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Robo Alive


Robo Alive

Robo Alive - robots for kids

With the Robo Alive series from Zuru, your child can collect cool robot toys. From dinosaurs to wonderful bath toy - with Robo Alive, your child has the opportunity for many hours of fun. The realistic toys from Robo Alive makes sounds and moves.

If you have a little child who could use some toys for the bath, you should check out the Robo Alive Junior collection. This collection includes 3 different Robo Alive bath toy models.

Robo Alive Junior Duck waddles and swims like a real duck! Your child will have a learning experience while observing the Robo Alive Duck waddle, walk and swim. The Robo Alive Junior Crocodile makes taking a bath even more fun. The crocodile can walk, chew and swim. Last but not least we have the Robo Alive Junior fish. Place the fish in the bathtub and watch it swim away. It is both fun and impressive for small kids.

If your child loves dinosaurs, you should definitely check out the wonderful Robot Alive dinosaurs. The Robot Alive T-rex can move and roar, exactly like a real dinosaur. When your child touches the t-rex 's tail, it shows its mighty gape and stretches out its arms while roaring. There is also a velociraptor in the collection which is just as fearsome!

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