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Smallstuff Clothing, Toys & Equipment for Kids

Shoe Size
Recommended Age (Toys)
Smallstuff Socks - Offwhite w. Pointelle Smallstuff Socks - Offwhite w. Pointelle 2,15 €
Originally:  3,30 €  
Smallstuff Jumpsuit - Velvet - Dark Rose Smallstuff Jumpsuit - Velvet - Dark Rose 34,84 €
Originally:  53,60 €  
Smallstuff Jumpsuit - Velvet - Dark Pier Smallstuff Jumpsuit - Velvet - Dark Pier 34,84 €
Originally:  53,60 €  
Smallstuff Baby Hat - Navy Smallstuff Baby Hat - Navy 8,71 €
Originally:  13,40 €  
Smallstuff Bodysuit l/s - White Smallstuff Bodysuit l/s - White 11,31 €
Originally:  17,40 €  
Smallstuff Bodysuit l/s - Light Grey Melange Smallstuff Bodysuit l/s - Light Grey Melange 11,31 €
Originally:  17,40 €  

Smallstuff Clothing, Toys & Equipment for Kids

Smallstuff - cute and nice kids clothes and equipment

Smallstuff is a Danish brand founded in 2006. The group behind Smallstuff is in Aarhus and they design all the products themselves. 

The fine kids's collections are aimed at younger kids up to 4 years. There are many imaginative prints with different animals and funny characters. In addition, the clothes are made in many beautiful and exciting colours that kids will love and want to admire and wear. 

It is easy to mix and match the clothes according to what your kid needs, and the kids' wishes. There are clothes that are neutral as well as other clothes that stand out more. Smallstuff also has nice mittens, gloves, and hats in excellent quality for the colder weather.

Oeko-Tex 100 certified cotton

Smallstuff only uses Oeko-Tex 100 certified cotton in the clothes the make to ensure that the clothes are as soft and comfortable as possible and that the clothes have a good fit and are pliable. 

Smallstuff also has soft down comforters, pram pillows, bibs, bedding, nursing pillows, storage solutions and many other nice and great products for both parents, kids and the kids' room. 

All interior products are made of natural materials such as wood, wool and cotton to protect the environment and give the products a beautiful natural look. 

Inspiration for the kids room

Smallstuff creates cute and fun items for the kids' room that are also practical. Many of the products' fabrics match making it easy to create a theme in the room.

Smallstuff wants to inspire kids with creative products at the same time as they want to make parents happy through the natural products in different beautiful colours. 

The style is very Nordic, and it more than likely fits very well in most homes. When you buy different products from Smallstuff, you create a nice interior in the home because all parts fit so well together. 

Baby toys from Smallstuff

In this category you can see all the baby toys by Smallstuff for girls and boys. Regardless of your kid's age, you will have great opportunities to find just the ideal Smallstuff baby toy for your girl or boy.

If you would like to find more ways to support your kids in their development, it is a good idea to consider the different baby toys from Smallstuff and other labels. Smallstuff baby toys both maintain and help your baby or kid explore more.

Shop Smallstuff baby toys here

We strive to provide baby toys that are inspiring and are safe for the babies. Therefore, we constantly have a lovely assortment of Smallstuff baby toys.

We trade toys for babies in various materials, colours and price ranges. We believe that you'll find the baby toys you are browsing for at our shop

Soft toys from Smallstuff for kids in all ages

Smallstuff and our other designers, makes soft toys in shapes of e.g. pandas, savanna animals, fruits and rabbits, manufactured from materials that are long-lasting.

With a Smallstuff soft toy, you can be sure that the girls and boys have gained a buddy that they will remember for the rest of their lives. There are several hours of fun with a soft toy by Smallstuff.

Perfect and colourful soft toys from designers such as Smallstuff

Smallstuff soft toys are amazingly comforting and they invite the kids to have lots of fun. Both girls and boys loves soft toys and they will enjoy a loft of great moments together.

It is a great idea to keep beloved soft toys close when the little boys and girls are going to take a nap. Having a preferred teddy close provides so much well-being when it is bedtime.

Smallstuff has a fine assortment of soft toys in a lot diverse designs, sizes and colours.

Smallstuff pram chains with beautiful toy figurines

Pram chains from Smallstuff and other brands available on our page come with motifs such as birds, cats and giraffes. We usually also have pram chains from, among others, Smallstuff which come without motifs of various animals, but just in some nice colours. You can discover it all right here on the page.

Books by Smallstuff

Books are an eternal source of learning, knowledge and fantasy. It is not at all a stupid idea to let your kid open his eyes to books at an early age. They will definitely love it. Here at Kids-world.com you will find our beautiful assortment of bath toy from Smallstuff and a number of others popular brands for the kids's room.

Fine books from Smallstuff

If you are looking for beautiful wooden colouring books, picture books, soft books books or bath books from, for example, Smallstuff, this is the place to look.

The Books from Smallstuff in our range are produced especially for kids, and are thus of a durable and high quality. Kids, especially the little ones, want to put things in their mouths and bite into them, which the Smallstuff books of course stick to.

SmallStuff rattles for boys and girls

SmallStuff rattles are great toys for toddlers. SmallStuff makes the most gorgeous rattles made of environmentally friendly materials.

SmallStuff rattles and motor exercise

SmallStuff rattles and rattles from other brands are characterized by their beautiful designs and shapes such as flamingos, dogs, llamas, hippopotamus, giraffes, cats, you name it.

Smallstuff comfort blankets

Smallstuff is known to produce comfort blankets made of really nice quality. You will not be disappointed if you decide to buy a Smallstuff comfort blanket or two for your girl or boy, or as a gift for another kid in your family.

A Smallstuff comfort blanket can largely be used for very young kids as they do not contain any small, loose parts and they also come with a pair of embroidered eyes.

Buy SmallStuff rattles in beautiful designs

SmallStuff and other brands available on our page design rattles in modern colours made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials.

Wooden toy from SmallStuff

Smallstuff in wood toys are great entertainment for boys and girls. Wooden toy give memories of a bygone and uncomplicated time. The wooden Wooden toy from SmallStuff is extremely durable and can easily be played with by several generations.

Wooden toy from SmallStuff in very good quality

Wooden toy have in common that they are made of fine materials and are of high quality.

SmallStuff and the others brands design toys in beautiful colours and shapes such as game, cars, brick boxes, train, animal and much more.

News, new collections and offers from Smallstuff

The products from Smallstuff are extremely popular and it is a good idea to keep track of when new clothes are and new collections from Smallstuff are launched. 

Even though the demand for Smallstuff is high, we still sell some of the products at a reduced price. If you want to buy the products for a discounted price, it is important that you keep an eye on our Smallstuff sales category.

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