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Nike clothing for kids

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Nike clothing for kids

Nike clothing for kids

For decades Nike has been among the absolute leading brands when it comes to clothing and especially sportswear. Here, an innovative approach and a strong ability to deliver quality have made Nike one of the world's largest clothing brands. That is why we are also proud that we here at Kids-world can offer a large selection of Nike clothing for kids.

The kid's clothing from Nike ranges from bodysuits for the little ones to leggings to training clothes and Nike hoodies for the older kids. That's why you will find a huge selection of Nike for kids here, where you can also read much more about one of the world's biggest brands, Nike's history and not least about the many types of clothing for kids from Nike that you can buy here at Kids-world.

What does Nike mean and what is Nike the Goddess for?

The name Nike comes from ancient Greece. The goddess Nike was in Greek mythology a personification of victory. So Nike was the goddess of victory. Nike is thus a symbol of victory - both when it comes to war, sport and in the world of culture. In Greek mythology Nike is often portrayed as a woman with wings.

While Nike was the goddess of victory in ancient Greece, her Roman counterpart, Victoria, is probably better known. Victoria is also the origin of the English word for victory.

The personification of the victories was not limited to a single area. Nike was therefore associated with victories in areas such as art, music, physical manifestations such as athletics and of course also war.

Over the years the Nike brand has to that extent also been associated with victories on the tracks and on the pitch, as Nike has had partnerships with a long number of the greatest athletes over time. In particular, the partnership with Michael Jordan has been something that established Nike's name when it comes to victories in sport.

In Greek mythology the goddess Nike is often portrayed with Zeus and Athena or as a facet of their personalities. According to Greek mythology Nike is the kid of Pallas, the god of battle and war, and Styx, the goddess of the river to the afterlife. Greek mythology lists Kratoz, Bia, Zelus, Scylla, Fontes, and Lacus as siblings to Nike.

Why is Nike called Nike? This is why Nike is called Nike

Nike is named Nike because of the inspiration from the Greek goddess. The name is especially inspired by a statue of the goddess Nike at the Acropolis, where she is adjusting her sandals. This inspired Phil Knight, one of the two founders of Nike, to change the company name to Nike in 1971, when the company changed its focus from selling footwear to producing footwear.

What was Nike originally called?

The brand we know day as Nike was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman as Blue Ribbon Sports.

Originally, Blue Ribbon Sports was a distributor of footwear, where they primarily imported running shoes, but when the company in 1971 were launching their own shoe - under their own brand, the name was changed to Nike. It was also here the iconic Nike logo was designed. And the rest, as they say, is history. Nike has been one of the world's biggest brands for many years.

How is Nike pronounced?

While many people outside the states pronounce Nike as Nike, Nike is originally pronounced as Nai-kee, if you are to have the exact wording of your pronunciation of Nike.

The pronunciation by Nike has actually been a challenge for many over the years. In many countries the vast majority pronounce Nike as it is spelled, even though the pronunciation is actually Nai-kee.

Where does Nike come from and when was Nike founded?

Nike is from the United States, where the company was founded in 1964 in Eugene, Oregon, under the name Blue Ribbon Sports. Today the Nike headquarter is in Beaverton, Oregon.

Nike was once founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. During his time as a student at the University of Oregon, Phil Knight met the school's running coach, Bill Bowerman, who had an intense focus on optimizing the shoes of his runners.

Here, Knight was the first student to try on a pair of Bowerman's shoe. The shoes became such a massive success that the Knights' teammate, Otis Davis, started using them and used them when he won Olympic gold on the 400-meter dash.

On top of the Knights' agreement to import Japanese running shoes, the two entered into a partnership in 1964, leading to the creation of Blue Ribbon Sports on January 25, 1964.

Who owns Nike?

Nike is a listed company, whereby the ownership is spread over many more prople than the original two owners. However, the ownership of Nike lies primarily with one of the two founders, Phil Knight, who together with his son, Travis Knight, owns more than 97% of the company's A shares - either themselves or through companies that they control.

Nike is traded on the New York Stock Exchange, where the company today stands has a market value of almost $ 20 trillion (2021).

Large selection of Nike clothing for kids

We offer a large selection of Nike clothing for kids, so you will find everything from Nike socks to T-shirts, jogging sets, hoodies and different types of Nike trousers. Read more about the different types of kid's clothing from Nike below. You will also find a large Nike size guide for both small and older kids. Thereby you can easily find the right Nike size for kids, that you need.

Nike hoodies and hoodies

We offer a complete selection of comfortable hoodies from Nike. Most hoodies can be used both as sportswear and everyday clothing.

Here in the category you will find all the hoodies from Nike that we have in stock

Nike hoodies is made in good quality, so with a hoodie from Nike you will get a hoodie that has both a nice design and is extremely practical, as it can be worn almost all year, whether it is to wear under a winter jacket or during the summer nights instead of a jacket.

See our large selection of Nike hoodies for kids and find just the hoodie that best suits your kid.

Great Nike trousers for kids

All kids must wear a pair of trousers. Trousers, jeans, jogging pants, etc. is something that is to be found in pretty much all girls' and boys' wardrobes.

Whether you are looking for a pair of Nike trousers for everyday use or perhaps a pair of Nike sweatpants or track pants trousers, you will large likely find the perfect pair of trousers from Nike here.

Wide range with trousers in different colours

You will always find a huge Nike selection of trousers in several colours for boys and girls - also from Nike. The Trousers from i.a. Nike is available in a wide range of colours such as white, grey and navy.

Loose Nike trousers for the little ones

If your kid is not that old, we would advise you to use the slightly more baggy models, which are made of a softer material such as cotton. They tend to provide some slightly better terms for him or her when the little ones want to move around.

Trousers from Nike in different designs

We can offer trousers with dots, flowers, ruffles and much more. If the trousers from Nike, for example, have some Nike jogging trousers or track pants trousers have some practical pockets, you can read it inside the text about the product.

Trousers with elastic at the waist can be worth their weight in gold if it is challenging to keep the trousers up around the waist. Here, Nike has a long number of nice jogging pants and sweatpants, which are some really good offers for a pair of Nike trousers for the little ones.

Smart Nike set for kids

Nike has made a long range of smart set for kids, so you can combine the smart Nike trousers and, for example, a hoodie or sweatshirt from Nike in a smart set.

That way, you can quickly find a smart set in a nice design from Nike, which can bring large joy at home. A Nike jogging set for kids provides good comfort when the little ones are active, while at the same time being of a delicious quality that also makes them really nice to wear, if it's just a relaxing day on the sofa.

In addition to jogging sets, the smart set from Nike also include tracksuit sets for kids, which can thus have the same opportunities as the adults to wear a smart Nike tracksuit set when playing football or playing sports or exercise.

You can easily find the perfect Nike jogging set right here, where we have both jogging sets and tracksuit for kids in many different colours.

Nike blouses for kids

With a smart Nike blouse, most kids are well-run when it comes to either being smart in school or dressed warmly in kindergarten. Nike makes a large selection of blouses that include hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

A Nike blouse can be used for almost anything, as they come in both colorful designs and single colors, so they are easy to put together with other clothes.

The jerseys for kids from Nike can therefore easily be used, whether it is for more formal events, or if it is a quiet day at home with the family.

Nike sweatshirt for kids

A sleek Nike sweatshirt can be a hit, whether we?re talking spring or fall. With a sweatshirt from Nike, you will never go wrong in the city when it comes to finding a nice sweatshirt for kids.

Our many sweatshirts for kids from Nike come in both different designs and colours. That way, we've made it easy to find exactly the Nike sweatshirt you're just looking for, no matter what colour Nike sweatshirt you're looking for.

See our large selection of sweatshirts for kids from Nike here. We have a large selection of Nike sweatshirts and sweatshirts from others strong brands, so there is always something for everyone.

Large selection of Nike t-shirts for kids

Nike T-shirts are usually a winner, when it comes to clothing for most kids. A T-shirt is comfortable to wear under a blouse or as a top in the summer, where a Nike T-shirt together with a pair of shorts or skirts is plenty of clothes.

It is certainly not uncommon for boys and girls to wear their Nike T-shirt as the outer layer on top of a blouse or blouse, giving it a more chic look.

Smart Nike T-shirts for kids

In many ways, there is something absolutely amazing about a T-shirt. The T-shirt can almost always be paired with most clothes in the wardrobe - the same goes for a T-shirt from Nike.

The most amazing thing about a T-shirt from Nike is that it can be combined with a lot of other clothes. Whether you have an intention of a trendy look or a more neutral look, a Nike T-shirt usually fits really well.

T-shirts from Nike for everyday and party

There should be ample Nike T-shirts to choose from in our selection. Here at Kids-world, there is an insanely large selection of T-shirts in a wide range of styles with all sorts of patterns and print, so there should be something for every wardrobe.

You will find i.a. polos, long-sleeved, short-sleeved. There is not much else to say but that we hope you find the Nike T-shirt that you are looking for. Finally, look around in the rest of our universe of kid's clothing and not least T-shirts.

Nike shorts for kids

Get ready for summer with a pair of chic Nike shorts for kids. We at Kids-world offer a wide selection of comfortable Nike shorts.

As usual, we have shorts from Nike and others brands for both large and small kids, so you will definitely be able to find a new pair of shorts that your girl or boy will look forward to wearing.

Get ready for summer with a pair of shorts from Nike

Nike Shorts are practical for boys and girls who love the outdoors.

The Shorts from Nike can usually be bought in different, smart designs with fine details. We can also offer shorts from Nike and all the others brands in our selection in different colours.

Nike caps for kids

If you are looking for a cool Nike cap for your boy or girl, then this is the place to look. Quality and beautiful design are paramount when choosing a cap from Nike

Buy a cap from Nike for the summer

A Nike cap is a great choice when you need to find a headgear that protects your kid's skin from the sharp rays of the sun. The choice of a Nike cap as a good choice is emphasized by the fact that with a Nike cap you will get a nice cap, which can also be used at others times of the year, as its look makes it so popular.

You will definitely find a cap from Nike or one of the others brands that will dress your child, here at Kids-world.

Nike socks and socks for baby and kids

It does not matter if you are looking for Nike socks for your 1 month old baby or your 6 year old baby, you will find them here in the category.

We offer a wonderful selection of simple and multicolored socks from Nike and many others. You will find Nike socks in a wide range of sizes, so there are a pair of Nike socks for your boy or girl.

Buy a good stock of socks from Nike

It can be quite smart to spend a little extra resources on more than one or two pair of Nike socks. It's not uncommon for socks to wear out - especially if your boy or girl is dragging their feet.

It also happens that the socks get lost in connection. washing. So a loving piece of advice would be that you should actually buy more Nike socks than what you have set out for.

Nike size guide for kids

If you are looking for a Nike size guide for kids, then you have come to the right place. We have gathered all Nike size guides for kids here in one place, so you can easily get an overview of the different Nike sizes for kids.

Nike has divided their sizes so that there are sizes for both smaller and larger kids. No matter how large your child is, you will find a Nike size guide here:

Nike size guide for small kids































Nike size guide for older kids





























































You can always read more about the products in the various product texts. If you are in doubt about anything in connection with our Nike size guide for kids or have others questions regarding our large selection of Nike clothing for kids, then you are always welcome to contact our customer service.

Nike for kids in different colours

The color choice can have a large impact on when you wear your clothes. This also applies to children's clothing from Nike for kids. That's why you'll find Nike for kids in colours like black, white, blue, red, yellow, green, grey, pink, purple, orange and many others colours here at Kids-world.

For example, if you are looking for a black Nike hoodie or a white Nike T-shirt, then you have come to the right place.

You can always use our filter at the top of the page to quickly find the Nike cap or the Nike sweatpants that you are looking for.

Kids-world: Your online Nike store

At Kids-world we take great pride in being your online Nike store when it comes to Nike trousers and other Nike clothing for kids. That's why you'll find a large selection of Nike for kids, whether you're looking for a new Nike T-shirt or a pair of chic Nike shorts for the summer.

Nike sales for kids

Great Nike deals and Nike sales are not surprisingly popular. If you are looking for good Nike offers, then you have come to the right place. Here in our large Nike category you will find all the current Nike sales that we have to offer.

If these are Nike sale that you are looking for then you can also find them here. You can also find Nike sale on our sales category, where you can also see our sale of clothing, equipment and others items from others brands.

If you want to be sure that you do not miss out on a great Nike offer or our Nike sale, we recommend that you sign up for our newsletter. That way, you are always informed when new Nike offers arrive or we hold a Nike sale.

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