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Lala Berlin Clothing & Accessories for Kids

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Lala Berlin Clothing & Accessories for Kids

Lala Berlin - gorgeous accessories for kids and teens 

Since 2004, the Berlin brand, Lala Berlin has made a mark on the German and international fashion scene. The woman behind the brand is Leyla Piedayesh and she has Iranian and German roots.

The clothes are designed in an international style with strong elements of Berlin design. 

Lala Berlin is a well-known brand in Scandinavia, and they have a large customer base.

Lala Berlin has shown clothes during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Clothing from Lala Berlin is characterized by unique patterns mixed with innovative materials and colour combinations. 

Trinity scarf, now even for the little ones

The classic scarf is now also available in sizes XS and S which is perfect for kids and teenagers. Trinity scarves are hand printed in Italy and made in 100% cashmere of the finest quality.

The most popular colours are City (dark grey) and Lubecca (darker dark grey). We offer both colours in kids sizes.

Creativity and quality are integrated in all Lala Berlin's products. Lala Berlin has many other models of scarves that are known worldwide, and they are available in a variety of patterns, materials, and colours. 

Lala Berlin scarves

On this page, you can purchase well-known scarves from Lala Berlin. Lala Berlin scarves are typically found in the same graphic patterns and colours as the rest of their products, making it possible to find a matching scarf for your LaLa Berlin handbag, Lala Berlin shopper or Lala Berlin bum bag.

How to wash your Lala Berlin scarf

Beautiful Lala Berlin scarves are knitted in the finest cashmere wool, and therefore should not be washed in the washing machine.

We recommend that you hand wash your Lala Berlin scarf in water that is a maximum of 30 degrees and that you use a detergent that is especially suitable for cashmere wool.

Mobile cases, purses, wallets, and bags.

Lala Berlin also has colourful iPhone shells that are slightly higher than the phone itself to offer extra protection. We also sell many of their nice bags and backpacks in well-known designs. 

These are perfect for kids and teenagers as the bags make a great system for keeping track of their things at school or in their spare time. Lala Berlin also has many other luxurious and imaginative accessories for your kid. 

Good selection of bags from Lala Berlin

We can offer a wide range of bags from Lala Berlin. Whether you are looking for bum bags, toiletry bags, backpacks, shoppers, mobile bags, shoulder bags or handbags, you will find it here at Kids-world, as our selection is huge.

You can find bags with the classic black and white graphic pattern, but we also have a fine selection of Lala Berlin bags in other colours.

So whether you are looking for a bag that you can use to stand out a little, or a completely neutral bag, you will find it here in this category.

Beach sandals from Lala Berlin for kids

If you are looking for a pair of beach sandals from Lala Berlin, then you have come to the right place.

On this page is an introduction to the super fine beach sandals from Lala Berlin for boys and girls, which can be suitable for just about anything.

If there are warm days ahead, and you are planning a fun trip to the beach, you should treat your kid to a pair of new beach sandals from Lala Berlin.

Our entire selection of beach sandals for kids from Lala Berlin is right here on this page.

Lala Berlin beach sandals for wonderful summer days

Lala Berlin beach sandals are absolutely fantastic during the days when the temperature is 21 degrees or higher and it's no longer comfortable to wear regular shoes.

One of the great advantages of beach sandals from Lala Berlin is that they are easy and quick to slide your feet in.

Are you short on some footwear for your kids for when they need to be in the garden or quickly go out for something? Beach sandals from Lala Berlin are definitely worth considering for these situations.

Lala Berlin sandals for kids here

Lala Berlin sandals for kids come in wonderful, easily recognizable graphic patterns. The Lala Berlin classic black and white pattern is also available if you like.

If you're not finding the right pair of sandals, feel free to look around in the remainder of our sandal selections, as we have many different types in stock.

The straps on the kids' sandals can be loosened as needed, and if it's too cold outside, it may be necessary to adjust the straps a bit to accommodate a pair of socks.

Lala Berlin sandals are unique in that cork soles offer an advantage as they conform to the shape of the feet, while at the same time provide excellent support. This support makes walking with sandals a pleasant experience.

Comfortable footwear

Sandals from Lala Berlin are produced from fine materials that enable their footwear to provide amazing comfort to the user.

Both boys and girls will enjoy wearing a pair of Lala Berlin sandals, and with our great selection, there is a good chance that the next pair of Lala Berlin sandals will be discovered here.

Why kids like to wear Lala Berlin sandals

One of the reasons why many kids love to wear sandals from Lala Berlin is that it gives them a great opportunity to get fresh air for their feet. 

A favourite, even among the celebrities! 

Lala Berlin is also a famous brand for celebrities in the entertainment industry. We have seen that, among others, Claudia Schiffer, Cameron Diaz, Heidi Klum, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba and many more have worn accessories from Lala Berlin. The brand is known for offering both luxury and unique accessories. 

Large assortment of Lala Berlin products 

We hope you find what you are looking for from Lala Berlin in our webshop. We have a wide range of many smart products. Feel free to browse around to find your new favourite product.

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