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Lil Atelier

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Lil Atelier

Luxurious clothing for babies and kids from Lil' Atelier

Lil 'Atelier creates some of the most beautiful and sophisticated clothing for kids aged 0-8 years. Many of their prints are painted by hand with watercolours, giving an incredibly wonderful and unique look to their designs.

Consistent with Lil 'Atelier is that their collections always have an amazing theme of colours, patterns and materials, creating cohesive looks no matter what pieces you put together. The beautiful colours and patterns suitable for every season are always subdued and visually pleasing, and generally come with a more minimalist, Scandinavian look.

A large part of the collection from Lil 'Atelier is produced with organic cotton, grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. This offers an advantage for cotton farmers, nature and kids who wear the clothes so that you can dress your kid with a clear conscience. All the kids' clothing from Lil 'Atelier come with a luxurious feeling and look, as well as plenty of style and personality. These are classic, timeless designs for both babies and kids.

Lil 'Atelier clothing can be passed down to other siblings, as they remain beautiful and comfortable wash after wash, and never go out of style. If your kid needs additions to their wardrobe, Lil 'Atelier is a safe choice of clothes they will love to wear. You can find everything from good basic pieces for everyday life, as well as finer clothing for special occasions.

Lil' Atelier is a sub brand of the Danish company, Name It

Name Itis a Danish brand that creates great clothes for kids at very affordable prices. Name it always takes into account kids' wishes, and designs the clothing strictly for them, not just solely according to what parents think looks good. Special care is always taken to transform the latest trends into comfortable and safe kids' clothing, with a fabulous fit and designs inspired by kids' joy of life and free way of thinking.

The clothing is always breathable and comfortable to wear, and is intended for active kids who want to be free to play and move around in them. Name It designs are always very trendy, with a major focus on denim, comfort, safety and amazing quality. Name It always carries a large selection of smart clothing, whether you require basic items or clothes that stand out a little more.

Name It, along with their sub brands, offers dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, leggings, accessories, T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. while hats, mittens and outerwear are available for kids in colder temperatures. Have a look at our Lil' Atelier sale as well, while you are at it.

Lil' Atelier cardigans - thin and warm fiber

A cardigan from Lil' Atelier is frequently styled with a tanktop, a blouse or a dress, regardless of the time of the year. Cardigans from Lil' Atelier are not barely pleasant; they also looks smashing. Lil' Atelier cardigans are made of numerous materials, compact and light weight, such as MATERIAL, thats why you can get cardigans for wintry days and for days of fine weather.

Cardigan by Lil' Atelier fits daycare use, family gatherings and for festive events. What type of model you need is based on its usage. One part is sure; you find all styles of cardigans at Kids-world.

Delicious Lil' Atelier snowsuits

Lil' Atelier snowsuits are characterized by their great colours and style. The Snowsuits from Lil' Atelier come, among other things, in plain designs, where the colours are in the sweetest colours. In addition, you will also find smart Lil' Atelier snowsuits with print, so there is a good chance that you will find the Lil' Atelier snowsuit that will fit the little one's style.

The Snowsuits from Lil' Atelier comes with a long range of strong features. You will find, among other things, Lil' Atelier snowsuits with a water column pressure of 10, 000 mm, which means that it is very good at resisting winter's rain and snow.

In addition to the high water column pressure, the Lil' Atelier snowsuits also have a a long range of others strong features that make them incredibly popular. You will find, among other things, Lil' Atelier snowsuits with taped seams and extra insulation on the butt, so that the kids can stay warm when they are sitting on the ground and playing.

Several of our Lil' Atelier snowsuits also have a a long range of others features, so you can find Lil' Atelier snowsuits with everything from hoods to reflective details.

Also remember to see our Lil' Atelier sale. Here you can find, among other things, our Lil' Atelier snowsuit offer when we have Lil' Atelier snowsuits on sale.

Cute Lil' Atelier dresses

Does the little princess look extra cute, then a Lil' Atelier dress is a really good bet for something that can help to that extent. We have a really large selection of Lil' Atelier dresses, so you can easily find Lil' Atelier dresses with just the style that matches your wishes.

Our Lil' Atelier dresses come in a long range of different colours, so there are good opportunities to find a Lil' Atelier dress that fits perfectly for the desired occasion.

Lil' Atelier makes dresses in both plain designs but also with the cutest print. You can use our filter to quickly find the Lil' Atelier dresses in certain colours that you are looking for.

The Dresses from Lil' Atelier are usually made of organic cotton, while also materials such as modal and elastane is also among the materials that our many Lil' Atelier dresses are made of. You can always see the materials in the individual Lil' Atelier dresses in the individual dress's product description.

Lil' Atelier bodysuits for babies - Both short-sleeved and long-sleeved bodysuits

Our many Lil' Atelier bodysuits goes really well with the beautiful Lil' Atelier dresses. Lil' Atelier makes bodysuits that have designs after dresses, so if the little one wants to look a little extra cute, it is also possible with a Lil' Atelier bodysuit.

In our range of Lil' Atelier bodysuits you will find both short-sleeved Lil' Atelier bodysuits and long-sleeved bodysuits. In this way, you have the opportunity to find just the Lil' Atelier bodysuit that fits perfectly, regardless of whether you are looking for a Lil' Atelier bodysuit with short or long sleeves.

You will find both Lil ' Atelier 'Lil' Atelier bodysuits with and without rib, just like the bodysuits from Lil' Atelier come in a long range of different colours. Most often, the colours from Lil' Atelier are quite neutral, which means that they can be combined with almost any type of clothing. In addition, we also have Lil' Atelier bodysuits with cute print.

Lil' Atelier jackets and winter coat

If you want to be cute and nice, even if it's cold, then they are nice Lil' Atelier jackets and winter coat a really good place to look, because with their winter coat Lil' Atelier has created some cute jackets for kids.

The warm Lil' Atelier winter coat almost always have a hood on, so the kids can keep warm or take shelter, should it rain. Just like our Lil' Atelier snowsuits, our Lil' Atelier also often have a high water column pressure of 10, 000 mm, which means that they are incredibly good at keeping both the heat and resisting water.

The Lil' Atelier jackets also often have others strong features, where you can see that the kids have been thought of to that extent. In addition to reflective details and good breathability, the Lil' Atelier winter coats also often have something like a chin guard, so that the zipper does not tease the chin or the teeth.

You can quickly see all the Lil' Atelier jackets that we have in our range by using our filter. You can also use our filter to find exactly the colour that you want to see a Lil' Atelier winter coat in. That way you will find the Lil' Atelier jacket you are looking for faster.

Nice knitted from Lil' Atelier

Lil' Atelier are known for their for kids 's clothes with knitted. You will find Lil' Atelier knitted in a long variety of styles. Among other things, you can find Lil' Atelier knitted in both trousers and blouses. Our Lil' Atelier knitted are made from organic cotton, so they are delicious materials that are both comfortable for the little one to wear, while also helping to keep warm.

Warm and smart Lil' Atelier pramsuits

If you are going on longer drives in the cold months, a Lil' Atelier pramsuit can be a really good idea. With a Lil' Atelier pramsuit, the little one gets an extra warm layer so that it doesn't get cold sitting in the car seat.

Lil' Atelier makes pramsuits in several different designs and materials, which makes it easy to find a Lil' Atelier pramsuit in exactly the design you want.

Lil' Atelier also has different designs in relation to the openings. Among other things, you can find Lil' Atelier pramsuits with both one or two zips, or if you want buttons, you can find that too. So in our range of Lil' Atelier pramsuits, there is something for every taste, as they also come in both solid-coloured versions or with cute print, which to that extent characterize the many styles from Lil' Atelier.

Large selection of cute Lil' Atelier leggings

Leggings belong, especially with little girls. Lil' Atelier leggings combine both muted and cute colours with nice print, which gives a huge selection and many different leggings.

We have Lil' Atelier leggings in both warm colours, with cute and fresh prints, as well made in rib, so here at Kids-world you will find a varied selection of Lil' Atelier leggings.

The nice rib structure in the individual Lil' Atelier leggings gives some leggings that are wonderfully elastic, so that the little ones can move easily in them. In addition to our Lil' Atelier leggings with rib, you will also find leggings made in modal, organic cotton and elastane. You can see the material composition of the different Lil' Atelier leggings in the product descriptions.

If you are looking for a specific type of Lil' Atelier leggings, we recommend that you use our filter in your search. That way, you can quickly narrow down your search for certain Lil' Atelier leggings.

We also have Lil' Atelier leggings in wool

In addition to Lil' Atelier leggings in organic cotton, we also Lil' Atelier leggings in wool. Lil' Atelier leggings in wool are especially suitable for the cold days if, for example, you have a little child who loves to crawl around on the floor and play.

You can find our Lil' Atelier leggings in wool via our filter. Then you will see all our Lil' Atelier leggings in wool at once.

Warm Lil' Atelier thermo set

Lil' Atelier thermo set is designed to keep kids warm during the spring and autumn, when it's too warm for a winter coat or snowsuit but too cold to be outside without some extra clothes. When you choose Lil' Atelier thermo set, you get thermo set that is lined with fleece. The inside of the Lil' Atelier thermo wear is therefore wonderfully soft and warm, so you feel very comfortable in it.

As with the others styles from Lil' Atelier, the thermo wear also comes in both solid-colored variants or set with print. You can quickly tell from the design that it is Lil' Atelier thermo set once you know the charismatic print.

In our selection of Lil' Atelier thermo set you will find both thermosuits suits, thermal thermo jackets and of course also thermo trousers. You can therefore quickly find a cute, smart and warm set of Lil' Atelier thermo set here with us.

Take the trip to dreamland in a set of Lil' Atelier pyjama set

Lil' Atelier makes more different types of pyjama set, so when you're looking for Lil' Atelier pyjama set, you can find both pyjama set and nightdresses, so there's something for everyone when it comes to Lil' Atelier pyjama set.

The Nightsuits can, among other things, be opens with push buttons at the leg edge, so they are easy to put on the very little ones when it is almost time to cuddle.

The Colours in the different forms of Lil' Atelier pyjama set is generally very muted, so a sweet end to the day is planned. Most set of Lil' Atelier pyjama set have cute print on them, so the little ones can safely go to sleep.

Sleep time in Lil' Atelier bedding

The cute print from Lil' Atelier the pyjama set goes again in the Lil' Atelier bedding, where you can find both baby and junior bedding in muted and pleasant colours. Therefore, the pyjama set and bedding from Lil' Atelier go really well together, so that it can give an incredibly sweet overall impression.

We have Lil' Atelier bedding in several different sizes. You will find both Lil' Atelier baby bedding and junior bedding in our range. You can see the sizes for the individual types of bedding in the product description, where you can see the dimensions for both the duvet and pillow case.

Lil' Atelier rainwear and rubber boots

Wind and weather can just come an. Lil' Atelier makes both rainwear and rubber boots, so you can give the little one a matching set, for the months when rainwear and rubber boots are a fixture in everyday life.

With a set of Lil' Atelier rainwear get you usually rainwear made of PU. This means that it is made of polyester and is PU- coated. Our Lil' Atelier rainwear has a water column pressure of 10, 000 mm and has welded seams. In addition, it is windproof, so the kids can toe through autumn and spring without getting wet.

You can supplement your Lil' Atelier rainwear with a pair of Lil' Atelier rubber boots. Just like the rainwear, the Lil' Atelier rubber boots also have a design with cute print, so they are a really good match for the rainwear.

The different Lil' Atelier rubber boots have a soft insole, so they are comfortable to walk in. You can see the inside measurements of our Lil' Atelier rubber boots in the product description, so you can easily see which size Lil' Atelier rubber boots to choose.

Smart Lil' Atelier trousers

Lil' Atelier guarantees a large selection of different types of trousers. What the many Lil' Atelier trousers have in common is that they are both easy to put on the kids, and they retain the same great style as you know from Lil' Atelier's other styles.

When you choose a pair of Lil' Atelier trousers, and you get trousers in sweet and muted colours. The many earthy colours mean that the Lil' Atelier trousers contribute to a very calm look.

As mentioned, we have a long range of Lil' Atelier trousers in different colours. There are also Lil' Atelier trousers with both print and stripes. What many Lil' Atelier trousers have in common is that they have cute details that make them different from many others brands. So when you buy Lil' Atelier trousers, you are guaranteed trousers that stand out without being flashy in a violent way. This property means that with a pair of Lil' Atelier trousers you can easily give the little one a nice and cute look, while the practical features of the trousers give the little one large comfort and flexibility.

We also have Lil' Atelier tights

There are not only Lil' Atelier trousers that you will find in our assortment of styles from Lil' Atelier. We also have Lil' Atelier tights. You will find our Lil' Atelier tights here in the category, where with our filter you can quickly display our current range of Lil' Atelier tights.

Lil' Atelier skirts

Is a pair Lil' Atelier trousers are not quite the thing, then there are also Lil' Atelier skirts. The characteristic of the cute Lil' Atelier skirts is that Lil' Atelier makes skirts in the colours of the seasons. If you want to complement a Lil' Atelier skirt with other clothes, you can look at a pair of Lil' Atelier tights or a cute Lil' Atelier blouse - maybe even with cute print.

Lil' Atelier blouses in nice colours

If it needs to be cute and to that extent complete the cute look, a Lil' Atelier blouse is a really good bet for a piece of clothing that is always a hit in the wardrobe. That is why we have a really large selection of Lil' Atelier blouses in a long range of colours and designs.

With their blouses, Lil' Atelier is good at adding special characteristics to them, so that they manage to stand out. A Lil' Atelier blouse is not just a blouse. A Lil' Atelier blouse is a piece of clothing that, via collars, rib and others cute details, can create a look as if it were a whole dress that the little one is wearing.

We have Lil' Atelier blouses in a long range of colours. You will therefore find Lil' Atelier blouses in a long range of colours and tones. The Colours are typically very muted, so they give a very calm look. The Lil' Atelier blouses also come in variants with print, which can help to spice up the look a bit or give a fresher look. We therefore recommend that you take a good look at our large selection of Lil' Atelier blouses if you are looking for a blouse for your girl.

Keep warm with a Lil' Atelier beanie

The earthy colours return when you choose a Lil' Atelier beanie. Here, Lil' Atelier has created some cute and warm knitted hats - made of wool. If you choose a Lil' Atelier beanie for your son or daughter, there is a very good chance that they will get through the winter without freezing around their ears.

The different Lil' Atelier beanies come in several different sizes, so it's a really good idea if you have an idea of the size when you buy a Lil' Atelier beanie. The hats are colours in earthy shades, as well as a knitted ribbed structure, which makes them both soft and comfortable to wear.

Get ready for summer with a pair of Lil' Atelier shorts, t-shirt and sun hat

If, on the other hand, you are looking for some cute and smart clothes for the summer, then maybe it is more a pair of Lil' Atelier shorts, a t-shirt or a sun hat that you should look at.

They different Lil' Atelier t-shirts can easily be matched with a pair of Lil' Atelier shorts, so you can create some cute summer sets that way. If it concerns a trip to the beach, you can always consider completing the look with a Lil' Atelier sun hat, so that you avoid the little one getting too much sun.

Lil' Atelier makes both shorts and t-shirts in solid shades, as well as with different prints. They can therefore be easily put together in several different ways, so you can create several looks and set with the same Lil' Atelier shorts and t-shirts.

Stylish Lil' Atelier shirts

Must it be a little more stylish and elegant, then we recommend the beautiful Lil' Atelier shirts. The Shirts from Lil' Atelier are available with both short and long sleeves, so there is something for every occasion. As with Lil' Atelier's bodysuits and blouses, the many Lil' Atelier shirts also have a lot of nice designs that make them stand out and be something very special.

The Lil' Atelier shirts have some cute collars and edges at the sleeves, so they can easily appear as a mix of a traditional shirt and a dress. So it just gives some really cute and special looks that can't help but make the little ones look absolutely fantastic.

You can find Lil' Atelier in a long range of different colours and print. Therefore, we recommend that you use our filter search to find exactly the Lil' Atelier shirt that you are looking for. There you can search for colours, sizes and, not least, whether your Lil' Atelier shirt should be short or long sleeved.

How is Lil' Atelier in size? Size guide for Lil' Atelier

Lil' Atelier clothes for babies and kids have what we call a normal fit. This means that when you buy Lil' Atelier clothes, you can start from the size that your child normally wears. You can always see more about the fit of the individual piece of Lil' Atelier clothing in the product description.

How to keep up to date with the latest Lil' Atelier news

If news from Lil' Atelier is something that you would like, then you have come to the right place. If you use the sorting function here in our Lil' Atelier category, you can see the newest styles from Lil' Atelier first.

If you would like to receive Lil' Atelier news as one of the first, we recommend, that you sign up for our newsletter. Then you are always up to date on the latest Lil' Atelier news, which you receive directly in your inbox.

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