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Experience wonderful ro in everyday life with the delicious products from Meraki

Meraki helps us to just take a breath and stop in everyday life, and actually brand ourselves. Meraki offers a welcoming universe of comfort and well-being, inviting you to create daily moments of rest and relaxation.

All the products are designed and developed in Denmark, inspired by scandinavian aesthetics and created with respect for nature. The products contain only gentle and nourishing ingredients with natural scents.

Meraki mini

Meraki mini is the responsible choice for kids, and the organic personal care products are gentle on children's sensitive skin. The products ensure that you can pamper your kids with delicious scents and worry-free products in everyday life. Just seeing the kids enjoying themselves with soap and water in the bathtub is a fine moment of joy for all parents.

Meraki hand soap

Welcome to our category with Meraki hand soap. At Kids-world, we understand the importance of protecting children's hygiene and health. That is why we have put together an exclusive selection of Meraki hand soaps that provide a gentle and pleasant experience for your kids.

We present carefully selected Meraki hand soaps that not only keep the hands clean, but also care for and moisturize the skin. Meraki is known for their natural and nourishing ingredients that are gentle on children's delicate skin, and which at the same time leave a mild and pleasant scent.

Explore our range of Meraki hand soaps and give your kids the best care for their hands.

The story behind Meraki

Meraki is a Danish brand that was founded with a vision to create natural and gentle personal care products for everyday use. Originally inspired by scandinavian aesthetics and a love of nature, Meraki focuses on providing high quality products to people of all ages.

The brand's history began with the desire to offer healthy and luxurious care that is at the same time sustainable and gentle on the environment. This vision is clearly reflected in all Meraki products, including their popular hand soaps, known for their natural ingredients and pleasant fragrance.

Discover the story behind Meraki, which combines traditional scandinavian art with modern technology to create a unique and enriching care experience.

Large selection of Meraki products

You will find a large and varied selection of Meraki products here at Kids-world, where we have collected a large number of Meraki products that cover both skin care products, fragrances and various types of storage solutions from Meraki.

You will find our entire selection of Meraki on this page, where you can use our filter function to narrow your search for, for example, Meraki hand soap, Meraki scented candles or others of our many Meraki products.

Our selection of Meraki hand soap

At Kids-world, we are proud to present our fine, varied selection of Meraki hand soaps. We have carefully selected a wide range of Meraki hand soaps that meet the different preferences and needs of our customers.

Whether you prefer a refreshing citrus scent or a mild lavender aroma, we have Meraki hand soap in colours and scents to suit every taste. Our range has been carefully selected to ensure that your kids have a pleasant hand washing experience every time. Explore our wide selection of Meraki hand soaps and choose the perfect hand soap for your kids that not only cleans but also nourishes their skin.

Closet coziness and atmosphere with Meraki scented candles

Closet the perfect atmosphere in your home with Meraki scented candles. These candles are designed to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, where the scents calm the mind and create coziness in the room.

Meraki scented candles come in different flavors with scent notes ranging from fresh citrus fruits to soothing lavender. These candles are made from natural ingredients and are gentle on both the environment and yourself. Explore our selection of Meraki scented candles and bring a unique atmosphere to your home that will create ro and relaxation for the whole family.

Meraki hand soap in different colours

At Kids-world, we offer a wide selection of Meraki hand soap in different colours to suit your preferences and decor. Choose between gentle pastel or fresh and clear shades that suit your personal style.

Some of the popular colours include blue, pink, green and white. Whether you want to coordinate with your bathroom decor or just prefer your favorite color, we have the perfect Meraki hand soap for you. Discover our colorful range of Meraki hand soaps and add a touch of colour and elegance to your daily routines.

Meraki shampoo

Meraki shampoo is set of our comprehensive range of personal care products for kids. This gentle and effective shampoo has been specially developed to take care of your child's delicate scalp and hair.

With carefully selected ingredients, Meraki shampoo leaves the hair clean, soft and easy to style. The pleasant scent provides a soothing experience during the bath, and it foams easily, which makes washing hair a pleasure for both kids and parents. Explore our range of Meraki shampoo and give your child the best hair care with a natural and gentle choice.

Loving care for the hands with Meraki hand cream

Meraki hand cream is set of our selection of gentle and nourishing skin care products for kids. This light and moisturizing hand cream is designed to care for and protect your children's hands in everyday life.

With natural ingredients, Meraki hand cream leaves the skin soft, well-groomed and fragrant. It is quickly absorbed and non-greasy, making it ideal for kids of all ages. Experience the luxurious feeling of Meraki hand cream and give your children's hands the best care with a product that is gentle and effective.

Pamper your hair with Meraki conditioner

Meraki conditioner is set of our range of gentle conditioners for kids. This nourishing conditioner has been specially developed to leave hair soft, shiny and easy to comb.

With carefully selected ingredients, Meraki conditioner cares for the hair without weighing it down. The mild fragrance and the creamy consistency make it a pleasure to use for both kids and parents. Explore our selection of Meraki conditioner and give your child beautiful and well-groomed hair with this gentle and effective product.

The Meraki gift box is the obvious gift

Surprise your loved ones with a beautifully presented Meraki gift box. Our gift boxes are curated with care and contain a range of selected Meraki products that provide a luxurious and nurturing experience.

A Meraki gift box is the perfect gift for any occasion where you want to pamper someone with gentle and natural personal care products. The aesthetic design of the gift boxes reflects scandinavian simplicity and elegance. Make the gift extra special with a Meraki gift box and show your loved ones how much you value their well-being.

Stylish and elegant on the go with a Meraki toiletry bag

Keep your Meraki products safe and organized in a Meraki toiletry bag. These bag are designed to keep your personal care products in one place when you're on the go or travelling.

With a stylish design and practical compartments, the Meraki toiletry bag is the perfect companion for your Meraki products. It is durable, easy to clean and suitable for any storage need. Experience the convenience of a Meraki toiletry bag that makes it easy to carry your favorite products with you wherever you go.

Meraki bodysuit wash is pampering for the body

Meraki bodysuit wash is set of our selection of gentle and effective shower gels for kids. This mild bodysuit wash gently cleanses the skin and leaves it fresh and fragrant.

With carefully selected ingredients, Meraki bodysuit wash creates a shimmering and luxurious bathing experience for your kids. The pleasant scent and the gentle formula make the bath a pleasure for all the senses. Explore our selection of Meraki bodysuit wash and give your kids the best bathing experience with this gentle and pleasant shower gel.

Protect the body with Meraki sunscreen

Protect your kids from the sun's harmful rays with Meraki sunscreen. Our sunscreen is specially developed to provide high and reliable protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Meraki sunscreen is easy to apply, absorbs quickly and is water repellent. It is gentle on the skin and leaves it soft and moisturized, even on sunny days. Experience the benefits of Meraki sunscreen and enjoy outdoor activities with ro of mind, knowing your kids are well protected.

Meraki towel

Dry your children's hands and face with soft and delicious Meraki towels. Our towels are made with quality materials that feel comfortable against the skin and absorb moisture effectively.

Meraki towels have a stylish design and are available in different colours and sizes. Choose the perfect colour to suit your bathroom interior or your children's preferences. Treat your kids to luxurious Meraki towels and closet a wonderful and comfortable experience after every bath or hand wash.

Skin care with Meraki bodysuit lotion

Care for your children's skin with Meraki bodysuit lotion, created to leave the skin silky smooth and well cared for. This light and moisturizing bodysuit lotion quickly penetrates the skin without feeling greasy.

With natural ingredients, Meraki bodysuit lotion leaves the skin soft, well-groomed and fragrant. The mild fragrance creates a soothing and pleasant feeling on the skin. Explore our range of Meraki bodysuit lotions and add the perfect ending to your child's bathing experience with this gentle and effective bodysuit lotion.

How to get an offer on Meraki hand soap

At Kids-world we regularly offer fantastic deals on our Meraki hand soaps. Keep an eye on our sale category where you can find these deals and save money on your favorite Meraki products.

In addition, you can sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive offers and updates on our range, including Meraki hand soaps. Also follow Kids-world on social media to stay updated with our latest offers and promotions. Take the chance to get your favorite Meraki hand soap at a great price and give your kids the best care.

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