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Bladerunner skates

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Bladerunner skates

Quality rollerskates for kids from Bladerunner

Bladerunner is a sister brand to the world famous rollerskate brand - Rollerblade. Bladerunner offers a variety of inliners for beginners and advanced skaters that are reliable, of high quality, and can be purchased at great prices.

Comfort, stability, performance and style are all combined perfectly to ensure that kids will be able to have the best experience when they first start rollerskates. Whether your child skates for fitness or for fun, a pair of rollerskates from Bladerunner is an ideal choice.

Bladerunner has managed to produce a collection of rollerskates that allows kids and adults on a budget to buy rollerskates that do not compromise on quality - here the wheels, ball bearings and comfort are top.

The story of Bladerunner

The Bladerunner first hit the market in 1987 as a specific new model in the Rollerblade® collection. Bladerunner's rollerskates were designed to make skating easier and cheaper for kids and adults who were beginners.

Due to the large popularity of the model, Rollercoaster decided to make Bladerunner its own separate brand.

day, Bladerunner is a large and successful brand, especially in the United States, and continues to produce rollerskates that both have an aesthetic look and let you perform on the road as a beginner.

Bladerunner deliberately keeps the collection striped and well thought out as they don't want to overwhelm beginners with too many choices. However, the collection is always trendy with good specs, and just the right performance for beginners and for the price. In fact, many people have even run full marathons in Bladerunner inliners.

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