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Purse Pets


Purse Pets

Purse Pets - Cute bag for kids

Purse Pets is a brand with a completely unique concept. They are both bag and pets - or in others words: fashionable and your child's new friend. Purse Pets come alive with sounds and reactions. Each Purse Pet has cute and funny sounds, can play music, blink its eyes and much more..

With a cute bag from Purse Pets, your child can look incredibly smart in a cool outfit. Some Purse Pets are interactive bag that react to your child's touch and have more than 25 exciting sounds. When your child is out and about, their Purse Pet will blink and interact with them. With Purse Pets, fashion meets friendship. Your child will have super fun with their new bag..

Purse Pets unicorn bag

The Purse Pets unicorn bag has a glittering horn, shiny leather, an adjustable strap and many functions. When your child is outside, the unicorn will blink and make fun sounds. They can touch her forehead until she opens and closes her eyes and give your child a kiss. In magic mode, your child can play game and music together with their Purse Pets unicorn bag..

Purse Pets puppy bag

Purse Pets 's puppy bag has many cute and unique features. The cheeks light up when your child touches it. Your child can cuddle the cute puppy, after which it will respond with sounds. The cheeks on a Purse Pets puppy bag can light in different colours and play music. With the cute glitter ears and fun shape, your child will look really smart with their new Purse Pets puppy bag..

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