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MODU Construction Playset


MODU Construction Playset

MODU - Construction toys for kids of all ages

MODU is an award-winning danish toys that is incredibly functional, unique and sustainable. MODU's construction playset provides the opportunity to create various interactive toys for kids of all ages. In 2019, MODU was one of the finalists at the Danish Design Awards in the category?? healthy liv??. MODU also won the Red Dot Design award in the category?? Product design?? in 2019.

MODU's construction set consists of construction playset building blocks of tactile foam, collecting pins and wheels, which can be assembled in different ways. The finished result is a very interactive toys that supports kids' development. All the different MODU construction playset make it possible to create countless creations for fun play at home.

MODU's toys are sustainable and can last for many years - the foam does not contain BPA and phthalates and is thus the good and safe choice for your child.

More about MODU

MODU is a danish company founded in Copenhagen by people, with a desire to develop fun and sustainable toys that let the kid play actively. In a digital world with tablets and computers, it is more important than ever to make sure that your kid sheep adequate physical activity and develops motor skills - this is what MODU does, as the kid is encouraged to use the whole body in active play.

Kids usually grow from their toys, but since MODU's construction playset are multifunctional, this means that they can always be rebuilt when the kid has grown from them. From 6 mths. to 6 years - and preferably even older. MODU offers toys that grow with your child.

Modu construction playset

Modu really is the perfect construction rental that has been developed to both challenge, stimulate and develop all your children's senses at the same time. The endless building possibilities with Modu construction playset make functionality, sustainability and aesthetics merge into a higher unity. Modu is Danish design at its best.

With Modu, your kids can learn to build everything from vehicles to climbing towers, which the kids themselves can then use with their whole body. You can build all kinds of constructions that teach even very young kids to balance, climb, jump, swing and much more. Read much more about what you can build with Modu in the sections below, which will inspire you to choose Modu for your children's motor development.

Modu is simply MEGA multifunctional, while being extremely robust, easy to clean and long-lasting. The parts in Modu are produced in sustainable materials and in a timeless and fashionable design, without dangerous phthalates or others harmful substances.

In this way, the kids will grow with Modu and develop in step with the difficulty level of the various tasks. It is always exciting for every parent to have as a reference point, so that you can easily follow the children's motor development.

The Modu set contains everything needed to activate the interaction between the children's senses, body and brain, which is essential for healthy development.

Modu has set in different degrees of difficulty and levels, so there is something for both beginners and experienced players. With Modu, an inspiration booklet with building options is always included, so it's easy to get started right away, even for the novice.

Modu Dreamer kit and construction playset

Once the kids learn how to use the Modu Dreamer kit, they will also learn how to make all their building dreams come true. The Modu Dreamer kit is the original flagship of Modu and thus constitutes the largest construction playset, which is absolutely ideal for kids of all ages. The Modu Dreamer construction playset consists of 7 large foam blocks, 18 assembly pins, 4 swivel wheels and 4 foam wheels, which can be assembled into well over 12 unique creations, so there is plenty to get started with. The Modu Dreamer kit is available in several different color shades, both yellow, blue and red. The accompanying inspiration booklet will ensure that your kids never run out of ideas or courage.

If your Modu Dreamer kit gets dirty, take heart. The Modu Dreamer kit can easily be brought into the bath, where your kids can learn to scrub it clean with a brush. You can also always put the Modu Dreamer in the dishwasher, so that it quickly becomes sparkling clean again and feels like new.

Modu Explorer kit

The Modu Explorer kit is the fun starter kit where your kids can learn the very basic motor skills in more than 8 different possible creations. This Modu set consists of 5 large foam blocks, 10 assembly pins, 4 wheels and an accompanying inspiration booklet. Modu blocks come with many different holes, so it's super easy to start building. The Blocks are easily cleaned in the dishwasher or bath if they get too dirty.

Modu toys generally never go out of fashion, as they are made and produced in a timeless design. In this set, you can choose for yourself whether you want the Modu Explorer kit in red or yellow.

Modu Curiosity construction playset

The Modu Curiosity construction playset is absolutely ideal for the young beginner who has exciting building dreams. With the Modu Curiosity construction playset, your child will quickly develop his very basic motor skills, which is really healthy for the kid's further development. With this Modu set, your child can create over 4 unique creations. It consists of a total of 3 large foam blocks, 6 assembly pins and 4 wheels.

With Modu, an inspiration booklet is always included, which makes it easy and simple for the curious child to get started. The Modu Curiosity building set is available in either red or yellow. Modu blocks are produced in an environmentally friendly material that can be easily cleaned and is very robust.

Low your own Modu baby walker

Make it fun and educational for your kids to learn to walk together with a Modu baby walker. This unique collectible will speed up your child's development in the very early years. The Modu baby walker is super easy to assemble and is very flexible to build, depending on the kid's needs.

You can see exactly how in the inspiration booklet when you buy a Modu construction playset. The Modu baby walker is just one of many objects that you can build with a Modu construction playset.

When the kid first learns to stand up around the age of 1, it is important to have something to lean on and train with. The Modu baby walker is the perfect start to this fairy tale, as the foam blocks create a gentle atmosphere, without making brands on furniture or others things in the home. It provides a unique opportunity to teach your child to navigate while standing upright. It trains their balance in an extremely gentle way. Modu has been developed to train the kid's motor skills in the most natural way, so that the kid learns to walk almost without noticing it.

Also use the Modu baby walker as a means of transport, where your kids can transport their favorite toys around on the Modu baby walker while learning to walk.

Buy extra Modu foam wheels and blocks

Oh no, have you lost one of your Modu blocks or wheels, or is there a Modu foam wheel that has unfortunately broken after a lot of hard play? Then you can breathe a sigh of relief. You always have the option of buying extra Modu foam wheels and blocks if the accident is out of the question.

You can also buy extra Modu set and construction playset to add more colours or supplement with even more blocks. Since Modu toys are developed for active play and consist of loose parts, things can of course spoon lost. However, you can always be sure that at Kids-world we have extra blocks and foam wheels in stock, so that the kids can quickly resume playing and provide an important break from today's modern focus on screens and iPads.

Keep driving with your own Modu car

With a Modu car, you can teach your child to balance on a vehicle from the time they learn to stand up. Modu makes it simple and lovely to develop your child's motor skills. Modu toys are always produced in a very durable and robust design, so you never have to be afraid of fragile designs that constantly need to be replaced or break.

The Modu car is super easy to assemble, as it only consists of two large foam blocks that are put together via two plastic sticks, which are also used as handles. All parts of the Modu toys can be easily taken off and on, including the wheels at the bottom.

The Modu car helps to strengthen the kid's motor skills. It provides a good sense of direction and speed, already from the age of 1. All the parts in the Modu car can also be used together with others Modu blocks and construction playset, which just shows the high degree of multi-functionality in all Modu products.

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