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Sequin Art - Creative Play


Beautiful and creative sequin products from Sequin Art for kids 

Sequin Art is incredibly popular with both kids and adults because it is fun and very therapeutic. With the products from Sequin Art you do not have to be artistic, but you must be patient and want to have fun. 

You will see the design come to life as you add the beautiful sequins. The various sequin art kits include sequins, needles, bases, and instructions. You just need to follow the instructions to create the fine designs.

How Sequin Arts was started

Sequin Art was founded in 1962 when Stuart Marcus opened KitFix Hobbies Limited, a distribution company selling toys and games. The company grew so fast that they had to move from London to a larger store in Norfolk. 

In the 1970s, they moved on from mainly importing toys to producing them themselves. In the 1980s, they acquired Ingam Day, a game producer, and Swallow Plastics. With their innovation and creativity, they quickly became a big brand in the UK. 

The company Sequin Art was invented in the 1960s by two American women who sold the idea to a company called Impex and they then bought the company KitFix in 1987.

Today, Sequin Art is the company's main focus and they produce around 1 million kits each year that are shipped to more than 20 different countries.

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