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Uno Flip Uno Flip  16,10 € 
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Uno game: Legendary card game for fun times

Uno game is a legendary card game that has entertained generations and created unforgettable moments at the gaming table. Full of excitement, strategy and fun, this game is perfect for family game nights or social gatherings with friends. Uno game are designed to bring people together and challenge their tactical skills. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned Uno player, there are always new ways to enjoy this classic card game.

The story behind Uno: Created for fun and togetherness

The story of Uno begins in 1971, when it was invented by Merle Robbins in Ohio, USA. He created the game with the vision of creating a card game that could be played by anyone, regardless of age and skill level. Merle and his family produced the first set of Uno card themselves and sold them locally. The game's popularity grew and it was eventually licensed to a major gaming company. Today, Uno is a world-renowned card game and an indispensable set of many families' games cabinet.

Uno game for every taste

At Kids-world, we have an impressive selection of Uno game that have been created to meet different preferences and age groups. Whether you are looking for the classic Uno, Uno Junior with child-friendly rules or the exciting variants such as Uno Dos, we have something for everyone. Choose from different designs, colours and themes to find the Uno game that best suits your desire for fun and entertainment.

Uno Junior: Fun and educational for the little ones

Uno Junior is an adapted version of the classic Uno game, designed especially for the younger players. It introduces kids to the excitement of Uno in a lighter and more accessible form. The game is full of colorful images and is a great way to learn colours and numbers. Uno Junior is fun, educational and a perfect way to include the little ones in game nights.

Uno Dos: Double the fun with Uno variants

Uno Dos is an exciting variant of the classic Uno game. It adds a layer of complexity and strategy to the game by introducing the ability to play two card at a time. It challenges players' tactical skills and creates double as much fun. Uno Dos is ideal for those who want to take their Uno experience to the next level and experience a game with extra dimensions of strategy and fun.

Uno Rules: Basic Game Guide

Uno is simple to learn, yet challenging and fun to play. To start the Uno game, each player must try to get rid of all their card by matching colour or number with the card being played. However, there are special card with unique actions that can change the direction of the game. It is about being the first player to get rid of all the cards. Uno is a great game to challenge friends and family in a playful way.

Skipbo Game: An alternative to Uno

Skipbo game are an excellent alternative to Uno for those who love card game and want a variety. It's an exciting challenge that requires tactical thinking and strategy. The game is about getting rid of all the cards in your deck by building up in numerical order. It is a perfect companion to Uno for those who want to explore different card game.

Skipbo rules: How to play Skipbo

Skipbo game have clear and simple rules that make it accessible to both kids and adults. Players must build piles in numerical order from 1 to 12, and the goal is to be the first to get rid of all the cards in their pile. Special card, like "Skipbo card," add extra excitement and tactics to the game. Skipbo is a fun and challenging card game that can be played by the whole family.

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