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Magna-Tiles magnetic tiles toys for kids

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Magna-Tiles magnetic tiles toys for kids

Magna-Tiles magnetic construction toy

Do kids love to be creative? You may have already become acquainted with magnetic toys, or at least toys where there has been some form of magnetism inside? Either way, we definitely think that Magna-Tiles and their magnetic construction toys could well become a hit at home.

The story of Magna-Tiles

The Magna-Tiles magnets were originally created by a Japanese professor of mathematics, who ville to give sine students a new and more interactive experience when learning about geometric shapes and concepts. day, Magna-Tiles are probably the most famous building magnets in the world, and have been used to combine math, science, creativity and play for more than 20 years. Teachers, parents and kids love how dynamic and technical the Magna-Tiles magnets are and there are endless possibilities for playing with them.

With Magna-Tiles, play becomes both easy and educational for kids. The Magna-Tiles products contain everything you need to be able to teach your child a lot while having fun. All Magna-Tiles products contain several magnetic shapes that can teach your child about geometry and math, such as large and small squares, different shapes of threesomes, rectangles, and unique parts - some of them are glow-in-the-dark!

Magna-Tiles magnets are a great tool for parents and teachers to introduce kids to basic geometric shapes and principles. Not all kids learn in the same way, so they need to gain knowledge in different ways.

Many different Magna-Tiles set

Magna-Tiles produces many different set with different numbers of magnetic parts. You may want to start by buying a smaller set for your child, to introduce them to Magna-Tiles and get to know the product.

A good start can be the Magna-Tiles 32 or Magna-Tiles 48 sets. These set contain transparent Magna-Tiles building magnets, and there are still enough parts for your child to build all sorts of exciting things and things.

If Magna-Tiles is already a huge hit at home, you can check out the Magna-Tiles 100 and Magna-Tiles 110 sets. These are the largest set in many exciting shapes and colours. And what's even better is that all Magna-Tiles set are compatible with each other!

Magna-Tiles 100 - Magnet set with 100 parts

The Magna-Tiles 100 magnet set is very popular - and with good reason. The Set contains 100 pcs Magna-Tiles in the form of different types of threesomes and squares in many transparent colours.

This set makes it possible to create all sorts of shapes and creations and is suitable for both kids and adults aged 3-99 years. This large set of magnets is an obvious opportunity for the family to build fantastic things together, but kids can of course also easily set out to create new things on their own.

Buy Magna-Tiles online at your Magna-Tiles dealer

At Kids-world, it is incredibly easy to buy a selection of different Magna-Tiles set. We sell Magna-Tiles set with different functions in many different sizes and price ranges.

So if you want to see the product first, you can start by buying one of the smaller set - although they will surely be a huge hit at home! You can easily use our search function and subsequently our filter to find exactly the Magna-Tiles set you would like.

What can you build with Magna-Tiles?

Only the fantasy sets limits, or at least as long as there are enough Magna-Tiles. As standard, you buy one or more Magna-Tiles construction playset, which contain a number of different toy figurine, which can then be assembled using the magnets for whatever you now manage to develop.

Some set contain a number of others parts that make it possible to build houses, cars, kites, larger buildings and much more.

How old do kids have to be to play with Magna-Tiles?

The magnetic toys from Magna-Tiles is approved as a toys for kids from 3 years and up.

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