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Make learning fun with toys from Vtech

Vtech manufactures interactive and educational toys for kids. They are one of the world's leading brands in terms of toys for small kids, which help them well on their way to their development. Vtech develops innovative, high-quality educational products that make children's learning more fun than ever. Vtech offers many hours and days of entertainment which will be very rewarding for your child at the same time.

Vtech knows that learning starts at home, and creates products that can help you when you have to navigate your child's learning. When you support your child's natural curiosity with toys that are both inspiring and educational!

Play in itself is educational, and Vtech creates interactive products such as activity tables, role-playing toys, toys that teach writing, counting, mathematics and speaking. The toys from Vtech have many unique functions and details that you don't see in products from competitors.

The history of Vtech

Vtech Electronics is headquartered in Hong Kong and distributes products globally.

in 2021, Vtech also started introducing sustainable electronic toys for kids. Vtech has now made it a mission to design, produce and distribute innovative, high-quality toys that have the least possible impact on the environment.

Vtech toys for great play

Experience a world of learning and fun with our exciting selection of Vtech toys. At Kids-world, we have curated a wide range of Vtech toys designed to inspire children's imagination and support their development.

Explore our Vtech toys, ranging from interactive crawling dolls to educational music books and fun globes. Known for its innovative approach to learning, Vtech toys are a perfect way for kids to explore the world around them in a fun and exciting way. Find the perfect Vtech toys for your child at Kids-world and give them a playful travel into the world of learning.

Off into the large world with a Vtech crawling teddy bear

A Vtech crawling teddy bear is not just a soft toy - it is an adventurous companion for your child's journey of discovery. Our Vtech crawling toys are designed to support the kid's motor development and learning in a playful way.

Let your child experience the joy of crawling and exploring with the Vtech crawling teddy. The interactive and entertaining game will turn every day into a new journey of discovery for your little one. Find the perfect Vtech crawling teddy for your child at Kids-world and let the adventure begin.

Learn with music with a Vtech music book

Introduce your child to the wonderful world of music and learning with a Vtech music book. These music books are packed with fun and interactive features that let kids explore the magic of music in an exciting way.

Let your child sing along, learn about instruments and listen to melodies with the Vtech music book. The music will bring joy and learning into your child's everyday life in a playful way. Discover our selection of Vtech music books at Kids-world and give your child a musical experience they will never forget.

Explore the world with the Vtech globe

With a Vtech globe, your child can begin an exciting journey of discovery around the world. This interactive globe is filled with knowledge, fun facts and challenging game that will stimulate your child's curiosity and learning.

Let your child explore countries, capitals, cultures and much more with the Vtech globe. It's a great way to combine play and learning while your child develops an understanding of the world around them. Find the perfect Vtech globe for your child at Kids-world and give them a world of knowledge to explore.

Learn math through play with a Vtech cash register

Introduce your child to the world of mathematics in a fun and interactive way with a Vtech cash register. This toys allows your child to play shop and learn about numbers, money and arithmetic at the same time.

Let your child become a cashier and serve customers with a smile while learning basic math concepts. Vtech cash register is a fun way to strengthen your child's math skills and logical thinking. Discover our range of Vtech cash registers at Kids-world and let your child learn maths in a playful way.

Ready, ready, play with a Vtech train

Join us on a fantastic train journey with Vtech train. These interactive toy train are filled with fun sound effects, music and movements that will fascinate your child and give them hours of fun play.

Let your child be the locomotive driver, explore the railway and learn about train and means of transport in a playful way. Vtech train are designed to stimulate your child's imagination and motor skills while learning about the world around them. Find the perfect Vtech train for your child at Kids-world and closet a universe of train adventures.

Play for dog lovers with the cute Vtech puppy

Has your child always wanted a four-legged friend? Let them experience the joy of having an interactive Vtech puppy as their faithful playmate. This cute and charming puppy reacts to your child's voice and touch, creating a lively and interactive play experience.

Let your child take care of the puppy, learn about responsibility and have fun with play and interaction. The Vtech puppy is the perfect playmate for small animal lovers. Discover our selection of Vtech puppies at Kids-world and let your child have a new best friend.

Learn and play with a Vtech phone

Introduce your child to a world of learning and play with an interactive Vtech phone. This phone is designed to allow kids to learn numbers, letters, shapes and colours in a fun and engaging way.

Let your child explore the different functions, play game and interact with the Vtech phone, all while developing important cognitive skills. It's a great way to combine play and learning. Find the perfect Vtech phone for your child at Kids-world, and let them learn and play at the same time.

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