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TSG - protective equipment and accessories

TSG designs protective equipment that is constantly evolving in terms of style, comfort, design, technology and above all - safety.

The team behind TSG consists of a group of former pro snowboarders, skiers, skaters, BMX riders, mountain bikers, etc., all of whom are perfectionists with the goal of creating the best possible protective gear. TSG produces the best sports-specific protective equipment for all levels, from kids just learning to professional adults who need to practice new tricks.

From helmets to ankle protectors and everything in between - TSG's products always offer plenty of comfort and safety. TSG's award-winning FlexTech system was the first helmet to use all the flexible foam segments in the helmet. TSG wants to produce protective equipment that is so comfortable that you forget you are wearing it. That is why they also developed the lightweight series for kids and adults.

The history of TSG

In 1988, the founders of TSG could not find protective equipment that lived up to their high expectations. Therefore, they decided to make their own. They had years of experience in various sports, so they knew exactly what they ville.

30 years later, TSG is still run by professionals in sport. They are still privately owned and still dedicated to the mission of creating the best protective gear in the world. Your body and brains must be protected in all circumstances - that's why TSG invests in the best design, materials and construction to protect them. All protective equipment from TSG is team-tested and certified. The equipment from TSG is designed in Switzerland in collaboration with artists in a large selection of colours.

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