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Ergobag - highly functional school and preschool backpacks

Ergonomic backpacks from Ergobag give kids the freedom to move and play, even when their backpacks are full. The shoulder straps are anatomically shaped and the backpack's height can be adjusted to suit your kid's needs and preferences.

Furthermore, Ergobag backpacks are quite individual - thanks to the smart Velcro patches, kids can always adjust their backpack's design and theme. There are many different sets of velcro patches available - more than 30 in fact. So if your little one gets tired of his/her backpack's design and appearance, you can simply change the patches according to your little one's new hobbies or interests. You can also buy water bottles or gym bags, as well as other accessories, so the school backpack can be redesigned to suit your kid's daily routine and sports activities.

The story behind Ergobag

Ergobag is a brand from Cologne, Germany, and was founded back in 2010 by four good friends. The innovative school backpacks combine the ergonomics of hiking backpacks with all the other features required of a good school or preschool backpack. The weight is distributed from the shoulders to the pelvic area, so they are enormously light and comfy for kids to carry. The backpacks are also made from 100% PET recycled fabric to be as sustainable as possible.

In 2012, Ergobag also made it to the finals for the 'Best German Startup Company' award.

Ergobag offers both preschool and school backpacks for kids. The backpacks are currently sold in more than 1500 stores in more than 20 countries worldwide.

Ready for everything with an Ergobag school bag set

Ergobag school backpacks are designed with your child's comfort and safety in mind. An Ergobag school backpack is designed to relieve your child's shoulders and your back on the way to and from school.

With an Ergobag school bag set, your child gets both a stylish and practical solution to carry all sine most important things to school.

An Ergobag school bag set consists of:

- Ergonomic school backpack
- Fix gym bag
- Spacious pencil case
- Practical pram rain cover
- Smart velcro tags

All these components come together to create the perfect school bag set for your child. The star of the show is the Ergobag school backpack.

This school backpack is designed with kid straps, a padded back panel and a chest strap to ensure your child's comfort and safety while carrying sine school supplies to and from school. The Backpack also has multiple compartments and pockets to keep everything organized.

At the same time, Ergobag school backpacks are equipped with several reflectors, so that your child can always be seen in the dark, early morning hours.

The Ergobag school bag set is not only functional and practical. It's also available in a range of fun and colorful designs that your child will love.

Investing in an Ergobag school bag set is investing in your child's comfort, safety and organization in the coming school year.

Large selection of Ergobag pencil cases

Tired of flimsy, poorly constructed pencil cases that always seem to fall apart after a pair weeks of use? Then look no further than Ergobag pencil cases.

These innovative cases stand out with their unmatched durability, stylish design and practical features. If your child needs to be able to keep sine markers, pens and pencils in order, Ergobag has the perfect solution.

For starters, Ergobag pencil cases are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and eco-friendly, so you can be sure they'll last the whole school year and beyond. They are also available in a range of fun and trendy designs, so there is something for your child's taste too.

In addition, you gain the advantage that Ergobag pencil cases are uniquely compatible with Ergobag school backpacks. The Pencil cases are specially designed to fit perfectly into Ergobag's side pockets. That way, your child always has sine pencils and others supplies within reach.

Your child no longer has to dig through his or her backpack to find the one pen he or she needs. With Ergobag's pencil cases, everything is always right where your child needs it.

See also the large Ergobag maxi pencil cases

The Ergobag Maxi pencil case is a 3 Parts of genius and the perfect addition to any Ergobag school backpack. One of the best things about an Ergobag maxi pencil case is its size.

What can an Ergobag maxi pencil case hold? The possibilities are almost endless. Your child can store everything from common writing tools like pens and pencils to more specialized art supplies like colouring pencils and markers.

The extra compartments can even be used to store others school supplies such as calculators, ruler and protractor.

As the icing on the cake, the pencil case is also compact enough to fit into the Ergobag school backpack. This makes the Ergobag pencil case maxi the perfect accessory for any Ergobag school backpack.

Nice Ergobag gym bags and gymsack

The Ergobag gym bag is perfect for carrying sports clothes or after school activities and can be easily attached to the school backpack with a simple clip system.

The Ergobag gym bag is also highly functional with pockets and compartments to keep all your child's gym items organized.

The main compartment is spacious enough for gymwear, shoe and a towel, while the extra pockets can be used for a water bottle, phone and others small items.

And of course the gym bag is designed to be easily and conveniently attached to your child's Ergobag school backpack.

Keep the bag dry with an Ergobag pram rain cover

Ergobag's pram rain cover does its duty in times of need. With this little genius, you can say goodbye to a wet school backpack and hello to a happy and dry school student.

Should your girl or boy get caught in a sudden rainstorm on the way to school, Ergobag's rain cover will keep her or his school backpack dry and secure books, booklets, electronics and others belongings.

A pram rain cover for Ergobag is equipped with elastic straps that are easy to use, and it fits any Ergobag school backpack. Don't let the rain ruin your child's school day. Use an Ergobag pram rain cover for the wet days.

The popular Ergobag Prime

One of our most popular school backpacks is the Ergobag Prime, and for good reason. An Ergobag Prime set is the perfect combination for students who require both style and comfort.

With its ergonomic design and adjustable straps, the Ergobag Prime school backpack provides first-class support for your child's back and shoulders.

The Ergobag Prime set is equipped with all the practical and necessary accessories for a successful school day. The matching set includes a pencil case, gymsack, pram rain cover and badges for your child's personal expression.

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Ergobag accessories

You can freely upgrade your child's Ergobag school backpack with any of the Ergobag accessories mentioned above: Pencil cases, gym bags, pram rain cover and Velcro tags.

Let your child choose his or her favorite favorites or buy the whole set and give the young school student the ultimate school experience. With the whole set, your child gets organisation, safety, comfort and style in one integrated solution.

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