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Asics Shoes for Kids

Shoe Size
Asics Shoe - Patriot 13 GS - Light Garnet/Champagne Asics Shoe - Patriot 13 GS - Light Garnet/Champagne 52,26 €
Originally:  80,40 €  

Asics Shoes for Kids

Asics sneakers and running shoes for kids

If you are looking for some great running shoes or sneakers for kids, then you have come to the right place. Whether you're looking for a pair of Asics sneakers or running shoes for your kid, you will find a great offer right here on our page.

Here at Kids-world, we have an extensive selection of both running shoes and sneakers for kids. Among our vast selection, you will find Asics running shoes which have many of the features that have made the shoes known and popular among adults.

Where do Asics shoes come from?

Asics is a Japanese brand founded back in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. The company was originally named Onitsuka Co. but subsequently changed its name to Asics in 1977 due to merging together with two other companies.

The name Asics is an abbreviation of the Latin words anima sana in corpore sano. It means: a healthy mind in a healthy body. This is also the philosophy behind the Asic's approach to their products - especially their running shoes.

In the early 1950s, Asics first presented their first model of basketball boots and then running shoes. The first running shoes were made for the purpose of marathon running.

The development of shoes has progressed rapidly ever since. Already in the early 1960s, one was able to get a pair of Asics running shoes pretty similar to those available today.

Asics has always challenged themselves to create shoes for various sports, while it was first in the late 1970s when people really started to focus on running shoes. It was during this period that Asics started to develop their innovative and advanced technology behind the running shoes so that they could provide better running shoes for the users.

How to find the right Asics running shoes

Asics has developed their running shoes over many years, so with a pair of Asics running shoes for kids, you can surely give your kid a good running start.

Check out if you can find a pair of Asics handball shoes or Asics badminton shoes here in our selection of Asics shoes for kids. If you have any doubts about the suitability of each Asics running shoe or sneaker for the different sports, feel free to contact our customer service team who will gladly help you find the answers to your questions.

Asics sneakers and running shoes in many colours

It is, therefore, possible to get both Asics sneakers and Asics running shoes for kids and adults today, since they are designed to provide the best comfort and support available, no matter what your foot position and running style is.

This is why Asics sneakers are also popular for everyday use for many - as with a pair of Asics running shoes you get good support for your foot.

Keep an eye on our Asics shoes for kids page and check out various models. You can get Asics shoes for kids in a wide range of types. You can get Asics running shoes in colours like black, white, blue, pink and a wide range of other colours.

Large selection of Asics running shoes and sneakers

We offer a large and varied selection of Asics shoes, so you can always find several different models in different sizes.

You will find both Asics GT models and a wide range of others different Asics sneakers and shoes right here at Kids-world.

Asics sizes

What's the right size of your new Asics shoes? If you are in doubt about which shoe size to choose, you can find a size overview of the different Asics shoe here.



























Asics outlet, offers and news

It's pretty worthy to stay up to date on the latest models and current Asics shoe offers here at Kids-world. If you sign up for our newsletter, you will regularly receive current offers on Asics sneakers and others brands. That way you are always updated when we have a sale or upcoming offers on new and trendy brands.

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