KongWalther gloves. These instructions are designed to protect the materials and ensure that the gloves remain in the best condition. If you have lost the washing instructions, please contact customer service for further guidance and support.

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