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Happy Horse


Happy Horse

Happy Horse

With roots as far back as 1963, Dutch Happy Horse has a long and proud tradition of creating cute soft toys and cuddly cloths for kids. Although the history and traditions are long, Happy Horse is innovative and innovative in their creation of the popular Happy Horse soft toys and cuddly wipes.

The innovation in the Happy Horse soft toys may not be discovered by the kids in the same way, because it is the filling in the Happy Horse soft toys that is innovative, as it consists of recycled materials.

The sustainable approach is seen more on the stickers, which are also produced in recyclable materials. As an extra plus for the environment, the Happy Horse soft toys remain soft and lovely - to the large delight of the little ones.

Cute and colorful Happy Horse soft toys

With their colorful soft toys, Happy Horse differs significantly from many others manufacturers of soft toys and stuffed animals. The large selection of Happy Horse soft toys in different colours also makes it easy to find a Happy Horse soft toy for your child if there are certain color preferences that need to be taken into account.

At Kids-world, we have made it easy for you to find a Happy Horse soft toy in exactly the colour you want. You simply need to use our filter to display the Happy Horse soft toys that we have in stock in a specific colour.

Another way in which Happy Horse differs from others manufacturers is by having print on their wipes. You can therefore find a wide selection of Happy Horse cuddly cloths here at Kids-world with the cutest print.

Meet the different Happy Horse soft toys

The Happy Horse soft toys, like the Happy Horse cuddly cloths, come in a wide variety of different versions. Among other things, you can find a Happy Horse dinosaur soft toy, which, like the Happy Horse elephant, is quite popular with the kids.

If you have a child who is more into the smaller DYR, then a Happy Horse rabbit can be a really good choice for a soft toy that will be a hit.

Several of the animals also reappear in the various Happy Horse soft cloths, where you will also find more elephants.

Both the Happy Horse elephant and the Happy Horse dinosaur come in several different variants, where both the design and the colours vary.

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