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Vilac Toys for Kids

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Vilac Toys for Kids

Imaginative wooden toys for kids from Vilac

The French toy company is in the beautiful Jura mountain range in France. Vilac produces wooden toys of excellent quality and combines a traditional European style with modern craftsmanship and techniques. Each kids's toy is carefully made of durable wood with a perfect finish and the small discrepancies between the products make each toy unique.

The range from Vilac toys offers many iconic characters and designs that you will recognize, such as Babar and other accessories. Kids love the beautiful colours and feel when they take in the toys. The toys are also instructive and develop kids' imagination and their motor skills.

The toys from Vilac are completely unique and they will never go out of style. The toys will also last from generation to generation.

How the adventure started

It all started in 1911 in Moirans-en-Montagne which is a village known for making wooden toys. Narcisse Villet started a wooden workshop called ''Maison Villet'' and in 1951 his sons took over the workshop and created ''Villet Freres''. In 1979, the workshop instead became Vilac which is a combination of the words Villet and Lacquer, which are used in the toys.

In 1985, Vilac was bought by Hervé Halgand, who continued the tradition of the painted wooden toys. In 2001, Vilac was awarded the Living Heritage Company (EPV) label thanks to the unique and traditional toys. In 2012, Vilac was bought by France Cartes Group.

Wooden toy from Vilac

in wood Toys from Vilac are robust and good toys for girls and boys.

Wooden toy give memories of a bygone and uncomplicated time. Vilac wooden toy are distinguished by holding well and lasting for several generations.

Vilac wooden toy in very good quality

The wood Wooden toy from Vilac is produced in approved wood and made with environmentally friendly materials. It is first and foremost a natural product.

You will definitely be able to find the perfect wooden toy from Vilac or wooden toy from one of the others brands here at Kids-world.

Musical joy for the little ones with a Vilac piano

Do you want to bring the world of music to your child's fingers? With a Vilac piano you can do just that. This charming piano from Vilac is designed especially for kids, and is the perfect way to introduce your child to music.

Made with Vilac toys as leading manufacturers of quality, this toy piano is both durable and beautifully designed. It is ideal for developing children's musical skills while having fun. So let your child discover the joy of making music with a Vilac piano. Who knows, you might even have a little Mozart in your midst.

Help children's motor skills on the road with a Vilac walker

Let your little explorer get on the road with a Vilac walker. This fantastic Vilac toys is more than just entertainment - it's a tool that stimulates motor skills and helps your child develop balance and coordination.

Vilac strollers are known for their durable quality and their child-friendly design. With their rounded edges and stable construction, they give little pilots peace of mind as they explore the world around them.

Whether your child rides around the living room or outside, a Vilac walker is the perfect choice for fun, safe and developmental play. Discover the world of Vilac and set your child's motor skills in motion.

Impress the little ship fan with a Vilac container ship

Open up to a world of imaginative play with a Vilac container ship. This detailed and colorful model is the perfect toys for the little ship enthusiast. With the Vilac container ship, your child can become the captain of his own vessel and create countless fairy tale on the seven oceans.

Vilac is known for its high-quality wooden toy, and this container ship is no exception. Robust construction ensures that the ship can withstand many hours of play, while the vibrant colours and creative details will capture your child's imagination.

Let your child explore the large blue sea and expand his world with a Vilac container ship. Closet unforgettable moments with Vilac toys.

Closet a play harbor with a Vilac crane

With a Vilac crane, your child can create his own busy harbor or construction site, right in the comfort of his own home. This toy crane allows for countless hours of fun as it encourages creative thinking and problem solving.

Whether your child is loading toy cars onto a ferry or building a skyscraper, he or she will have plenty of opportunities to explore and learn. A Vilac crane invites countless possibilities for role play. Your child can imagine being a crane operator, construction worker or contractor and strengthen their imagination and social skills in the process.

Vilac toys are known for their focus on quality and craftsmanship, and their crane is no exception. Made from sturdy materials, it's a toys that's built to last. Let your child experience the incredible world of ports and construction sites with a Vilac crane - work calls, adventure awaits.

Liv and happy days in the grocery store with a Vilac cash register

Make the game even more fun and more realistic with a Vilac cash register. If your child also loves to play shop, this colorful cash register will create many hours of fun and learning.

The Vilac cash register brings the authentic experience of being in a store right to your child's playroom. Its details are inspired by real stores, and it gives the kid the feeling of being behind the cash register, as in a real store.

With its push buttons, your child can play with entering prices and totals, a perfect opportunity to practice basic math skills. In addition, with its toy money drawer, your child gets the opportunity to practice handling money, giving change and understanding concepts of value and finances at an early age.

The Vilac cash register is both fun and educational, as it helps kids understand concepts such as money, numbers and trade in a playful and entertaining way. Let your child's imagination grow with a Vilac cash register - the grocery store is open.

Toy kitchen from Vilac

Here in the category you can find the fine Vilacplay kitchens, which most boys and girls will fit perfectly for girls and boys.

Vilac is a good brand that is known for their high quality toys. Vilac makes a good selection of play kitchens in the finest colours.

Toy kitchen from Vilac in good materials

The play kitchens have in common that they are designed in some good materials in a high quality, which can withstand a little of each.

For the younger kids, a toy kitchen is also wonderful to play with, as they with the Vilac play kitchen have something that they can lean on and hold on to when they cook.

Vilac play food

Play food is simply wonderful! Kids love to play and imitate adults. Having a restaurant or a bistro of your own is so much fun and your kid can create wonderful dishes and serve them to his or her parents and other guests. Do not hesitate with purchasing play food from Vilac - your kids will love it!

Toy cars from Vilac

We present you with a stunning assortment of Vilac toy cars and other brands.

We provide many of toy car brands - including Vilac. Toy cars from Vilac are an outstanding choice.

May we suggest you use the filter system when browsing for toy cars from Vilac for your girl or boy. Despite of your liking in style or brand we can assure you that you can choose a toy car that you - and your child.

We stock Vilac toy cars

We hope you find the proper toy car by Vilac for your kid at Kids-world.

We store outstanding Vilac toy cars. That's why, we believe you'll spot specifically what you are searching for.

Homely coziness with a Vilac toy kitchen and play food

The Vilac toy kitchen and play food is like bringing a full-scale kitchen into the child's room, minus the real heat and sharp utensils, of course. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the oven that can be opens and closed, to the washing area and fridge.

The Vilac play kitchen is designed to be as realistic as possible, which contributes to making play even more exciting and immersive.

At the same time, Vilac is play food in our range so that your kids can simulate real food, so that they get the full experience of " food ". This play food set includes everything a little chef needs, from fruits and vegetables to cakes and meats. All the parts are beautifully painted and crafted to look and feel as close to the real thing as possible.

The combination of a Vilac toy kitchen and Vilac play food encourages kids to use their imagination and creativity. It allows them to experiment with different recipes, organize dinner parties and even " food" for their toy friends.

It also strengthens their social skills as they learn to parts, take trips and collaborate in their kitchen when it is on playdates. With the Vilac toy kitchen and play food, you can give your child a safe and fun way to explore the world of cooking.

So don't wait any longer - bring this entertaining learning experience into your child's liv with Vilac.

Large selection of Vilac magnets and letters

Take your child on a fun and educational journey of discovery with Vilac magnets and letters. With a large selection at Kids-world, you will easily be able to find the perfect magnets and letters to create fun, interactive learning experiences for your child.

Vilac magnets are both colorful and attractive, making them a fascinating way to introduce kids to the science of magnetism. They can be used to create countless game and activities that are as fun as they are educational.

And what about Vilac letters? They are great tools for introducing your child to the alphabet, spelling words and even writing their own name and first sentences. These colorful letters can be used on the fridge, magnetic boards or even on the floor for fun, interactive learning.

Increase play and learning with Vilac magnets and letters. A must-have in every little teacher's toy box.

Play and learning for the little ones with a Vilac shape sorter

Give your little curious brain the perfect playmate with a Vilac shape sorter. This classic toy favorite is designed to stimulate and develop your child's motor skills, problem-solving skills and recognition of shapes and colours.

Each Vilac shape sorter is made of durable wood and carefully designed to be easy for small hands to handle. Your child will enjoy the challenge of matching the colorful, solidly designed bricks with the correct holes in the box.

And best of all, when playtime is over, all the pieces are stored safely inside the box, ready for the next time the game starts. Explore the wide range of Vilac shape sorters at Kids-world and find the perfect new toys for the development of your child's motor skills, mind and skills.

Buy new wooden toys from Vilac from us

We hope you will find one or more nice toys from Vilac in our shop. We have a large range of many unique wooden toys from Vilac. Regardless of if you made it into the Vilac category on purpose or by chance, we hope you will find toys that you and your kid will love. Please use our search function and filter if you are looking for something specific.

If you have any special requests, maybe you are interested in a product from Vilac that you can find in our store? Please contact our customer service so that we can do our best to assist you with your request.

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