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Calvin Klein Clothing & Footwear for Kids

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Calvin Klein Clothing & Footwear for Kids

Kids clothes from Calvin Klein 

The kid's clothes from Calvin Klein have a classic and simple style with a very high quality. Calvin Klein offers many clothes in basic models that can be easily combined with the fashion-oriented clothes that are designed according to the latest trends. 

The kid's clothes from Calvin Klein are available in sizes from age 4 years up to 16 years and they offer clothes for both boys and girls. Here at Kids-World you will find a wide range of many stylish kid's clothes from Calvin Klein that are suitable for both little and large. 

Calvin Klein - A well-known brand

The designer Calvin Klein founded the clothing brand, which he named after himself, in 1968. He started by making coats and dresses, but he quickly expanded the range by producing other types of clothing for both men and women. 

In addition, the brand also offers kids clothing and today there is a large selection of jumpers, T-shirts, trousers, and sweatshirts as well as many hats, jackets, and bags. Calvin Klein offers something for everyone whether you are looking for clothes for your boy or girl. 

Mini Me

If your son or daughter wants to be dressed in the same elegant clothes and the same style as you are, the kids clothes from Calvin Klein are a good choice. The kids clothes from Calvin Klein look like the adult clothes, which means that the kid can have a similar style to Mum or Dad. In addition, you know that the kids' clothes are in excellent quality and incredibly stylish.

Get clear for summer with a pair of Calvin Klein shorts

Calvin Klein shorts are practical for those girls and boys who love the outdoors.

We have shorts from i.a. Calvin Klein in different designs - long and short with smart details We also have shorts from Calvin Klein and the others brands in our selection in colours such as pink, red and turquoise.

Shorts from Calvin Klein that fit your child

It is important that the Calvin Klein shorts you buy also fit your kid's needs. The Shorts in our range incl. shorts from Calvin Klein can almost all be adjusted in size - either with a drawstring or an adjustable hair tie.

Navigate around in our entire large assortment of shorts from i.a. Calvin Klein, and find the pair that suits your taste.

Calvin Klein T-shirt for boys and girls

Calvin Klein T-shirts are usually a winner in kids.

A T-shirt is comfortable to wear under a blouse, or as an upper in the summer, where a Calvin Klein T-shirt together with a pair of shorts or skirts is plenty of clothes.

Some kids wear their Calvin Klein T-shirt, over a long-sleeved blouse, to get a more chic look.

Find a Calvin Klein T-shirt for every need

In many ways, there is something absolutely amazing about a T-shirt, and a T-shirt can usually be combined with most clothes in the wardrobe - the same goes with a T-shirt from Calvin Klein.

The most amazing thing about a Calvin Klein T-shirt is that it can be combined with many others types of clothing. Whether one has an intention of a colorful look or a more neutral look, it is rarely stupid to wear a Calvin Klein T-shirt.

You will find i.a. long-sleeved, short-sleeved and polo shirts. There is not much else to say but that we hope you find the Calvin Klein T-shirt you are looking for. Finally, look around in the rest of our universe of kids' clothing and not least T-shirts.

Calvin Klein blouses for kids and teens

On this page you will find everything we have in Calvin Klein blouses for kids. Take a look around at our exciting selection of beautiful blouses from, among others, Calvin Klein for girls and boys of all ages.

Calvin Klein blouses can be used for a myriad of events. In addition, it is always nice to have some good blouses from Calvin Klein in the wardrobe.

Calvin Klein jackets

On this page you see the entire selection of jackets from Calvin Klein for kids, where the quality of the jacket has not been compromised.

We have a large assortment of jackets for kids from, for example, Calvin Klein, where the quality of the jacket is not compromised.

Buy new kid's clothes from Calvin Klein from us 

We hope you find nice clothes from Calvin Klein in our shop. We have a large range of many nice clothes as well as the latest trends. No matter what you are looking for, you will most likely find this with us. Please have a look in the other categories, where you will find many other products for your boy or girl. We have a Calvin Klein sale as well.

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