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Mason Pearson Accessories for Kids


Mason Pearson Accessories for Kids

Mason Pearson brushes with wild boar hair

When talking about hair brushes, it is hard to get any better than Mason Pearson and their wild boar hair brushes. Mason Pearson has been around since 1885, and to this day, the brushes are still produced in the same manner as they were then.

The majority of Mason Pearson brushes are made with soft and gentle wild boar hair that allows the brush to slide easily through often very tangled hair. Hairbrushes from Mason Pearson are designed to produce silky soft and manageable hair.

Mason Pearson hairbrushes for baby and kids

If you need a good hairbrush for girls and boys, you have come to the right place. Our selection of hairbrushes from Mason Pearson is for both the youngest and older kids.

Mason Pearson hairbrushes are designed especially for small kids, so it is possible to save their hair through in a gentle way.

High quality Hairbrushes from Mason Pearson

Mason Pearson designs hairbrushes for baby and kids in a good quality. In Card, it means that the hairbrush is checked to ensure that it lives up to the good standards for which Mason Pearson is characterized.

Mason Pearson is available with both wild boar hair and nylon

If wild boar hair does not appeal to you, we suggest that you not be completely put off by Mason Pearson brushes, as they can also be purchased in pure nylon or in a blend of nylon and wild boar hair.

No matter what type of bristles the brush hairs have, they are all deliberately attached with different lengths in order to most effectively massage the scalp and distribute the hair's natural oils out the full length of the hair shaft, giving it a glossy finish.

Mason Pearson brushes - Quality and elegance for your child's hair care

Mason Pearson is a recognized and prestigious brand that has specialized in the production of luxury hair care products for more than 130 years.

Founded in 1885 by Mason Pearson, an engineer and innovator, the brand began its travel in London. With a vision to create high quality brushes that combined brush technology with a passion for detail and aesthetics, Mason Pearson has managed to achieve an unrivaled position within the hair care industry.

Since the beginning, Mason Pearson has steadfastly stuck to their artisanal approach, with each Mason Pearson brush created with meticulous care and dedication to quality, making Mason Pearson brushes a sought-after choice for parents who want the best for their children's hair.

Fine and varied selection of brushes from Mason Pearson

As a leading webshop dedicated to offering the best in children's clothing and accessories, we at Kids-world have carefully selected the best products for our customers. We are proud to present an extensive and diverse range of brushes from Mason Pearson, allowing parents to choose the ideal hair care tool for their kids.

Whether you are looking for a Mason Pearson brush for regular daily use or a more gentle brush for fine hair, you will find it all here in our category for Mason Pearson brushes.

Mason Pearson brushes for fine hair

Kids with fine hair deserve a special brush that takes into account their fragile locks. Mason Pearson has created a collection of brushes specially designed for fine hair.

Mason Pearson brushes for fine hair are equipped with gentle and finely structured bristles that gently release any tangled strands without pulling or damaging the hair.

The Mason Pearson brushes for fine hair simultaneously stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation, which promotes healthy hair growth.

With Mason Pearson brushes for fine hair, you can be sure to give your child the best possible hair care experience when you brush their hair - or they do it themselves.

Various colours and shapes of Mason Pearson brushes

Parents love having the option to choose the colour and shape of the brushes to best suit their child's personality and preferences. At Kids-world you will find a wide selection of Mason Pearson brushes in different colours and shapes that make it easy to find the perfect match.

Whether your child prefers a classic, timeless Mason Pearson brush or a more colourful and fun variant, there is a Mason Pearson brush to suit every taste.

Get deals on Mason Pearson brushes

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Additionally, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media for exclusive offers and updates on new products, including Mason Pearson brushes.

This makes it even more attractive to shop for Mason Pearson brushes at Kids-world, as you can benefit from quality products and at the same time save on shipping costs.

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