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Matchstick Monkey


Matchstick Monkey

Matchstick Monkey - award-winning teether for baby

Matchstick Monkey's Monkeys teether help relieve young kids' sore gums - the products are fun, flexible and can also be used to place pain-relieving toothpaste in all the right places in the baby's mouth.

The Teethers from Matchstick Monkey come in many models and fun colours.

They are fun, flexible and fit perfectly in tiny little hands, so babies can chew everything they want without any problems.

Matchstick Monkey's Monkeys teether have a special texture with small knobs, which means that the teethers reach all the right places and there is no need for fingers at all.

The mission behind Matchstick Monkey

Matchstick Monkey designs the products that help you as a parent through your baby's period of sore gums, from just before the first tooth comes to the last.

All products from Matchstick Monkey are thoroughly tested and reviewed by real parents. The company has won several awards in 2019 and 2020.

Matchstick Monkey was founded when new mother Katie Windridge could not find anything to relieve her daughter Minnie's sore gums.

She ville not accept any teething toy, and Katie's fingers hurt from being bitten when she tried to put toothpaste in Minnie mouth. Her daughter loved monkeys, so Katie was inspired to create the original designs for Matchstick Monkey.

day, Matchstick Monkey is an incredibly popular product among many parents around the world. baby are now sold in more than 40 countries, and new innovative baby products are constantly being developed.

Matchstick Monkey teether: User-friendly design for toddlers

Matchstick Monkey teether are a smart and hygienic solution for toddlers' toothaches and gum irritation. These teether stand out with their unique and user-friendly design, combining effective relief of gum problems with a playful and colourful approach.

The shape of the teether resembles a cute monkeys, which makes it not only practical, but also fun for babies to play with. The soft and structured surface is gentle on the baby's sensitive gums. The different textures on the teether provide a soothing massage effect during chewing.

One of the notable pull of Matchstick Monkey teether is that they have small, easy-to-grip arms that make it easy for little hands to handle and explore. This not only promotes baby's fine motor skills, but also makes it easier for them to find relief from the discomfort of teething.

The Matchstick Monkey teethers are made of soft and safe material that is free of harmful substances such as BPA and phthalates. The practical size makes it easy to take with you on the go, so baby always has access to relief when needed.

Matchstick Monkey teether are therefore not only a useful relief for toddlers during teething, but they also incorporate a playful element that makes it an enjoyable experience for both parents and babies.

Choose between Matchstick Monkey teether in several different colours

The choice of color can have a large impact on how crazy a child is with his Matchstick Monkey teether. That's why we have a varied selection of Matchstick Monkey teether in different colours. You can always use our filter to display the Matchstick Monkey products in the colour you want.

The colour of the Matchstick Monkey teethers usually supports the theme of the figure on the individual teether. In this way, it gives them a good overall impression, which can bring out the smiles of most kids.

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