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X-Shot - foam guns for kids

It's time for action-packed battles with an X-Shot rifle! The X-Shot foam guns from Zuru offer high performance and enough power for your child to have plenty of precision every time they slider. You can choose standard foam guns with an auto-rotating gun barrel - these models will make your child feel totally invincible! There are also Hawk Eye blasters with an aiming gun on top, so your child can even more easily frame their targets with precision. Also remember to buy extra foam darts as ammunition!

Once your child has loaded their foam gun from the X-Shot, their opponents don't stand a chance! Whether your child is running around the garden with their friends or inside the house, the X-Shot collection is perfect for active play.

Zuru's collection of foam guns

With the X-Shot brand, the Zuru toy giant has launched their own collection of foam guns on the market. They have a futuristic design with characteristic red and blue colours. These foam guns slider foam darts. These have good aerodynamic features and are very easy for kids to load even the foam gun.

There are eight collections under the X-Shot brand: X-Shot Excel, X-Shot Zombie, X-Shot Pink Series, Bug Attack, X-Shot Ninja, X-Shot Chaos, Dino Attack and X-Shot FaZe.

The X-Shot series of foam guns are made to shoot farther, faster and with more precision all while delivering maximum capacity with lots of fun features. The X-Shot series has also won the award for ''best foam sticks'' 3 years in a pull. They are compatible with most foam guns from others brands, which is a ready bonus if your child is going to play with sine friends and you already have others foam guns in the home.

X-Shot Dino Attack

With X-Shot Dino Attack, your kids get everything they need to shoot the dangerous dinos before they take over the world. Your kids can play secret space agents on a dangerous mission and have hours of active play filled with action and excitement. It guarantees to give the kids good exercise while playing.

You can find three different types of X-Shot Dino Attack, which do not require batteries and which come with different numbers of included foam darts and dino eggs. All foam guns have a range of 27 metres, so the kids can practice shooting at things that are far away. X-Shot Dino Attack is recommended for kids over 8 years old.

X-Shot Dino Attack - Extinct has a rotating ammunition chamber in the included foam gun with room for six arrows, as well as extra room in the gun with room for another four arrows. You get eight included foam darts and a dino egg to practice precision on. The foam gun is little in size and super easy to operate.

X-Shot Dino Attack - Dino Striker has room for six foam darts in the rotating ammunition chamber of the included foam gun and an extra chamber with room for four more foam darts. X-Shot Dino Attack - Dino Striker comes with a total of 16 included foam darts and four dino eggs.

Last but not least, there is X-Shot Dino Attack - Claw Hunter. Here you get both a foam gun with space for 10 darts, 24 supplied foam darts and six dino eggs in completely different sizes to practice on.

X-Shot Dino Attack - The Claw Hunter foam gun slider two darts at a time for extra power. You get plenty of accompanying ammunition for the rifle, so the kids can keep up the fight without running out for a very long time.

In card, the kids really won't get bored with the cool X-Shot Dino Attack foam guns.

X-Shot Max Attack

The X-Shot Max Attack foam gun is set of the cool X-Shot Excel collection, of which there are different types. The X-Shot Max Attack is a full-fledged foam gun that has a removable ammunition chamber with room for 10 foam darts.

You get 24 included foam darts for X-Shot Max Attack, so there are plans for really long shooting sessions, where the kids can fire many shots without recharging between them. The rifle has a long range of 24 meters.

X-Shot pistols and rifles

X-Shot has a wide selection of both foam guns that are smaller in size and can be operated with one hand, as well as X-Shot guns that are larger, where you need two hands to operate the X-Shot gun.

X-Shot guns are easy for the kid to carry around and store so they can play secret agents. You can find X-Shot guns in both the Excel collection and the Dino Attack collection.

X-Shot guns are larger and more powerful, and have room for a lot of ammunition. The advantage of an X-Shot rifle is also that it is easier for the kid to aim and frame precisely, as it has to be held with two hands.

Regardless of whether you want to try X-Shot pistols or X-Shot rifles, we have a good selection at Kids-world. We also have an X-Shot 4-Pack model where you can get both foam guns and foam guns in a complete set.

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