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SnikSnack - Danish snack tray

SnikSnack is a Danish brand of snack trays produced here in the country from recyclable PP plastic without chemicals. SnikSnack has quickly gained large popularity with kids and adults. You can use the products to serve dinner in a divided and manageable way, for small kids. As a snack tray for slightly older kids after school, SnikSnack's snack trays are also fantastic. You can use them for dinner if you want to share dips or vegetables. The possibilities are actually almost endless.

All the products from SnikSnack are designed, produced and packed in Denmark. They are made of polypropylene, which is 100% recyclable. It can, among other things, Used for clothing fibers, compost containers and potter for plants. SnikSnack's snack tray is dishwasher safe and is food approved by a Danish laboratory.

Behind SnikSnack

The people behind SnikSnack are Katrine and Mark. They are married and live on Funen with their two kids. The idea for a snack dish began in 2019, when Katrine used an antique dish for snacks and posted a image on Instagram. Her followers asked where it was from and when it was already starting to get small chips, she had to come up with something.

In the year 2021, Katrina began researching how she could have a similar dish produced. Mark was on board with the idea and came up with the name SnikSnack. After investigating production in possibly India and China, the couple decided to produce in Denmark due to better options for materials, sustainability and delivery times. They have spent a long time on the delicious design that the SnikSnack trays have today.

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