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Pets Alive


Pets Alive: Play and Imagination in one

Pets Alive are not just toys; it is an invitation to play, imagination and care. These charming and lively DYR are made to bring smiles to the faces of kids of all ages. Each Pets Alive DYR has its own personality and interacts in unique ways, making play even more fun and alive.

Different Pets Alive for every taste

At Kids-world we have a wide and varied selection of Pets Alive DYR. Whether your child loves dogs, cats or others DYR, we have something for everyone. From the soft and plush to the more interactive and moving varieties - we have Pets Alive in different designs and sizes so that your child can find his perfect companion.

Closet your unique Pets Alive universe

Closet a magical universe with Pets Alive, where the play never ends. Let your child explore the different colours and designs that suit their style. From the classic Pets Alive walking puppy to the cute Pets Alive Lil Paw Paw - the possibilities are many. Give your child the opportunity to create his own unique Pets Alive universe filled with love and play.

Choose Pets Alive in colours that match your child's style

Our Pets Alive come in a wide range of colours, so your child can choose the one that best suits their taste and style. From gentle pastels to vibrant and eye-catching colours - there is something for every preference. Let your child express themselves through the choice of colours and closet a magical play world with their favorite Pets Alive.

Size guide for Pets Alive

Choosing the right size is important when it comes to Pets Alive. See our size guide in the product text, where you can find information about measurements and fit. We ensure that you can make the right decision and choose the perfect size for your child's future playmate.

At Kids-world, we make it easy for you to get the best offers on Pets Alive. Visit our sale category, sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to access exclusive offers and discounts at Pets Alive. Make a good deal and bring joy to your child with the lovable Pets Alive.

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