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Jippies Earmuffs for Kids


Jippies Earmuffs for Kids

Practical ear muffs for kids from Jippies

Earmuffs for kids from Jippies are specially designed for places that have a lot of noise, such as concerts, parties, etc. They are also great for festivals and protect sensitive ears of both small and older kids, where too much noise can be extremely harmful.

The ear muffs are available in many models with beautiful colours and patterns, in a universal size, and are very easy to clean. They can also be used at home or at school if kids are having difficulty concentrating due to possible construction work or any other noisy situation.

Mute the sound with earmuffs from Jippies

Earmuffs for kids from Jippies decrease the effects of sounds by 25 dB, which equates to half the volume. They are padded on the inside, so are also comfortable for little kids to wear. In addition, they are lightweight and weigh only 198 g. Jippies can be folded up and are easy to carry on the go. The earmuffs are recommended for kids aged 1-16 years.

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