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Racing Kids Clothing for Kids


Racing Kids Clothing for Kids

Racing Kids - hats and mittens so that your kid is always warm when playing outside

Racing Kids has some of the best hats and mittens on the market. They have elephant hats, fabric helmets, headbands, scarves, mittens, hats, and much more to keep your little one's head and hands warm no matter how cold it is outside.

All hats have a great fit and the fabric over the ears are windproof. Leave red and freezing ears in the past. These hats are extremely popular with both kids and their parents. 

Racing Kids releases new collections twice a year with many new variations in the form of colours and details to choose from. Racing Kids adapts its design according to the upcoming season and current fashion trends. 

In winter there are hats with wool or double layers of cotton while in spring you can get hats with both a double or a single layer of cotton. These models are also windproof. The mittens are also windproof, and they are made from thinsulate fabric. 

The story behind Racing Kids

Gitte Uhre founded Racing Kids in 1991. It was when her daughter started in preschool that Gitte started looking for good outerwear and accessories to keep her daughter warm, as she spent all day in the woods, all day all year round. Gitte discovered that there was not such a thing and therefore she decided to design it herself. 

With a background in textiles and gymnastics, Gitte used the same techniques to create the unique Racing Kids caps from a fabric that is both elastic, strong and soft. The hats and mittens have a well-developed and careful design that keeps them in place. This allows kids to explore the world without worrying about the cap or the mittens.

Today the daughter runs the company. It is still a family business and they sell products in more than 300 stores across Europe.

Racing Kids wool for all temperatures

Racing Kids wool can be used both summer and winter. Many people probably think that wool is only for the cold months, but a lot of wool is just as good for the little ones in the other months of the year. Racing Kids wool can regulate the kid's temperature. When it's cold outside, it keeps the baby's body warm and makes sure it's nice and warm.

However, if the baby sheep too hot, the wool conducts the heat away from the skin. And if the baby sweats, the wool absorbs the sweat so that the baby does not get wet and clammy. On the other hand, the wool ensures that water from the outside does not easily penetrate the clothes.

Washing and treatment of Racing Kids wool

Wool has a surface of lanolin, which can make the wool seem a little greasy. The lanolin has the quality that it inhibits bacterial growth. And then it is the lanolin that ensures that the wool does not feel wet when it is exposed to liquid.

When wool is washed, the lanolin will eventually be washed out of the clothes, and thus some of the wool's features will disappear. It can therefore be an advantage not to wash woolen clothes too often.

It is also a good idea to wash wool at low temperatures, as otherwise there may be a risk of the wool shrinking and filtering. However, a lot of wool for kids has been given a special treatment so that it can withstand a trip in the washing machine, while the features of the wool are preserved.

Tips when buying Racing Kids kids' Clothing 

If your kid is still growing, it may be helpful to buy kids clothes in a size up. It is not comfortable to wear clothes that are too small regardless if it is clothes from Racing Kids or another brand. It is therefore common for parents to buy kids clothes in a bigger size such as size 56 when your little one is only wearing a size 50.

Racing Kids clothes for kids 

We hope you find what you are looking for from Racing Kids in our wide range. We have a large selection and many nice clothes in many different colours. Feel free to take a look at our Racing Kids sale and the different designs and styles to find new clothes for your boy or girl.

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