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Nofred Toys & Interior for Kids


Nofred Toys & Interior for Kids

Create a stylish furniture universe with Nofred

With furniture and furnishings from Nofred you have the opportunity to create a consistent style that will be loved by both kids and adults. Thanks to the timeless design, the amazing craftsmanship and the good quality, you also get furniture that lasts generation after generation. 

The products from Nofred are made in neutral and beautiful colours, such as white, wood and black. Colours that naturally fit into every home, which in turn helps kids feel at home in any room. 

Nofred - A story set in Copenhagen

The idea behind Nofred arose when two entrepreneurial women with backgrounds in the creative industries, Sandra and Signe, could not find products for their own kids that belonged not only in the kids rooms, but also in the other rooms of the home. 

The concept behind Nofred was to create togetherness with the kids in all the corners of the home and this has remained the purpose ever since the company was started in Copenhagen in 2014. 

In addition, the founders themselves have said that it is part of Nofred's DNA to create products that protect our environment and are so durable that they can be passed down generation after generation. 

In this way, Nofred hopes to be involved in reducing our consumption and contribute to a sustainable future. For us and for our kids.

Nofred furniture and furnishings at Kids-world

Find a nice desk for homework, or maybe you need more kids seating for when friends are visiting. Nofred has furniture and furnishings that, thanks to their simple and neutral design, are suitable for both boys and girls.

In addition, you can create a consistent style throughout the rest of your home. We hope you find something you and your kids like from Nofred, or from one of the other brands we stock.

Nofred furniture for the kids's room

Furniture from Nofred for the kids's room gives you unimaginable possibilities for arranging the kids's room so that it fits ideally for your child. You can find eg chairs, shelves, sofas, tables and tumble furniture from brands such as Nofred.

Common to the furnitures is that they are made of different materials, soft as well as hard.

Nofred knobs that are perfect for the little ones room

If you want some perfect Nofred knobs for the nursery, you have found your way to the perfect shop.

Here at our shop you will see a large range of fantastic knobs for the little ones room from Nofred. The knobs in our range appear in many different styles, shapes, colours and colour combinations.

Wooden toy from Nofred for kids

The wooden Wooden toy from Nofred is distinguished by holding well and lasts for several generations. And then it is the case that wood is a fine material to produce toys in, as it allows for e.g. Nofred to shape the toy in a myriad of ways.

Wooden toy from Nofred in high quality

Wooden toy have in common that they are made of some good materials in a high quality.

We hope and believe that you will find some delicious wooden toy from Nofred or one of the others brands here with us.

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