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Ravensburger - fun games for the entire family

On this page, you will find a cool selection of puzzles from Ravensburger. - Do not forget to check out the smart 3D puzzles with motifs from Frozen, among other things.

We are making quite an effort to gather together the exciting selection of puzzles from brands such as Ravensburger. So whether you are looking for shoes, equipment, toys or clothes for your little one, we have it all right here.

Speaking of puzzles, board games and other kinds of creative products - Ravensburger is one of the leading brands in Europe. The products are designed to promote kids' development and create a joyful and cosy atmosphere in the precious moments when the entire family gathers together.

Ravensburger has been around since 1883 and was founded in Germany by a man named Otto Robert Maier. The very first game by Ravensburger was released back in 1984, and was called ?A trip around the world'.

Since then, Ravensburger has released a myriad of games, both electronic and in the form of board games/puzzles. In the year 2010, they even broke the Guinness world record by creating the biggest puzzles ever - incredible 24.000 pieces!

Great selection of Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle

Discover a world of fun and challenge with our impressive selection of Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle. These jigsaw puzzle are not just a source of hours of entertainment, they also train your kids' logical thinking, fine motor skills and patience at the same time.

With Ravensburger's extensive range, your kids can choose from a wide range of motifs, difficulty levels and sizes to suit every age and interest. Whether they want to delve into a fantasy world, explore nature or put together their favorite designs, Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle have something for everyone.

So pull the whole family away from the screens and get together for a jigsaw puzzle. With our Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle, you not only create fun memories, but also an educational experience for your kids. Find the perfect jigsaw puzzle that challenges and delights, and give your kids a sharp and fun brain activity with Ravensburger.

Build in several dimensions with the Ravensburger 3D puzzle

Who says jigsaw puzzle only have to be flat? With the Ravensburger 3D puzzle, your kids can take the step further and create fantastic buildings in three dimensions. These jigsaw puzzle are not only fun to assemble, they also provide a unique and hands-on experience of building famous monuments, iconic buildings and more.

Whether it's the Eiffel Tower, BIG Ben or one of your favorite characters, the Ravensburger 3D puzzle brings reality into your living room in a fascinating way. Your kids will love putting each piece together and watching their construction take shape in the real world.

Give your kids an educational and entertaining experience that develops their spatial thinking and motor skills. With the Ravensburger 3D puzzle, they can build, learn and create memories for life.

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle in different sizes

Discover the incredible world of Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle in different sizes. Whether your kids are beginners or puzzle experts, Ravensburger has the perfect jigsaw puzzle for them. Our selection ranges from small Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with quick and fun challenges to large Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle that require more time and skill.

The small jigsaw puzzle are ideal for the younger members of the family who want to try their hand at puzzle challenges. The colorful and imaginative motifs make it a pleasure for even the smallest to assemble the pieces and watch the picture take shape.

For those who love a bigger challenge, our large Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle is the perfect choice. These jigsaw puzzle feature complex motifs and many bricks that require patience and concentration.

When the jigsaw puzzle is finished, your child will feel immense pride in having solved the puzzle. No matter what size jigsaw puzzle your kids prefer, Ravensburger is known for high quality, durable bricks and beautiful motifs. Let your kids dive into the wonderful world of puzzles and closet memories for a lifetime.

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with 1000 bricks

Take an exciting travel through the world of puzzles with the Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with 1000 bricks.

These jigsaw puzzle are more than just entertainment - they are a source of fairy tale, discovery and creative expression for your kids. With 1000 bricks that create beautiful and detailed images, your kids will be captivated by the puzzle's challenges and rewards.

Assembling a 1000 bricks jigsaw puzzle is a great way for kids to improve their concentration, problem solving and patience. As they work to put each piece together, they strengthen their brains and develop important skills.

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle are known for their exceptional quality and durability. Each piece fits together precisely, and the finished result is a beautiful illustration that your kids can be proud of.

Give your kids a unique and rewarding puzzle experience with the Ravensburger 1000 bricks jigsaw puzzle. Let them immerse themselves in a world of colours, shapes and fun, while at the same time strengthening their minds and creativity.

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with 2000 bricks

Enter a world of puzzle adventures with the Ravensburger 2000- bricks jigsaw puzzle - a sand challenge to your children's imagination and patience.

When your kids venture into the universe of the Ravensburger 2000- bricks jigsaw puzzle, they open the door to a treasure trove of detail and beauty. Each piece is like a little jigsaw puzzle in itself, and when they all come together, the result is an impressive illustration that will amaze kids and adults alike.

Solving a puzzle with 2000 bricks is not just a task - it is a travel. A travel that strengthens children's critical thinking, concentration and perseverance. At the same time, they develop their spatial awareness and ability to see the large image.

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with 2000 bricks are more than just play. It's a challenge that rewards with a sense of pride and satisfaction when the final piece fits perfectly into place. Give your kids the opportunity to create masterful works of art and experience the triumph of solving a jigsaw puzzle challenge with as many as 2000 bricks.

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with 3000 bricks

Take your children's jigsaw puzzle fairy tale to a whole new level with the Ravensburger 3000 bricks jigsaw puzzle. This is not just a jigsaw puzzle. It's a challenge that will test your children's patience, endurance and ability to see details in an even bigger context.

3000 bricks may sound like a large task, but think of it as a travel through a beautiful and complex world of colours, shapes and patterns. Each piece feels like an important piece in a larger work of art that slowly reveals itself the more the jigsaw puzzle takes shape.

With Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with 3000 bricks, you not only give your kids hours of fun and challenge, but also the opportunity to strengthen their concentration, problem-solving skills and tactical thinking. When the jigsaw puzzle is finally complete, it will not only be an impressive masterpiece on the table, but also a triumph of your children's dedication and perseverance.

So why wait? Challenge your kids with the Ravensburger 3000 bricks jigsaw puzzle and let them experience the amazing feeling of seeing a complex jigsaw puzzle take shape under their fingers.

Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle for all ages

With Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle, age is no barrier to participating in the fun and challenging world of jigsaw puzzle. Whether your child is a beginner or a seasoned jigsaw puzzle enthusiast, Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle have something for every taste and level.

For younger jigsaw puzzle fans, there are colorful jigsaw puzzle with fun and recognizable motifs that help develop fine motor skills and concentration. The medium-sized jigsaw puzzle with more complex motifs provide a slightly greater challenge for kids.

But let's not forget the experts. Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle also offer jigsaw puzzle with thousands of bricks that challenge even the most experienced puzzlers. These jigsaw puzzle bring hours of entertainment and mental stimulation to the whole family, regardless of age.

So whether your child is a young jigsaw puzzle aspirant or a seasoned jigsaw puzzle master, he or she can dive into Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle and experience the unique joy of solving puzzles and creating beautiful images piece by piece.

Ravensburger Disney jigsaw puzzle

Closet magic and memories with Ravensburger Disney jigsaw puzzle. Enter a world of enchanting fairy tale and iconic toy figurine when you explore the exciting range of Disney jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger.

These jigsaw puzzle are a great way to bring the whole family together for a shared activity. Find jigsaw puzzle with your favorite characters and scenes just waiting to be put together. Ravensburger is known for its quality and durability, which ensures that your Disney fairy tale will last for a long time.

Assemble the jigsaw puzzle together with the family to create unforgettable moments. Each piece is a little building block on the way to revealing the finished image, and it is a wonderful feeling to see it all come together in the end.

Go exploring with your kids in the magical universe of Ravensburger Disney jigsaw puzzle and let the adventure begin.

Have fun with the pooches with a Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle featuring Paw Patrol

Give your little Paw Patrol fans a fun and educational experience with the Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle with Paw Patrol. These jigsaw puzzle are a great way for your kids to develop their fine motor skills and problem solving skills while working with their favorite Paw Patrol favorite designs

The colorful bricks with the beloved Paw Patrol toy figurine will catch the children's attention and bring smiles to their faces as they assemble the jigsaw puzzle.

Take a look at our selection of Ravensburger Paw Patrol jigsaw puzzle and closet a fun and educational experience for your little puzzlers. Let them dive into the Paw Patrol universe and challenge their brains in a new and exciting way.

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