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Rabbit & Friends


The cutest lamps for the kids' room from Rabbit & Friends

Rabbit & Friends makes beautiful LED lamps for kids, some even with music or remote control to create an extra cozy atmosphere in the kids' room. The products are made with silicone and are of high quality.

The Lamps fit really well in the kids' room, as a cozy night lamp. Getting a good night's sleep is extremely important for kids, and many kids are afraid of the dark. The little cute lamps can become a safe friend for your child, protecting them from the monsters under the bed.

The Lamps from Rabbit & Friends are soft, pleasant to the touch and have the cutest designs. The light is soft and comfortable to have by the baby's bed.

The Lamps are also good for caring for the youngest kids in the evening, such as when changing nappies after giving a bottle - so you sheep a relaxing and gentle light.

Even if kids press the lamps, which are soft and nice to touch, they quickly return to their normal shape.

There are many different lamp animal - kids have the opportunity to choose between the rabbit, the cat, the bear, and the carousel - depending on the size, either AAA batteries are used for the smaller lamps, and the larger lamps are charged with a Micro USB cable.

The Lamps change colour when touched

All lamps have been thoroughly tested and meet the CE and RoHS certificates. Note that the products from Rabbit & Friends are not toys and only kids are used by kids under the age of 6 under the supervision of an adult.

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