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Nsleep Nursing Pillow Case - 56x86 - Off-White Nsleep Nursing Pillow Case - 56x86 - Off-White 21,78 €
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Hypoallergenic and durable products for the crib from Nsleep

With all the beautiful products for the bed from Nsleep, you can be sure that your kid always has a good night's sleep. Nsleep is a Danish company that develops, designs, and produces hypoallergenic bedding products for kids and adults. 

All products from Nsleep are made of kapok which is a natural fiber used as a filling material in pillows and duvets. Dust mites, bacteria and mold cannot survive in kapok making the material perfect for anyone suffering from allergies. 

There are many Danish companies that have started to manufacture similar products but Nsleep was the first company in Denmark to use kapok in their products. 

The story behind Nsleep

The people behind Nsleep started the company in 2001 to produce cushions for outdoor furniture. The cushions were filled with kapok. In 2006, they also began to produce bed products with kapok as it was no longer possible to achieve the desired quality through production in Thailand. 

They moved production to India and although the quality was better in India, the company was not satisfied with the working conditions of the Indian companies. The problem was that the Indian companies used outsourcing, which Nsleep could not control or inspect. When Nsleep had the opportunity to open its own factory in Vietnam, they found the perfect solution. 

The factory in Vietnam gave Nsleep the opportunity to control that the working conditions were good and that the quality of the products lived up to their standards. Nsleep also takes responsibility for nature, production and all employees and their local environments. 

Nsleep mattresses 

We have an extensive selection of mattresses from brands such as Nsleep and many others. Regardless of your girl or boy's age, you should have a great opportunity to find the perfect Nsleep mattress for your girl or boy.

We offer a fine range of mattresses from various brands - including Nsleep. Nsleep mattresses make a perfect choice.

We are sure that our filter can help you while searching for the perfect Nsleep mattress for your little one.

Buy Nsleep mattresses right here

We hope you will find the perfect Nsleep mattress for your kid right here at Kids-world.

We offer some amazing Nsleep mattresses. Therefore, we believe that you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Nsleep duvets

A good duvet is essential for good night sleep. Here at Kids-world, you will find a nice selection of Nsleep duvets for kids. The duvets from Nsleep are cosy and warm, so your kid can sleep safely and well. There are several different varieties of duvets and we, therefore, hope that you will be able to find one that suits your kid's needs.

Nsleep duvets made of fine materials

Nsleep duvets are made of high-quality and lovely materials, which ensure you and your kid a quality duvet. If you would like to know more about what the individual Nsleep duvets are made of, we recommend that you read the product description available under each specific product.

Nsleep pillows

Here at Kids-world, we bring you a fine range of Nsleep pillows as well as pillows from other popular brands. Regardless of your kids' age, you should have a great opportunity to find the perfect Nsleep pillow for your girl or boy right here at Kids-world.

We have a nice range of pillows from various brands - including Nsleep. Nsleep pillows make a great choice.

Feel free to use the filter if you are looking for a specific Nsleep pillow or any other product for kids of all ages. We offer all the things you need for both boys and girls.

Buy Nsleep pillows right here

We hope you will find the ideal Nsleep pillow for your boy or girl right here at Kids-world.

We offer some beautiful Nsleep pillows. Therefore, we believe that you will manage to find exactly what you are looking for.

Nsleep for baby and kids

Here at Kids-world we offer bed sheets for beds and strollers from brands like Nsleep and many more.

We have lots of bed sheets from i.a. Nsleep, which fits well with many different types of beds.

If you are looking for new bed sheets from Nsleep for your child's mattress, you have come to the right place. At Kids-world, we have a good selection of beautiful bed sheets from Nsleep and many others brands that fit well with the cot or pram.

Nsleep bed sheets - Quality is paramount

For Nsleep, high quality bed sheets are alfa and omega. The Bed sheets from Nsleep are produced in carefully selected, high-quality materials. A bed sheet is not just a bed sheet, it knows Nsleep and therefore Nsleep their utmost to produce sheets of the best quality for the little ones; both ordinary sheets and stretch bed sheets.

Nsleep nursing pillow

Do you need an Nsleep nursing pillow that ensures that both you and your baby sheep the best comfort in top quality? Here at Kids -world we offer a wonderful assortment of Nsleep nursing pillows from Nsleep in various shapes and prints. The purpose of the Nsleep nursing pillow is to provide support for you and the baby, and especially your neck, back and arm. With the Nsleep nursing pillow from Nsleep, you should not have to sit/lie in a bad position.

Good comfort with a nursing pillow from Nsleep

It means a lot that you sit well during breastfeeding, and with its boomerang shape, the Nsleep nursing pillow is easy to place around the body, so that optimal support is achieved for both mother and child. See our range of beautiful Nsleep nursing pillows from Nsleep right here.

Nsleep changing pad

With a Nsleep changing pad sheep a smart station, with ample space for changing your child. With a practical recess in the middle, your girl or boy lie well, and at the same time be supported by the sides if necessary. In addition to the Nsleep changing pads pads being practical, they can be purchased in a nice selection of color combinations and beautiful prints.

Buy one Nsleep changing pad with removable cover

The cover of the Nsleep changing pad pad is made with a strong and soft cotton quality that can usually be Nsleep and washed. The nursing pillow cover usually also has a PU coating on the inside of the nursing pillow case, so it is easier to clean. While I look for a Nsleep changing pad, can I'll see if we have several types of nursing pillow case in stock from Nsleep.

Buy new products for the bed from Nsleep in our shop 

We hope you find what you are looking for from Nsleep in our large range. 

If you stopped by our online store as you are looking for a specific product from Nsleep but you cannot find it please contact our customer service and we will try our best to assist you further.

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