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Britains toys - beautiful and detailed agricultural toys and collectables for kids

Britains is Europe's oldest specialist in agricultural toys and collectables.

Britains has always worked closely with the manufacturers of real agricultural toys to include as many details as possible in their replica toys.

Today, Britains is a well-known and established brand, known for its quality, innovation, and perfect machine models and toys. With lots of great machines and toys for kids aged 3+, all kids can get an authentic sense of machinery and life on a farm.

The story behind Britains

Back in 1893, William Britain began producing toy soldiers made of cavity moulds. He worked mainly with brass but soon began producing machinery toys together with his family in their home.

In 1907, the company was registered as Britains Ltd.

During the First World War in 1914-1918, sales of military-related toys dropped. Britains had to do something to replace the missing sales. In 1921, they released a new world-famous Britains farm, which consisted of 30 farm figures and animals, which were introduced along with the first agricultural machine '4F'.

The next few years witnessed the release of new farm machines and more and more working machines.

Popular Britains tractors

Just imagine that it is possible to get such a lifelike Britains tractor at Kids-world. These completely unique work machines from popular Britains are high on many children's wish lists - and for good reason.

Britains toys have created the many different working machines to provide the absolute best conditions for lively play. At Kids-world you can also find many good Britains work machine set, where you can get a work machine, trailer, animals and more in a play set, among other things.

With a Britains excavator or Britains tractor, the kids can practice loading and unloading, transporting things and playing building. The kids can fully immerse themselves in the universe with Britains working machines, which helps to strengthen their ability to empathize.

You can find a great many different Britains work machines at Kids-world. Among other things, you can find a large selection of Britains tractors, the classic Britains excavator, a slurry tank and various types of trailers that can be coupled on and off. It is the perfect toys for kids who love agricultural machinery and perhaps dream of one day becoming a real farmer.

The working machines from Britains are so lifelike and full of small details that they are also favorite collector's items. Start your collection of Britains work machines at Kids-world today and introduce the kids to the exciting universe.

Britains John Deere

Expand your collection of Britains toys with a unique Britains John Deere tractor from Kids-world.

At Kids-world, we can offer as many as three variants of the John Deere tractor. They are all faithful copies of authentic exhibition models in a scale ratio of 1:32.

At Kids-world you can thus find John Deere 9RX tractor, John Deere S780 combine harvester and a complete squadron racers with John Deere - 20 parts.

With a Britains John Deere tractor collection, you don't just get an ordinary toy tractor. You get a tractor with all the small details and moving parts, just like the real thing.

This makes Britains John Deere a completely unique toys intended for young adults or adult collectors.

In the large Britains John Deere squadron racers, you get 20 different parts, consisting of both the classic John Deere tractor, trailer, hay bales, cows, front loader, milking shed, fence, cattle shed, cattle shed and a whole yard included. The quality of this unique toys has thus been completely turned up.

If you want to introduce your kids to the world of the farmer in a fun and cozy way, start with Britains toys today. By giving your kids one of the lifelike Britains work machines or toy set, you will give them the opportunity for full immersion and hours of play. Britains collectibles are also very suitable for young adults and collectors.

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