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EzPz Equipment for Kids

EzPz Lid - Silicone - Mini Bowl - Grey EzPz Lid - Silicone - Mini Bowl - Grey 8,82 €
Originally:  14,70 €  
EzPz Lid - Silicone - Mini Bowl - Dusty Pink EzPz Lid - Silicone - Mini Bowl - Dusty Pink 8,82 €
Originally:  14,70 €  

EzPz Equipment for Kids

Turn mealtimes in to kids play with EzPz

 EzPz is a company owned by women and they create products with a focus on kids' development, which makes kids meals less cluttered and much more fun. Each product caters to a specific age group, and the stability of the coasters helps babies and toddlers to learn to eat by themselves and develop. With EzPz, family meals become a happy and positive experience and the creation of many memories. 

EzPz has many nice coasters functioning through a large suction cup which provides a stable base so your little one can eat by himself. The products are made from 100% silicone and the fun design inspires positivity around the dining table. 

All products are tested by Dawn Winkelmann who is a specialist in little ones eating habits and she makes sure that both neurotypical kids and kids with special needs can use the products easily. 

The products are made to last and they are also environmentally friendly. All EzPz products reduce stress at meal times and have long-lasting benefits when it comes to kids' development and good eating habits.

It started with chaos at the dining table

Lindsey Lauren is the founder of EzPz. In 2014 Lindsey and her husband had 3 boys, all under 3 years old, and they were tired of constantly having to clean up after the kids had eaten. 

In a moment of frustration, Lindsey's husband exclaimed, "We need a plate that the kids can't tip over!". Lindsey found a solution to the problem and EzPz Happy Mat was created.

EzPz dinner set

If you are looking for EzPz dinner set for your baby or your child, you have come to the right place.

Here at Kids-world.com we have a huge and versatile range of EzPz dinner set - spoons, knives, forks and plates - that your boy or girl can enjoy.

Buy EzPz dinner set day

Kids love when something is their own, making it obvious to give them their own plate and accompanying service from EzPz.

The EzPz dinner sets is produced in materials that can withstand a little of everything, which makes the EzPz dinner sets the perfect choice for your baby or kid.

Buy products from EzPz here with us 

We hope you find a practical product from EzPz here at Kids-world that can make dinner a little easier and more fun for you and your kid. Please check out our other categories to find other cool and practical items for you and your kid. Don't forget our EzPz sale as well.

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