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Posca felt-tip pens for hobbies and artistic kids

Posca offers many wonderful felt-tip pens in different colours that are incredibly popular with both artists and creative people who love to create art in their spare time.

The felt-tip pens are so popular that they are used every day by both beginners and professionals all over the world. The felt-tip pens can also be used on many different types of materials.

For over 30 years, Posca has helped creative people realize their various projects. Posca was launched in the early 1980s and the company quickly became a favorite among artists especially in the graffiti world.

Easy-to-use felt-tip pens

The graffiti artists loved that the felt-tip pens met all their needs. They were easy to use, effective and perfect to have in your pocket.

Posca felt-tip pens are perfect for all types of projects and the pens are favorite among many different types of artists.

The collections from Posca contain felt-tip pens in eight different sizes. The materials are of high quality which guarantees sharp lines and strong colours. There is no project that a pen from Posca cannot fulfill.

More about Posca's history

In 1886, Uni Mitsubishi Pencil was founded in Tokyo. After almost a century of development, they released Posca, which is the revolutionary felt pen. In the beginning there were four different sizes and 22 colours.

During the 1980s, the felt-tip pens from Posca were used mainly by graffiti artists and it was during the 2000s that their customer base became wider. Posca also launched more colours where some even had metallic and glitter in them.

Today Posca is popular with many who love to do various projects as well as artists. The felt-tip pens have many different uses.

What are Posca colour markers?

Posca colour markers are like magic pens in an artist's hand. With their bright colours and ease of use, Posca colour markers are the ultimate invention for any creative soul. Posca colour markers are unique as they can be used on a multitude of different materials - everything from paper and wood to glass and stone.

In fact, Posca colour markers are so versatile that you can almost draw your own world with them. Posca colour markers come in different thicknesses, so your little artist has full control over sine works of art.

So regardless of whether your child is the future Picasso or just loves to draw, Posca colour markers will give his or her creations an extra boost of liv and colour.

Where can you buy Posca colour markers?

Posca colour markers have become a favorite among many creative souls. But if you want the absolute largest selection of colours and tips, then online shopping is the way forward, and here you will find one of the largest selections at Kids-world.

At Kids-world, we are dedicated to promoting creativity and learning in children's liv. We know how much colour and imagination can mean to children's development and happiness. That's why we always strive to offer the best and widest selection of creative tools.

But our commitment goes beyond just offering products. We make sure your shopping experience is as fun and inspiring as the products you buy.

Our customer service team is always ready to help and guide you, whether you need advice on which Posca colour markers is best for your little artist's project, or if you have questions about delivery.

At Kids-world, we believe in celebrating children's creativity. Dive into our colorful universe of Posca colour markers and see what you and your child can discover.

If you are looking for the best offers, you can sign up for our newsletter so that you will be notified directly when there are good offers on Posca colour markers. Then go exploring at Kids-world. Jump into the colorful world of Posca colour markers with your kids and let creativity flow.

What can Posca colour markers be used for?

Posca colour markers are a wonderful tool to encourage children's creativity and expression. These high-quality colour markers can be used on so many different surfaces that the possibilities are almost endless.

Your kids can paint colorful images on paper, design their own T-shirts, decorate stones from the garden, or even turn old shoe into small works of art.

The little artists can take the Posca markers in hand and transform boring cardboard cabinets into brightly colored castles, or they can put their own stamp on their school backpacks, notebooks and pencil cases with their favorite colors and patterns.

Maybe they will even invent a whole new kind of fairy tale by painting on small pieces of wood, making their own board game or making unique card for family and friends. The possibilities are endless.

Whether your child is a little Picasso, a future fashion designer, or just loves to have fun with colours, Posca colour markers are the perfect choice. They are easy to use, quick-drying, and come in a wide range of brilliant colours that will really make your children's creations shine.

So grab a Posca marker and let creativity flourish.

How do you remove Posca marker?

Has your child had fun with Posca marker, and is there a little more colour on the skin than expected? No reason to worry. Posca marker are water-based and are therefore relatively easy to remove from the skin.

First of all, try with a little soap and water. Give it a gentle scrub with a cloth or sponge - it should be able to do it. If there are still stains, a cloth or some makeup remover can help remove the remaining traces.

Remember to be careful so you don't irritate the skin. And wow. Your child is ready for another creative session with sine Posca markers.

How do you get Posca marker out of clothes?

Has Posca marker gotten on your child's favorite blouse or new jeans? Do not worry. Posca marker is water based, which gives you a good chance to remove it. Start by rinsing the stain under cold water - this will loosen some of the color.

You can then use a little washing-up liquid or stain remover directly on the stain before rubbing gently. Rinse again and repeat if necessary. When the stain is gone or almost gone, wash the garment as normal.

Important: Do not let the garment dry until the stain is completely gone, as heat can cause the color to set. Have fun saving the day.

Large selection of Posca colour markers

Are you ready to jump into a world of unlimited creativity? With our wide range of Posca colour markers for kids, the possibilities are endless. From shiny metallic colours to soft pastels, our Posca colour markers come in every imaginable shade that will awaken every child's inner artist.

Whether your child is interested in drawing sharp outlines, coloring surfaces or creating detailed illustrations, we have Posca colour markers that are perfect for the job.

We also offer various Posca set that are perfect for both the smallest beginners and more experienced artists. Each set contains a hand-picked combination of colours that stimulate the creation of unique masterpieces. So take the plunge and dive into our magnificent selection of Posca colour markers.

Posca colour markers in many sizes

Posca colour markers come in a wide range of sizes, making them ideal for all types of creative projects. From fine lines to broad brushstrokes, with Posca marker the only limit is your imagination.

Do you need to make detailed drawings? Try our 0.7mm Posca pen, perfect for whimsical designs and detailed illustrations. Do you need to color larger areas? Choose our 1.8-2.5mm Posca marker, or even better, our giant 8mm thick Posca colour markers that can really cover large areas quickly and evenly.

Regardless of your creative style, you will find the perfect size Posca colour markers here with us. Dive into our colorful assortment and find exactly the Posca pen that suits your next work of art.

Posca markers for the creative

Posca markers are simply a dream for creative kids. These amazing markers are not only packed with vibrant, long-lasting colours, they're also incredibly easy to use. They deliver a smooth and even stroke that takes your children's artwork to the next level.

It's incredible what kids can create with a Posca marker in their hands: from colorful drawings to decorating school books, from personalized gift card to their own unique clothing design. The possibilities are endless and the only limit is the imagination.

So if your child loves to draw, paint and create, Posca markers will undoubtedly bring a big smile to his or her face.

Posca colour markers in many different colours

Posca colour markers are available in a multitude of brilliant colours that make it possible to create true masterpieces. One of the favorites is Posca colour markers white, which are perfect for highlighting and creating great contrasts. But it doesn't stop there.

This fantastic range of markers also features Posca pastel, which gives a soft, dreamy look that could be just what you need to complete your child's artwork.

And let's not forget the incredible range of Posca colours. The warm colours of the Posca series are like a sunrise in the summer months. They embrace everything from the deepest red to the most brilliant orange and yellow tones reminiscent of sunny yellow flowers.

For those who prefer muted colours, there is an equally wide selection. From muted blue to shades of green - there really is something for everyone.

There are so many possibilities to create, explore and express yourself with Posca colour markers. So choose Posca and let your child's creativity run free.

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