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Pine Cone

Recommended Age (Toys)

Pine Cone

Fabulous products for babies and kids from Pine Cone

Danish company Pine Cone produces luxurious home textiles and accessories for kids. Their passion is the creation of fabulous, soft and clean products that fit into modern decor and everyday life. Many of their innovative products aim to bring the family together on kids' terms.

Sustainability and social responsibility are also a major focus for the company.

Pine Cone offers a wide selection of wonderful bedding for kids in organic cotton satin, which is soft and nice to sleep in, and also includes the Happy Play collection of innovative kids's furniture, baby wraps, kids' ponchos, bibs and other beautiful textile products for the kids and their world. All their products come in neutral, soft colours that fit into most homes, creating a relaxed and harmonious look.

Behind Pine Cone

Trine-Mathilde Linnebjerg studied to be a textile designer at the age of 23, and lived in a small apartment with her small kid and boyfriend in Copenhagen. This lack of space, along with the fact there was nowhere to put things, was her great inspiration to create functional and innovative kids' products.

The ingenious Happy Play collection can transform into things like slides, caves or places to sit, and can easily be gathered up and put away again. They can also be used by both kids and adults.

Pine Cone bedding for kids

At Kids-world.com you will find the beautiful Pine Cone bedding, which together with the pillow and duvet should be the basis for you or your kids a good and long night's sleep.

The Bedding from Pine Cone comes in different designs - both for girls and boys. Bedding can be purchased both as a set and individually. It is therefore a good idea to read the product description carefully so that you make sure you sheep the right bedding from Pine Cone.

Bedding with different closing options

In the information about the Pine Cone bedding, there is also information about how the bedding is closed - which can be anything from folding closure, closing with lace to hidden buttons.

It is important that the bedding from Pine Cone contributes to the good comfort. It's not exactly fun that the bedding scratches and thus is uncomfortable to sleep with. That is why we would advise you to buy some high quality bedding from Pine Cone.

Delicious selection of bedding from i.a. Pine Cone

We have a nice assortment of bedding for both single duvets and pillows from i.a. Pine Cone, where the high quality is never compromised.

You therefore have some really good odds that you will probably find a set of bedding that pleases you or your girl or boy. Did not find the perfect Pine Cone bedding? Finally, take a look at the rest of the selection of bedding for baby and kids - the selection includes something for every style.

Pine Cone Rattles

Pine Cone rattles are some great toys for toddlers. Pine Cone produces the finest rattles made of fine materials.

Rattles from Pine Cone and motor skill exercise

The Rattles from Pine Cone and the others brands are characterized by their nice designs and forms such as rabbits, dogs and bears. Or maybe the Pine Cone rattle is shaped like a hippopotamus, giraffe or cat.

Buy Pine Cone rattles made of eco-friendly materials

Pine Cone and other brands available on our page produce many varieties of rattles in cheerful colours made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials.

Pine Cone Furniture for the kids' room

Furniture from Pine Cone for the kids' room gives you unimaginable possibilities to arrange your kids' room so that it fits ideally for your kids. We have, for example, chairs, tables, sofas, shelves and tumble furniture from brands such as Pine Cone.

The thing about all the furniture available on our page is that they are made of some fine materials of good quality.

Pine Cone mattresses

In this category, we present you with all mattresses from Pine Cone for boys and girls. Regardless of your kids' age, you should have a good opportunity to find the right mattress from Pine Cone for your boy or girl right here on our page.

We have a fine selection of brands producing mattresses - including Pine Cone. Pine Cone mattresses make a perfect choice.

We would suggest you use our filter search while looking for mattresses from Pine Cone for your girl or boy. Despite your wishes, we can assure you that here you can find the perfect mattress that both you and your boy or girl will like.

Find Pine Cone mattresses here

If you choose to buy a new mattress for your kid from Pine Cone here at Kids-world, we will be quite happy and we promise you that you will not regret your purchase.

We have beautiful Pine Cone mattresses. Therefore, we believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Pine Cone comfort blankets 

Pine Cone designs fine comfort blankets your girl or boy will surely love to snuggle in. Whether you are looking for a Pine Cone comfort blanket for your little girl or a boy or a comfort blanket from some other brand you like, you'll find it right here in our huge range that includes comfort blankets from several well-known brands.

Comfort blankets and cuddle cloths for small babies

A number of comfort blankets or cuddle cloths from Pine Cone is perfect to use for young babies, as they are free of loose, small parts and thus do not pose a risk to your boy or girl.

Pine Cone Musical mobile

We offer a fine selection of musical mobiles from brands such as Pine Cone and more. Regardless of your kid's age, it's here where you'll get a great opportunity to find the best musical mobile from Pine Cone for your boy or girl.

We have a fine range of musical mobiles from various brands - including Pine Cone. Pine Cone musical mobiles are a perfect choice.

We would suggest you use our filter search while looking for your new Pine Cone musical mobiles for your girl or boy. Regardless of a style you're looking for, we can assure you that you will find the musical mobile that both you and your girl or boy will love.

Check out Pine Cone musical mobiles right here

We hope you will be able to find a perfect Pine Cone musical mobile for your kid right here at Kids-world.

We have beautiful Pine Cone musical mobiles. Therefore, we believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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