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Paw Patrol for Kids

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Cool clothes, accessories, and toys for kids from Paw Patrol

The beloved and popular cartoon series Paw Patrol produce many wonderful products for little ones. There are clothes with beautiful prints of high quality, lunch boxes, coloring books and much more for all kids who love the show.

Kids-world also offers educational Paw Patrol books for the youngest kids that are full with entertainment. The cool products from Paw Patrol are always a hit at home.

More about the tea-scinter series Paw Patrol

The brave puppies from Paw Patrol train to become rescue dogs and the group is led by the 10-year-old boy Ryder. The puppies learn different professions such as firefighter and construction worker and when there is danger in the city, the puppies save the day! They are always brave and want to help people in need.

For kids, Paw Patrol is a fun way to learn about courage and heroes through exciting stories that are never too scary for kids. The pups also teach kids about caring for animals, something paw patrol also does in real life. The company behind Paw Patrol's collaboration with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Soft toys from Paw Patrol

Here you'll find our great selection of soft toys from Paw Patrol for boys and girls. Nothing feels better than seeing the light in your child's eyes when they have been away from home all day. Whether you are looking for a soft toy from Paw Patrol for a boy or a girl, you'll find it here in our selection of soft toys from Paw Patrol - as it includes products in a sea of colours, sizes and designs.

Soft toys from Paw Patrol can be purchased for boys and girls alike, and they all have the same in common: they are fun and inviting for the small ones to play with. You'll find something for everyone in our selection of soft toys and dolls. The soft toys from Paw Patrol are ideal as gifts for babies, birthdays, christmas gifts, and so on.

Dinner sets from Paw Patrol

If you are looking for new dinner sets from Paw Patrol for your little boy or girl, then you have come to the right place.

Here at Kids-world we offer a nice and varied selection of kids' dinner sets from brands such as Paw Patrol - spoons, knives and plates - which your kid will find lots of pleasure in. Kids love when something is theirs, and what could be more obvious than giving your kid its own dinner set for kids?

The dinner sets for kids from Paw Patrol are made of durable materials, thereby making the dinner sets from Paw Patrol the perfect choice for your baby or child.

Great selection of Paw Patrol toys

Explore our great selection of Paw Patrol toys and prepare for fairy tale in Adventure Bay. Paw Patrol is the perfect toys for little heroes who love action and rescue missions. From Chase's police car to Skye's helicopter - we have a wide selection of Paw Patrol toys that bring your children's favorite cartoon to life.

Each toys is designed to inspire imagination and creative play, while helping to develop motor skills and problem solving. Let your child become set of the Paw Patrol team and save the day with their four-legged friends.

Paw Patrol toys: The tower is always a hit

For any little Paw Patrol fan, the tower is the center of all rescue missions. The Paw Patrol toys tower is a great way for your child to recreate their favorite episodes or invent their very own fairy tale in Adventure Bay.

This impressive Paw Patrol toys is full of interactive features and is perfect for hours of imaginative play. Each figure can use the elevator, ride the slide, or climb the lookout to monitor the area.

As soon as there is trouble, Paw Patrol is ready for action. Invite the joy and adventure of Paw Patrol into your home with a Paw Patrol toys tower. No task is too big, no puppy is too little.

What are the names of the dogs in Paw Patrol?

Dare, to the rescue. Paw Patrol is a team of brave and friendly puppies who are always ready for fairy tale. As an inveterate fan, your child probably knows the entire pack from end to end. Let's meet the team:

Ryder: He is the young boy who leads the Paw Patrol team.

Chase: He is the police dog, always ready to take action with his police car.

Marshall: The clumsy but brave fire dog who is always ready to put out the fire.

Skye: She is the flying dog who loves to take to the air with her helicopter.

Rubble: He is the construction dog who uses his bulldozer to solve tasks.

Rocky: He is the recycling dog who loves to recycle and repair things.

Each member of the Paw Patrol is unique and brings their own special skills to the team. They teach kids about friendship, teamwork and problem solving.

Great selection of Paw Patrol toys toy figurine

Get ready for action-packed fairy tale with Paw Patrol toys toy figurine. Each member of this brave team is ready to take you on their heroic missions.

Ryder Runs the Show: Meet Paw Patrol's young, talented leader

The young leader of the Paw Patrol team, Ryder, manages the team with his cool overview and quick decision-making. With the Paw Patrol toys Ryder figure, your child can play with sine strategic leadership skills as the heroic Paw Patrol team moves out.

Chase is on the case: Paw Patrol's brave police dog at your service.

As the police dog of the team, Chase is always on the spot when there is trouble. Paw Patrol toys Chase brings the law and order right into your children's room, and Chase is always ready to go on another brave fairy tale.

Turn on the play with clumsy Marshall from Paw Patrol

Clumsy, but always helpful. Marshall is a fire dog who never goes out of his way to put out a fire. With the Paw Patrol toys Marshall the dog, your child is dressed for fun and action.

Skye: Heavenly fairy tale with Paw Patrol's flying dog

This charming flying dog takes the skies by storm in his pink helicopter. Each Paw Patrol toys Skye figure is ready to take your kids on airy fairy tale, and Skye is always ready to help sine friends in need.

Rubble digs the way to hours of fun

The sturdy construction dog, Rubble, uses his bulldozer to clear the road and solve problems. With the Paw Patrol toys Rubble, your kids can dig their way into hours of fun.

Think creatively with the recycling hero, Rocky.

Rocky the recycling dog teaches kids about the importance of recycling and repairing. Paw Patrol toys Rocky is perfect for boys and girls who have their hands full. Rocky full of creative solutions, and no task is too big.

Every member of the Paw Patrol team is ready for fairy tale. Paw Patrol toys toy figurine are the perfect set up to let kids play and learn about teamwork, problem solving and friendship. Let the adventure begin.

Unleash the play with Paw Patrol toy cars

Let the adventure accelerate with Paw Patrol toy cars. These little vehicles are the perfect addition to your child's Paw Patrol toys collection. Designed to resemble the team's iconic vehicles from the TV show, each car is full of fairy tale.

Whether it's Chase's police car, Marshall's fire engine or Rubble's bulldozer, each vehicle is ready for action. These toy cars allow your child to relive their favorite scenes from the show, or create brand new missions for the heroic team.

So set up the game and enter a world of fun with Paw Patrol toy cars. The game has never been more action-packed.

Paw Patrol clothes from Name It

Get your little Paw Patrol fan ready for the day with Paw Patrol clothes for kids from Name It. These children's clothes are filled with beautiful designs depicting all the beloved toy figurine from Paw Patrol, so your child can show his love for the series in style.

From colorful t-shirts and comfortable shorts to cozy pyjamas, there is something for every little Paw Patrol enthusiast. The nice and cool Paw Patrol clothes are made with care and quality, so that your child can play, learn and grow with comfort and confidence.

So let your child go on an fairy tale with Ryder and his team of brave pups with Paw Patrol clothing from Name It.

Here you get Paw Patrol clothes on sale

Who said: "Paw Patrol clothes on sale"? Yes, we did. Let us take your children's Paw Patrol excitement to a new level. Sign up for our newsletter and you'll be among the first to know about great deals on Paw Patrol clothing.

It's time to dress up your little heroes for fairy tale and rescue missions with their favorite Paw Patrol characters. With our newsletter, you will always be one step ahead, ready to grab the best Paw Patrol clothing offers and the latest collections.

No offer is too big, no order is too little. Sign up for the newsletter now and get ready for Paw Patrol fashion in high gear.

We have Paw Patrol clothes in many different sizes

Discover the magic of dressing your little ones in the most wonderful Paw Patrol clothes. At Kids-world, we have a wide range of sizes to suit for kids of all ages. Regardless of whether your child is a little puppy on the way to growing up, or is already brave as a Paw Patrol figure, we have the perfect outfit.

Our Paw Patrol clothes range from size 74 and 80 for the youngest fans, right up to size 128 for the slightly bigger adventurers. We have Paw Patrol clothing size 86,92 for toddlers who are ready to explore the world, and size 98,104,110 and 116 for active preschoolers. For the school children, we have Paw Patrol size 122 and 128.

With our wide range of sizes, you can ensure that your kids are always dressed for fairy tale, no matter how large they get. So take a look at our Paw Patrol clothing today and find the perfect match for your child's size and style.

Get ready for hours of play and imagination with your new Paw Patrol toys. Explore our selection today.

Buy nice products from Paw Patrol from us

We hope you find one or more cool products from Paw Patrol in our shop. We have a wide range and you will be more than likely to find many awesome products that your little one will love. Please make use of our search function if you are looking for something specific.

If you are looking for a specific Paw Patrol product that you cannot find please contact our customer service with your request so that we can assist you further.

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