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TryBike Bikes


TryBike Bikes

Beautiful balance bikes for the youngest kids from TryBike

Pim and Alex are two brothers who are crazy about bikes. They come from the Netherlands where almost everyone owns at least one bike. Over the past 10 years, they have already imported lots of fun toys including balance bikes.

In 2015, they started to develop their very own balance bike that would be durable, robust and of course also stylish. The result was TryBike which is the bike that they wished they had as a kid. 

They spent 1.5 years developing the bike and 34 prototypes later they were satisfied. The bikes are designed and tested in the Netherlands.

Sustainable production in China

Unfortunately, however, it was too expensive to produce the bicycles in Europe, but they found a factory that produces the bikes with respect for the environment and people in China. 

Pim and Alex are trying to produce TryBike in the most sustainable way possible. They do this by designing a product that lasts and by choosing the right material. They use durable wood, recycled cardboard, and safe materials of the highest quality.

Explore the world of TryBike balance bikes

Welcome to Kids-world, where we present our impressive selection of TryBike balance bikes. We understand the importance of choosing the right balance bike for your child's development, which is why we offer a wide range of TryBike balance bikes that combine quality, design and fun.

Take a look at our range and find the perfect TryBike balance bike for your little adventurer. With our expertise and dedication to children's well-being, Kids-world is the place where TryBike balance bikes become play and learning.

Find your child's TryBike balance bike here

At Kids-world, we have put together an extensive selection of TryBike balance bikes that meet every child's needs and preferences. Our range is wide ranging, so whether you are looking for the classic TryBike Steel or the innovative TryBike Wood, we have the perfect balance bike for your child.

Explore our selection and find the ideal TryBike balance bike that combines comfort, safety and fun in the best way. Our goal is to give parents and kids a positive experience when they choose a TryBike balance bike from our range.

TryBike balance bikes - Quality and innovation

TryBike balance bikes are known for their exceptional quality and innovative design. Each balance bike is created with a focus on supporting children's natural development while having fun on two wheels. TryBike combines durability, safety and aesthetics to provide an optimal running bike experience.

Whether your child is a beginner or is already an experienced balance bike rider, a TryBike balance bike will be the perfect companion on their travel towards independence and motor development. Discover our selection of TryBike balance bikes and give your child a fantastic start to the cycling experience.

Extend your child's TryBike with a Baskets

Take your TryBike balance bike to a new level with our selection of practical and stylish Baskets. At Kids-world you will find a fine selection of TryBike Baskets that add extra functionality and personality to your balance bike. Our Baskets is designed for easy installation and fits your TryBike perfectly. Give your child the opportunity to transport their favorite things on the bike ride with a TryBike basket from our range. Explore our Baskets and add a touch of individuality to your TryBike balance bike.

Keep your TryBike in top shape with original spare parts

We understand the importance of keeping your TryBike in optimal condition, which is why we offer an extensive range of original TryBike spare parts. Our spare parts ensure that your balance bike remains safe, reliable and fun to ride.

Whether you need new tires, a spare cover, or perhaps a spare part for the frame, Kids-world has what you need to keep your TryBike in top shape. Experience the joy of owning a well-maintained TryBike balance bike by choosing original spare parts from our range. We are always ready to deliver the parts you need directly to your door.

How to get an offer on a TryBike balance bike

Do you want a great price on a TryBike balance bike? At Kids-world, we make it easy for you. Visit our sale category to find the best deals on TryBike balance bikes. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay updated on all our current offers and promotions. Take the first step towards giving your child a fun and active start with our fantastic offer on TryBike balance bikes.

Buy a new balance bike from TryBike from us

We hope you find a nice new scooter from TryBike in our shop. We have many nice models and other accessories for the scooters from TryBike.

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