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Planet Buddies


Wonderful products for kids from Planet Buddies

Planet Buddies offers a wide range of headphones, bluetooth speakers and tablet holders for kids based on colourful characters representing endangered species all over the world. 

Planet Buddies is a brand dedicated to raising awareness of endangered species and they also want to teach kids more about the problems that threaten animal survival. 

This includes problems such as the lack of their natural living environments, global warming, and the toxic substances that we emit that eventually end up in the sea. The aim is to inspire kids and future generations to want to protect all the different species that live on our planet. 

Headphones for kids in fun designs

The beautiful headphones for kids from Planet Buddies have fun designs of different animals as well as ears. They have a maximum volume of 85 decibels, and they can be adjusted to fit kids' heads which makes them comfortable to use. 

The cute speakers and holders for the tablets are also designed with different characters from Planet Buddies and they will have a perfect place in the interior of the kid’s room. 

The characters from Planet Buddies

The cute characters from Planet Buddies are available in all different styles from Planet Buddies. These include Pepper the penguin, Olive the owl, Milo the turtle, Noah whale, pippin panda and Charlie the tiger.

All characters represent an endangered species and they teach kids what they can do to help their species survive in a child-friendly way. The cute products from Planet Buddies give kids an educational and positive experience and they will be able to feel involved as they try to make a difference to the animals. 

Buy new products from Planet Buddies here with us 

We hope you find a new pair of headphones or a speaker from Planet Buddies here with us. We offer a wide range of many cute products from Planet Buddies that are also educational at the same time. 

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