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Robust scooters for kids from Dominator

Dominator is one of the brands that laid the foundation for what we today know as freestyle scooters. The company started out as a brand that sold spare parts for scooters in the United States. 

Today they sell scooters for both beginners and experienced riders at really good prices. Even kids love the scooters from Dominator. 

Dominator Cadet scooter is the cheapest scooter and it is made for beginners. Dominator Bomber scooter has parts that are in a slightly better quality which makes them hold better. You will not be able to find a scooter in a better quality for the price than this scooter. 

How Dominator was founded 

As freestyle stunts with scooters began to take off, Dave Ward (father of Cam Ward driving for the District) saw his son tear down the scooter after the scooter. He decided to develop Dominator scooters that have sturdy parts which would help develop the sport in the long term. 

The first Dominator scooters were produced in 2009 and they immediately became extremely popular. Today, Dominator has several different models of scooters such as Airbourne, Sniper, and Bomber. 

Dominator was founded in the United States and the duo of father and son has made the company a successful company that is well known in the sport. The scooters from Dominator can withstand both stunts and regular riding, which is what most kids use the scooters for.

Dominator scooter

Welcome to our selection of Dominator scooter! We are pleased to present a collection of scooter that combine quality, style and performance.

Dominator scooter are created for active kids who want to explore the streets in style. Our selection includes different models to suit different ages and levels.

Discover exciting possibilities with Dominator scooter and let your kids enjoy fun and movement.

Large selection of Dominator scooter

With us you will find an extensive selection of Dominator scooter for kids of all ages. We are proud to be able to offer a varied range of scooter to suit different preferences and styles.

Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced rider, we have scooter with different functions and designs to give them the best experience. Our selection includes both advanced models for tricks and more comfortable scooter for transportation.

Find the perfect Dominator scooter for your child and let them enjoy hours of fun and movement.

Explore the Dominator Trooper scooter

One of our popular models is the Dominator Trooper scooter. This scooter is designed to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced riders.

With a solid and durable design, the Dominator Trooper scooter provides a smooth riding experience and reliable performance. It is the perfect choice for kids who want to learn to ride a scooter or improve their skills.

Explore our Dominator Trooper scooter and let your child experience fun and exercise on wheels.

Dominator Airborne scooter

Explore our Dominator Airborne scooter, designed to meet the needs of riders with a little more experience. This scooter offers advanced features and performance ideal for tricks and stunts.

With a solid and lightweight design, the Dominator Airborne scooter allows you to take your skills to the next level. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, this scooter will meet your expectations.

Take your riding experience to new heights with the Dominator Airborne scooter and be inspired by its potential.

Dominator Sniper scooter

Discover the Dominator Sniper scooter, created for riders who want to combine style and performance. This scooter has a unique aesthetic and is suitable for both transportation and play.

With the Dominator Sniper scooter, you get a reliable and versatile means of transport that also gives you the opportunity to explore tricks and movements.

Whether you're on your way to school or to the skate park, the Dominator Sniper scooter will be your reliable companion.

Color variation of Dominator scooter

We offer Dominator scooter in various colours and designs that allow kids to express their personal style. Visit our selection and find colours like cool black, eye-catching red, stylish blue and many more.

Whether your child wants a subtle colour or an eye-catching shade, we have scooter in different colours to suit their preferences.

Explore our colorful Dominator scooter and find the perfect match for your child's style.

Care of the Dominator scooter

To extend the life and maintain the performance of your Dominator scooter, we recommend following the included maintenance instructions. If you have lost them, our customer service is ready to help.

With proper care and maintenance, you can ensure that your Dominator scooter remains in good condition and delivers optimal performance.

Take care of your Dominator scooter and enjoy it for a long time to come.

Get an offer on Dominator scooter

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Visit our sale category, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to keep up to date with our latest deals on Dominator scooter.

Get fantastic savings and let your child experience the joy of riding a Dominator scooter without breaking the budget.

We want to give you a convenient shopping experience without having to worry about extra costs. Your order of Dominator scooter is delivered directly to your door with no delivery fee.

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